New home kit leaked..

It’s been covered elsewhere, but in the absence of any transfer news to comment on, the leaking of Forest’s new kit for the season is probably the most exciting news we’ve had this week.  Actually, I’m quite liking it, it’s simple, unfussy and definitely a Forest kit – which is always a good thing.  Certainly better than last season’s effort which looked like something Umbro found in the back of a cupboard and stitched a Forest logo on to.

The shirt was leaked on Football Shirt Culture – and if you click on the link there you can see further pics from different angles, given the simplicity of the design, it’s not hard to imagine!  I think I might actually – unusually for recent Forest kits – buy one of these, I hope they have long sleeved versions available as I reckon that would look quite smart.

Despite the positivity, I’d still rather be writing about an exciting new signing, Forest!

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  1. Its scarily quiet at the CG isnt it? Each and every “rumour” (eg us for Whittingham and Tys for Soton) is met by “no comment by Forest” by local TV stations.

    Looing at it realistically, wee Billy must have a left back lined up , eeerrr, coz in case he forgot, as we havent got one now! So what else is in the pipeline???

    There MUST be a reason for not releasing information – that is of course assuming there IS information to release?? Well I bloody well hope there is!

    The season starts in 2 weeks…. !!.

  2. That’s the best kit I’ve seen in a long time. Fantastically simple, and it doesn’t look like another ‘insert team here’ Umbro template kit like the others we’ve had over the years.

  3. Awesome kit, love it.

  4. it’s already being sold here in Brazil. ordered mine from a legit web site and it should arrive tomorrow

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