Doth the Swansea chairman protest too much?

Pratley - still apparently a Reds target

It’s been speculated since last January that we’d quite like to secure the services of Darren Pratley from Swansea City.  Indeed, recent rumours of the class Forest transfer-policy of a derisory bid have been doing the rounds over the last couple of days, to the point where Huw Jenkins – Swansea’s chairman – has felt compelled to break the usual silence we expect around these things.

There’s confirmation there that there has been contact between Forest and Swansea, which I think we all knew anyway really – but well, the rest of his comments seem to smack rather of desperation.  With Pratley one of their prime assets and in to the last year of his contract, it certainly would be the player who has the stronger negotiating position here.

Certainly I think this is a really good target for the Reds, a talented player who impressed me more in the games I saw Swansea play last season not involving Forest than against us.  Of course, given Swansea’s relative ease of passage in to this division it won’t be an easy signing to make – because the Jacks aren’t going to want to let him go, understandably.

It’s easy to read too much in to throwaway press comments, but when chairmen start complaining about rumours openly and stating that they’re doing everything they can to keep a player it always seems to end up looking silly.  Ultimately I think this will be decided by where the player himself wants to be – clearly he’s settled at Swansea but if he fancies a move to the Reds (or is being offered more cash), then I think we could swing it.

Should the maligned transfer acquisition panel secure the services of the midfielder it should certainly help steady the waters that seem to churning at Forest lately.  With Billy reportedly fuming at the lack of transfers coming in, it should make his forthcoming appearance at The Approach fascinating – let’s hope we’ve managed to do some business with Swansea before then to calm him down a bit!

Sometimes I wish things didn’t seem so soap operaish at Forest, and we could just give the impression of being a professionally run football club.  I suppose on the plus side it’s never dull, even if it is attempting to filter through rumours we have to contend with!

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  1. Rumour is one mill has been offered – mmm so that should do the trick ! not……
    also whats happeining at Leftback …who played in Portugal at LB? I only hope Jules is able to play again at somewhere near to his old level …..or we will be toast

  2. Just watched the Brian Clough BBC documentary. Very apt. It seems in Davies we have a ‘clough’ but in the acquisition panel we are about as far from a ‘peter taylor’ as it is possible to get!

  3. I agree redrob, surely the whole point of pre season friendlies is to build cohesion in the team and to introduce the ‘newbies’. If we manage to sign someone he (they) are going to be subject to billys “they aren’t as fit as we need them” patter. However, I will always agree with the nit signing people for the sake of it. You reds

  4. I think you’ll find that the chairman was complaining about the press rumours all too often spread by agents looking to unsettle players and clubs. Personally, I think agents are like cold sores, they just keep coming back and nobody wants them. Probably how the Swansea chairman feels and many other chairmen. No idea why Pratley would consider Forest though. If he were thinking of a move I’m sure he could set his sights much higher rather than a side step in the same division.

    • Are you serious, a step sideways…
      I dont think so, Forest are a club with the ambition and finances in place to offer Darren Pratley a much better chance of PL football than Swansea or the majority of Championship clubs…

  5. Is it just me who thinks there is the slight possibility that dear old Mr Doughty has run out of sufficient funds?
    Obviusly this would need to be kept quiet, to avoid our best players being taken from us, but unless we get 3 top signings in shortly, the deafening silence on the transfer front could hide far deeper issues?

  6. Seems to me Forest are going about their business in a professional manner.

    From what has been said, it sounds like Forest have registered their interest but not made a bid and Swansea have said, fine, let us appoint a new manager and then we’ll speak to the player, tell him our plans and offer him a new deal.

    If Pratley then rejects the deal, I reckon Forest have first refusal on him, if we meet their valuation, because we have gone about it the right way.

    May not be the quickest way and i appreciate how frustrated everyone is but other than ‘Boro, no one has made significant signings in the Championship yet and if we want quality, which means players that are either Premiership now, or CCC players on the verge of transfers to Premier League, we have to sit back and play the waiting game.

    Same deal is pretty much done for Shorey, seems Forest have offered both the player and Villa deals which are ok in principle, Shorey is just hanging out for that Premiership club, time will tell.

    No idea about Whittingham but a very similar position, Cardiff don’t want to sell but may have to, that one probably will go down to a bidding war, lets hope we win it.

    Overall i am confident we will get 2 out of the 3 of the above and i’m sure we can expect another one or two surprises. Please God let me be right!

  7. […] it seems as though Darren Pratley may well be staying at Swansea; however, I have some sympathy for NFFCBlog’s opinion that Huw Jenkins must be worried about keeping him if he is making such public […]

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