Toothless Lions coming home early..

Pampered lions have no fight..

I said before the World Cup commenced that I couldn’t get in to watching England like I do with Forest.  If one ever needed justification for it, the group of individuals (note the lack of using the word ‘team’) provided it with another abject showing, and a deserved trouncing at the hands of Germany.

It’s true that the refereeing team made an utter howler in denying England an equaliser when Lampards shot clearly crossed the line, it’s also true that Lampard later when on to hit the bar from a freekick that could have made it oh-so-different, but well, these things didn’t happen – and ultimately Germany profited from two frankly awful performances in defence from Matthew Upson and John Terry.

And that’s what pissed me off most – not to take anything away from Germany, they weren’t that good – but we seemed to make it so easy for them to break and hit us on the counter-attack with some awful positional play from our defenders, and a complete absence of covering.  I really hope that nobody turns up to see them return from South Africa, that they arrive to an abandoned terminal with a few photographers.

Watching Argentina vs Mexico as I type, I am reasonably sure that either of these sides would make mincemeat out of us in the next round anyway – indeed, I think the Germans might struggle against them too.  They too looked ropey in defence when pressed (not that it happened much), and will meet a more solid defence against either of the South American countries (Argentina 2-0 up as I write).

Arguments about goal-line technology (which I think should exist, indeed, all events should be subject to video replays – possibly incorporating a tennis style appeal system) are rendered fairly pointless by what followed, and opens up the massive can of worms that is the state of English football and what needs to be put right if we want to be competitive – rather than just announcing we are contenders and hoping for the best.

That Rooney couldn’t understand why fans were booing after the Algeria game sums it all up for me – these players are so many million miles away from reality that they can’t comprehend what an honour playing for England should be to them.  And I can’t really find myself supporting them in these circumstances, it’s going to be an over-used phrase I feel but really they are such primadonnas it’s untrue.

As for Capello, when the chips were down and we needed goals, he chucked on Heskey and Wright-Phillips – two of the most ineffective players we’re seen in previous games, two players who shouldn’t have been in South Africa – basically, what the fuck?  Why not chuck on Crouch whose goals went some way to getting us in to the World Cup?  Why persist with a clearly unfit Rooney?  Why Upson and Carragher over Dawson?  Just why?

Five million quid a year for that – awful decisions, no cohesion in his squad, bust-ups with the players and numerous bruises for poor Psycho who had to ensure a series of elbows from him when he was getting worked up.  Five million pounds.  And he’s signed a new contract.  Why the fuck are we paying someone that much to manage the national team?

Our national game requires a dramatic overhaul, from top to bottom, if we are to ever ascend to the levels that our media like to tell us we might just reach one day.  Starting at the fusty jobs-for-the-boys FA, and that, my friends, is why such things will never happen and we will continue to spiral into this malaise of perceived under-achievement in international tournaments.

For what it’s worth, I for one wish Germany well in the tournament – a young side who do play as a team – as I said above, not that good just yet despite our efforts to make them look so, but I feel more affinity for them than their likely next opponents.  As for our self-styled Golden Generation, what to do with them?  Well, there’s a plethora of ‘Cash for Gold’ retailers at the moment – let’s cash the useless bastards in and start again!

Sepp Blatter can piss off as well while we’re at it – whilst it might not have made any ultimate difference, you have to say we’d have had a better chance at 2-2 in that game!

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  1. I have followed your blog all year, and I couldn’t agree more. You are a legend, but the voices that preside over us mere mortals and the English football system will never listen to sense. Regardless of the number that shouts out in unison.

  2. Rarely have I seen/heard you so worked up. I am a very frequent visitor to the site and I know you must be riled for you to use that many expletives, but I have to agree with you. I love Forest and heaven knows I wear my heart on my sleeve for them as I watch week in and out from U1, but these England players do not bring out the patriotism in me that I so want to express. I can think of plenty of other Englishmen who would have shown more guts, courage and pride playing for their country than those on show in South Africa – some of which could have come from a Garabaldi Red shirt!! Hey-ho….looking forward to next season nonetheless. Keep up the great work with the blog.

