Who said that fair play was dead?

When the billions of potential pounds poured into Manchester City and they started buying big, people cried foul just as they had done previously when similar occurred at Chelsea.  “It’s not fair is it?  They didn’t earn that!”, they complained – to a degree, I can see that view, but the loudest complainants tend to be those who were comfortable hoovering up a scandalously disproportionate amount of cash coming into our beautiful game anyway.

So in a way I quite liked it, it was upsetting the ‘received order’ of our corrupt domestic football regime, in a way.  You could almost pin a romantic Robin Hood style story around it if you were feeling particularly imaginative – which you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not.  Of course, all things from around 7th place upwards in the top flight is generally not fair, but people seemed to get their backs up because it was a different kind of not fair in play.

However, in an unprecedentedly magnanimous gesture it would appear that Manchester City are planning on dramatically levelling the playing field in stacking something significant against their financial power in the English Premier League.  What could they possibly do, you might ask reasonably, to mitigate for this massive capital advantage over their competitors?  What indeed, there aren’t many things.

However, next season if you take a look at the Manchester City bench, you might just get a glimpse of this person – and it will all become clear, because if anyone is capable of undoing the work of generous investment it’s him… it’s a shame, because it now means, naturally, that I wish unmitigated failure upon City and prior to this I was quite enjoying their incursions into upsetting the current Premier League order.

I try to be a reasonably rational person most of the time, but what a hateful smug-faced bastard scummer excretion from the arse of Satan himself.  I don’t hate many people at all, it’s such a waste of energy, but I really hate him.  City fans, you have my deepest, most sincere sympathies.