Update: bugger all is happening!

As we wait for the ‘done deals’ of a few weeks ago to be announced, and try to overcome the disappointment/disgust of England’s showing in the World Cup (well, those of us who follow England of course – I imagine a fair few of you had a good laugh at that!) it’s getting really rather close to the start of the season.  Now I have my season ticket in my possession I’m getting quite excited, but also frustrated of course with the lack of news.

There is, as ever, lots of names being linked to Forest – in the past I’d often get swept up in the excitement of a potential new signing and write about them, I’ve become a bit more cynical now and wait for something approximating confirmation.  But goddamn it leaves me sitting on my hands somewhat as I start thinking more and more about the forthcoming season for the Reds.

Elsewhere there’s been interest – Nigel Pearson has left Leicester City to take the reigns at completely-skint Hull City, which begs the question of the financial situation at the Foxes after such an impressive season last year.  Other neighbours Derby have had Kris Commons in training for the last few weeks to get him fighting fit and at fighting weight presumably – whereas we’ve announced a clearance sale in the BC Stand concourse on 3rd July.

The game against Derby after Christmas has been moved by a day, which seems to have riled many but suits me – it gives us longer to prepare after a trip to Middlesbrough which is no bad thing, in my opinion.  I guess it’s easy to be selfish when I generally book time off between Christmas and New Year so don’t have work considerations to worry about, which will probably affect many fans given the bank holiday situation this Christmas.

Probably the only interesting player rumour I’ve picked up on that’s new news links us to Motherwell’s Mark Reynolds – a young centre back who has apparently previously attracted the interest of Newcastle and Glasgow Rangers.  Then again, it seems to me that Craig Brown is simply trying to talk him up as he needs to sell him to be able to strengthen his squad, he says himself Forest have shown no interest.  That said, if he’s good, then why not?

Perhaps the most significant snippet in that piece was that Billy is due back from his holiday imminently which hopefully will see a bit more traction reached with whatever negotiations are occurring at the City Ground (surely there must be some, mustn’t there?).  Has anybody else heard any outlandish or realistic rumours?  Have you all renewed your season tickets?  Do you have anything more interesting than this article to say? (You must have!!).