  3. pissed off,,,, says it all.

  4. Still, not long til REAL football starts again. I’d take a city ground roar over a vuvuzela any day.

  5. In the years of reading your blog I do not think I have ever seen you so annoyed as this.My wife and I watched in complete frustration our national team playing with no pride. All though the tournament I have tried to get excited about England playing but alas have failed too.

    This performance was totally unacceptable but what will the powers that be do ..nothing. 5 million a year for managing this shower of sh-t.I am in total agreement with you in that nobody in their right mind should turn up to welcome them home.

  6. Did anyone else see the footage on sky sports news last night when the england got off the plane to go back to the hotel? Well I couldn’t believe what i was seeing? Ashley Cole joking around having a laugh like he hadn’t a care in the world?

    This sums your article up perfectly, they are not bothered, couldn’t care less and a million miles away from reality. They just don’t give a shit.

    Thats me done with England, bored bored bored, over paid players who couldn’t give a shit.

    Come on Forest, at least i enjoy watching us,


  7. Article is spot on.

    International football is not what it used to be e.g. England, Italy & France all out without turning up.

    Let’s face it they don’t care so why should we. Can’t lower myself to supporting Germans though as the whole thing seems a farce.

    I think some countries have to break away from FIFA & the FA boreacrats to modernise & raise the standards e.g. Darts/20-20 Cricket/Premier League footie

  8. Completely agree.

    Capello needs to go. He was appointed so we could get beyond the quarters and he failed. It wasn’t like he was unlucky, we were dire throughout the whole tournament. I doubt he gives a shit though, I’m sure he’s one of the most well paid managers so he will get over it in no time.

  9. great comments but next time can you show a bit morythinge passion in your comments 🙂 :).

    However this ISN’T just about the england team…..this is all about how shit OUR football is?Its route and branch changes that are needed! Foreign owners have ruined the game……NOT allowed in Germany. Technical ability OURS appauling……EVERONE else superb. I watch some mini league matches and the number of time I hear parents saying things like “winning is everthing” ,”coming second place is for losers”, “take him out” and even worse ” get rid of the ball”. We don’t encourage kids to LOVE the game its all about competition from the age of 10. At that age they play on a full sized pitch FFS. Teach them a love of the game how to use the ball, let the ball work for them.

    How many times last season did Forest not retain the ball well in the last 15 minutes of a match when we were leading?

    As for this england side I HOPE that this is the last time the following EVER play for the national side:

    lampit poor
    rooney so bad did he actually go to the WC?
    terry TWAT
    upson not good enough
    barry not good enough
    cashley cole BIGGEST TWAT EVER
    johnson not good enough
    gerrard not good enough

    I’m UTTERLEY ABSOLUTELY pissed off. Well at least we can relax and enjoy the football…….if someone starts playing footie for 90 minutes!

    I’m RAVIN’ I trust you are 2.

  10. You’re article was spot-on & summarises the frustrations of many a patriotic Forest Fan.

    We can’t blame the influcx of foreign players for the apology of a performance on Sunday though. All but 2 of the starting 11 are big stars for teams that finished in the top 8 of the Premier League last season. They should have performed better. Upson seems to being made the scapegoat by many – but it was Terry’s poor positioning that gifted 2 goals & if not for David James, a couple more.

    What we can blame the influx of foreign players for is the lack of younger replacements for some of these past-it players.

    The Germans breezed past us with a young squad that have been given the opportunity to grow & develop as a team. They aren’t the finished article as yet – but it’s frightening to think what they will be like at the next World Cup. What have England got to challenge this?

  11. Good post as always NFFC. I must admit however I wasn’t that disappointed. When looking at the way England played against the US, Algeria and even Slovenia, this result should have been expected. And indeed the England team go crashing out of another competition without showing any guile, ability or desire.

