Joe’s Garner go to Huddersfield..

Hot on the heels of news that Dele Adebola’s injury wasn’t as bad as first feared, the Reds decided that they could do with one less striker by loaning out Joe Garner to League One Huddersfield Town for 6 months.  Personally I’m a bit disappointed, whilst I concede fully he’s got some rough edges, I really rate Joe and wanted to see him get a run in the side.

Having said that, if he isn’t in Billy’s plans (I assume he knew about this outgoing transfer after Perch-gate!) then it is definitely prudent to get him out on loan to get regular first team football.  I hope that is the only reason and it’s not with a view to disposing of him permanently – not least because we are very unlikely to recoup anything near what we paid Carlisle for him!

I’ve still heard nothing but rumour-peddling on the incoming transfers front – certainly I’m not the kind of person who’s likely to get too frustrated just yet, but on the back of being rather spoiled last season with incomings – it is starting to get a touch concerning.  I’m certainly looking forward to the evening with Billy Davies at The Approach next week if there doesn’t seem to be any activity by then.

In other news, the Reds had two teams out for friendlies tonight – a ‘weaker’ side (Smith, Lesseles, Gibbons, Anderson, McGugan, Adebola, Tyson, Artymatas, Moussi, Moloney, Lynch) went to Mansfield and triumphed 2-1 thanks to goals from Tyson and Adebola, a ‘stronger’ side (Camp, Gunter, N Byrne, Bennett, Cohen, Thornhill, McKenna, Majewski, McCleary, Earnshaw, Blackstock) went along with Billy to Tranmere and duly lost 2-0!

Probably the biggest question posed by that paragraph is who the hell some of those people are in the team that went to Mansfield!  I’m saving cash at the moment so have elected to ignore the temptation to go to pre-season friendlies, so if any of you popped up to Merseyside or North Nottinghamshire this evening please feel free to share your thoughts on the performances (either in comments or by email if you prefer!)

Gay footballers – appreciated or unwelcome?

Gareth Thomas: A Rugby League player who has come out as gay and been subjected to abuse from the stands...

Back in June I posted about a survey tackling the issue of homosexuality in football, and largely reinforcing the general view that it’s rather a taboo subject.  Hopefully a few of you clicked through the link and filled in the survey as a result to help the study – certainly there must have been a reasonable response as the survey has reached the next phase.

It’s a pretty short survey to fill in, and focuses on whether or not you think it likely that a gay footballer is likely to come out – or indeed, whether you think they should.  Without wishing to influence what you may or may not think, from my point of view I don’t really see it as any different to people in any walk of life – your sexuality is your own business.

From spending a lot of time amongst football fans it’s only too clear that there is a huge groundswell of homophobic attitudes – ranging from what many may consider to be good-natured jocular banter right through to quite scathing abuse.  Certainly speculation around sexuality is often seen as ‘fair game’ for football fans to capitalise on – ask Graeme Le Saux, Sol Campbell or Ashley Cole even.

Would I be bothered if a Forest player came out the closet and said “I’m gay”.  I’d like to think not, but it would be at the back of mind that it would lead to a continual torrent of – albeit mindless – abuse either on the messageboards and, of course, in the stands from visiting fans (maybe even some home fans too).  I’m not sure if that’s enough reason to think a player should remain in the closet.

Personally as a football fan I’m not really interested in many aspects of a player’s lifestyle – so long as they are behaving professionally when in the public eye even on or off the pitch, and – more importantly – performing on it, that really is the sum total of my interest in their lives.  I realise some people have a more in depth fascination with footballers – particularly fans of Premier League ‘galacticos’.

But I digress, whatever I think shouldn’t influence yourselves – but I’d urge you to click the link to help the study.  Personally I can’t really see the good that a campaign would do – much like the anti-racism campaign, it won’t change anyone’s deep-seated prejudices – I suppose it might deter them from expressing them openly if it might lead to punishment.

You can read more about the campaign in The Yorkshire Post by clicking here, and in The Sunday Herald by clicking here too.  You can fill in the survey by clicking here.  Thanks!