Joe’s Garner go to Huddersfield..

Hot on the heels of news that Dele Adebola’s injury wasn’t as bad as first feared, the Reds decided that they could do with one less striker by loaning out Joe Garner to League One Huddersfield Town for 6 months.  Personally I’m a bit disappointed, whilst I concede fully he’s got some rough edges, I really rate Joe and wanted to see him get a run in the side.

Having said that, if he isn’t in Billy’s plans (I assume he knew about this outgoing transfer after Perch-gate!) then it is definitely prudent to get him out on loan to get regular first team football.  I hope that is the only reason and it’s not with a view to disposing of him permanently – not least because we are very unlikely to recoup anything near what we paid Carlisle for him!

I’ve still heard nothing but rumour-peddling on the incoming transfers front – certainly I’m not the kind of person who’s likely to get too frustrated just yet, but on the back of being rather spoiled last season with incomings – it is starting to get a touch concerning.  I’m certainly looking forward to the evening with Billy Davies at The Approach next week if there doesn’t seem to be any activity by then.

In other news, the Reds had two teams out for friendlies tonight – a ‘weaker’ side (Smith, Lesseles, Gibbons, Anderson, McGugan, Adebola, Tyson, Artymatas, Moussi, Moloney, Lynch) went to Mansfield and triumphed 2-1 thanks to goals from Tyson and Adebola, a ‘stronger’ side (Camp, Gunter, N Byrne, Bennett, Cohen, Thornhill, McKenna, Majewski, McCleary, Earnshaw, Blackstock) went along with Billy to Tranmere and duly lost 2-0!

Probably the biggest question posed by that paragraph is who the hell some of those people are in the team that went to Mansfield!  I’m saving cash at the moment so have elected to ignore the temptation to go to pre-season friendlies, so if any of you popped up to Merseyside or North Nottinghamshire this evening please feel free to share your thoughts on the performances (either in comments or by email if you prefer!)

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  1. Hi
    Yeah, I went to the Mansfield match. Here’s my view…

    Smith did okay. He did well to acknowledge the “Englands, number 2” chant after one particularly fine save!
    Maloney played left back. Clearly not his ideal position, but he did okay.
    Lynch at centre-back played well, got subbed in the 2nd half.
    Moussi was solid as ever, played well.
    Tys scared them to death with his pace and actually put a couple of good crosses in!
    Ando was class, but got frustrated too easily….
    Dele played well, never moved from the spot but everything stuck to him and he laid the ball off very nicely. He also played centre-half for the last 30 mins, and did really well there too.
    A really tall kid played alongside Lynch for an hour, didnt get his name, but he looks to have a very bright future in the game.
    Another youngster played alongside Moussi and impressed me. Always wanted the ball, never hoofed it.
    Young kid called Niall Rodney came on up front and impressed me too. Got clattered with his first touch but never moaned, just got up and carried on, and looked very sharp. All around me were impressed.

    Our worst player? Lewis. Sorry, but he played just off the striker well forward (where he said he’s best) and failed to show any sort of committment or at the very least look at all interested. Missed a sitter, too.
    I’ll applaud all the Forest players, but quite why our fans kept singing his name was beyond me.
    What needs to be remembered is the fact that Mansfield are NON LEAGUE. The back four were cloggers and they only had 3 half tidy footballers, and still he couldn’t impose himself on them.

    Oh, our fans. Best in the world,obviously. And I love away matches. But what the hell was that conga about lads, it was truly embarrassing!!!

    Sorry to go on, nffc, but you did ask!

  2. Thanks Mattyboy for your storming review (as in a quick not good!!) (that may be read wrong!!). Loving England’s No.2!!! Congo?? In Nottingham?? Geeees!!! Must have been bored. What was Adoble playing 90 mins for? Looks as if Billy started his mind games early!!! Billy, the seasons not started yet…. Kids – our future, just outclassed in the Cup match vs Chelsea way back in January which I went to.

    NFFC – those who may ask who the hell are those players are only 1st team fans. I am a Forest fan, that means, the 1st team, reserves (about time they came back properly & I don’t buy the quality rubbish!!!) and the academies. Let’s not forget our Ladies who have been “thrown out” of the Top flight in women’s football. That’s despite being 2 years in the top flight, 3 of the last 4 Cup finals being held at our City Ground and Nottingham being a Candidate City for the Euro Finals were we to get it. Typical FA.

    Come on Trickies, more reviews please. One last thing, lol to the results. 🙂

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