Thanks a MILLION!

Each penny in this box represents one hit to this site since it started. It's a lot, innit?!

Self indulgent blog post alert.  Come on, you can let me off, can’t you? I don’t do it very often (ignoring the whole concept of writing a blog about anything is inherently self-indulgent of course… but you know what I mean, I hope!).

Anyway, it’s not Forest related – beyond being about this site, which is.  But, excitingly for me, at some point today – probably through clicking on an intriguing headline on a news feed and then being duped into reading this twaddle (sorry!) – since the inception of this site in 2006 – and accurately forecast by me to occur before the end of July – will be in receipt of its’ ONE MILLIONTH hit from you good people.

Given I’m at work tomorrow I won’t be able to succumb to the urge to see exactly when it occurs – perhaps the stars will align themselves and as the magical moment is reached Forest will sign the players they’re after, Billy and the transfer acquisition panel will all have a group hug, and all will be well with the world – hell, maybe even some of the rumours might come true, and the different Forest message boards will stop slagging each other off.

Hmm. A bit much to ask for, perhaps, on the basis of a random number being reached here – but I really can’t tell you how chuffed I am that the site continues to grow from strength to strength each season (I measure my ‘years’ from August to July – and in hitting the magic million am already assured of healthy year on year growth in visitor numbers, which is awesome!), and that’s thanks to all of you.

As for what I would prefer to be writing about – in all honesty, I’ve even given up on trawling for nuggets of truth within the rumour mills because they’ve become such a haven of desperate and increasingly unreasonable people.  So I have nothing to report on the Forest front aside from the rumblings of further friction between Billy and his fellow Transfer Acquisition Panel members.  I still think he does that for show, though.