    There maybe many reasons for this, namely:

    1. The Premier league is too demanding (Maybe)
    2. England’s players are overpaid and therefore expect to win without any effort (Probably)
    3. The players didn’t like the manager (Tough shit, he probably knows more than they do)
    4. Too many foreign players in England (Possibly)

    Personally I think it is none of those (though I conceed, they have an influence). One thing I do believe it is, relating to ravinreg the pongo’s comments about kids football, we just don’t teach football, but rather prefer to set unrealistic and excessive goals which leads to unhelpful pressure. But more importantly, I think it is just that England aren’t that good. We have won 1 (ONE, that’s more than ZERO but less than TWO) tournament since football began. Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Argentina and Spain have all won more international competitions than us. Even Denmark have won one major international competition if results are to be compared. So looking on the brightside, if England are to be compared to Denmark, purely based on previous history in major international competitions, we did pretty well. At least we got out of our group.

    The only thing that annoys me about this very sackable bunch of numpties we call England, is their apathy. What makes English football more enjoyable than any other version of the game is the English stiff upper lip, do or die, never given in even when all hope is lost, ability to show endeavour. I don’t really care if England get knocked out of a competition “early”. I just want to see passion, hard work and dedication to the task in hand. And if they win, great. But if they get knocked out early it’s just because England really aren’t that good. And in this case, England really weren’t that good at all.

  12. Pachuca, Completely agree. It is something that the English media will have to get used to.(they are the same people to blame for hyping up the squad as world class and then completely destroy them when they get found out for what they are). Can you imagine them saying…”you know what, we really are in the Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Poland league and nothing more”. They pump it up before every tournament trying to whip the nation into some kind of jingoistic freight train and then act surprised when we fail.

    That said the players are an absolute disgrace. You may think I’m mad but I think players picked from the Championship would give much more as you know for them it will be the pinnacle of their career and mean so much more, These lot a too bothered about Champions League/Premier League. I’m sure they see England as more of a hinderance. Or even worse an excuse to add 30k to their weekly salary.

    What it highlights is that the England players and I’m talking about Rooney/Gerrard/Lampard that are supposedly world class are made to look world class by the players they have around them at club level. Players like Essien, Alonso, Torres, Makalele, Ballack, etc will always deliver great passes to these players and leave them with much less to do than an England squad player like Barry, Lennon, SWP, etc. If that rationale is applied then that could be a good reason for the so called great English players being exposed as not so great everytime they play for their country. I don’t think its a coincidence that John Barnes was always so poor because most of his Liverpool team mates at the time weren’t English they were part of the best generation of Scots and Irish that that they’ll ever have. I’m not saying that this correct but its definitely a talking point.

    Like everyone on here though, I’ve had it with them. I find it hard to care let alone support a team full of so many despicable people that are so far removed from reality its beyond a joke.

  13. Cash is king.

    Man U, Chelsea n the likes will rely on foriegn players and rarely risk young English talent coz of the cash rewards. The players are all pampered tarts, and “the product” is now what English football is all about from the Prem through to the International team. Only the lower leagues retain any credability or honour.

    Them 11 players should strike fear into the opposition by either presence or ability. I know that if Stuart Pearce, Tony Adams, David Batty, and even “softer” players such as Ian Wright or Gazza walked into my local I’d think twice about tangling with any of them! There’s naff all in the current squad with enough balls or presence to bother anyone, n I’d pit my 18 year old brother-in-law against the lot of em in a scrap. They’re about as resiliant as a soggy bog roll.

  14. Your boss at work is on £6m a year, you turn up for work and are asked to do your job for the pride of working for the company. You’re also supporting a bunch of highly paid bureaucrats who’ve never done your job, knowing that you can down tools, go on holiday and work for someone else for the same money.

    What would you do ?

    The whole thing is flawed.

    International football R.I.P.

  15. Good article fella cash is king and thats whats spoiled the
    game in the UK.I am a forest fan to the core and like you I just cant get excited about international football.

    Roy Keane gave a good interview on BBC football he was spot on ! players are spoilt brats and lack passion and there attitude stinks.

    U reds

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