Capello, here is the answer to your dilemma..

Stand down from your team talk duties and get a certain somebody to fill in…

…. oh, and please dear God put Joe Cole on in place of Wright-Phillips, don’t play Carragher any more, get Heskey off the pitch and give Rooney an almighty kick up the arse.


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  1. Spot on.

  2. dead right

  3. And bring Dawson in to partner Terry!!

  4. Daws to play weds, and play well thus keeping the absolute a***hole carragher out for the rest of the tournament…..yeah, we’ll win 3-0 and go on a great run!!

  5. To be honest anyone but Carragher! I can’t believe he’s even in the side. If you wanted aging experienced defenders then Sol Campbell would of been a much better bet.

  6. Carrager in an England shirt is simply embarrassing

  7. Carragher way too slow. Lamps and Cole on as they know each other. Gerard Gerard off but to sub Lamps after he’s run himself ragged. Upson on. Dawson in reserve. Crouch(striker with a brain) up front with Rooney.

  8. are you lot being serious, watch the game again, without bias against caragher, and realise how much he covered for the left and right back and in some cases Terry. Carragher was one of two best players on the pitch.

    Sometimes people need to get past their opinions, probably based on the fact that he chose to retire from England duty, doesnt mean hes a crap player

  9. His speed is still a liability. He kept having to late tackle and hold players back, thus 2 yellows. Against better teams than USA and Algeria, he’ll be left for dead and receive a red.

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