Cowardly lions really must win, now!

Cowardly lions need to stop moaning, and start playing

England’s start to the World Cup continues to falter. With all due respect to Algeria, we should be looking to beat them – and we didn’t, we didn’t even score – and didn’t really deserve to, to be honest. Another very frustratingly disjointed and unproductive performance, and tantrums from the ‘great English hope’ Rooney after the fans showed their disapproval.

Not too good is it?  I know a few people who flew out for the game, for a very fleeting visit to South Africa.  It cost them a lot of money, and whilst any football fan knows there’s no guarantee of a result no matter what lengths you go to to follow them, they do have a right to see something a little more effective than that was from the supposed cream of the crop for English football.

Of course, that can all be forgotten if England can beat Slovenia on Wednesday.  Beating them would leave us with five points, meaning we’d be above Slovenia who’d be on four, and of course above Algeria who can only achieve a maximum of four points should they beat the USA.  So we’d be through to the knock-out stage of the tournament.  If we win and better USA’s scoreline against Algeria then we top the group.

So all’s not lost, and really there’s no need for Shrek to be throwing his toys out the pram – I can understand his frustration though, he’s a passionate player and it must be galling for him too.  At least I hope it is, you can never be too sure – these lads have been so far removed from any tangible reality that the likes of us understand you can never be too sure.

Capello has a few things to consider – I think Carragher is now suspended which sorts out the first problem.  My god he’s awful, he’s had a bad season in a club that has struggled (by its’ own standards).  James didn’t have too much to do, but that he did he did well I thought – so a good call for nets.  Midfield is the problem, neither Gerrard nor Lampard recreate their talismanic domestic form in an England shirt, and Wright-Phillips is – frankly – bloody awful.

Up front Rooney is – despite struggling to get involved in games – a must pick for me, but this flimsy suggestion that Heskey + Rooney = Goals is clearly a fallacy.  I admire Heskey’s willingness, his workrate – he was integral to the one goal we have scored in the tournament, but well, all that doesn’t make up for what he lacks.  I think Crouch can cause as many problems as him and more, and is more likely to score – I’d like to see him more involved than being a late sub.

These of course are dilemmas for the gaffer – also, in a side with wingers who struggle for end product (Wright-Phillips and Lennon, plus the wingers-that-aren’t-really-wingers like Gerrard), and nobody with a right foot – why on Earth he hasn’t given Joe Cole a run I’ll never know.  He’s right-footed, but plays often on the left – and has a great understanding already with our left back.  It’s a no-brainer isn’t it?

Maybe not – either way, naturally I’ll be tuning in at 3pm on Wednesday for our clash with Slovenia and hope that things can click enough to at least get the win we need to get in to the next stage of the tournament.  Whether Fabio is thinking along similar lines to me or not doesn’t matter – I’d be more than happy for a scrappy 1-0 thanks to an excellent Wright-Phillips cross bouncing in from Heskey’s arse!

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  1. Good article NFFC.

    I actually feel a degree of sympathy for Rooney and can even excuse his outburst at the end because I GENUINELY believe he busts a gut to win every game – no matter whether for England or Man U and I think he was very frustrated at the lack of quality service he received.

    He dropped deeper and deeper as the game wore on trying to make something happen – all to no avail.

    Him aside, what I dont understand is why we have suddenly become such a poor team that sailed through the qualifiers. We played better teams than Algeria and USA and looked half decent.

    Its beyond me…… and by the look on Capello’s face, its beyond him too!

  2. Agree with you Egor. Although Rooney had a shocking game and was probably England’s worse player. Capello has kept faith with the side and tactics that got us to the finals with ease. I rest the blame squarely on the players. They’re just not performing. As a manager, yes, you can get things completely wrong but you can’t legislate for Robert Green’s mistake and your best players being total shit. They deserve to get booed ‘cos their performance was shocking. And as for that comment about loyal support, that just shows how thick footballers are. You travel 1000’s of miles for THAT. You don’t mind losing or drawing if the performance was good. Right now is unacceptable.

  3. I agree AD_BC, I think it’s indicative of how poor the current England mentality is that as they’re walking off to a chorus of boos, Rooney isn’t thinking “We’ve let everyone down”, he’s thinking “How dare they boo us?”.

    I don’t pretend to know more than a professional coach, but for years Gerrard has been a liability when played on the left wing for England, and I find it incredulous that Capello continues with him there. Surely last night will be the final straw? I hope.

  4. Drop Rooney now he needs to be shown he’s not the dogs bollocks that he thinks he is. Put him on the bench and bring him on if needed.Play Defoe in his place.

    Drop Lampard my little lad has been more productive for England than he has.He is soooooo frustrating, great for chelski awful for his country.

    Play Jo Cole. Play Upson he has too, I’d like him to play Dawson but it might be asking too much now!

  5. What the hell? How on earth can people have sympathy for Rooney?

    He has the balls the question the loyalty of thousand of England supporters parting with enormous sums of hard earn’t cash. He should question his own loyalty is by the pathetic “displays” on the pitch.

    I have honestly never seen a player so unfit to wear the England shirt, a total embarrassment and a terrible advert for the English game.

    I would love it see England string a few passes together this world cup, seems they are all desperate not too go near the ball, or even compete for the ball.

    I don’t but into this formation lark, or Capello is too strict. It’s pathetic really, if it’s not the ball its something else isn’t it?

    The truth is, the qualifying matches were played against well below par teams and they have been well and truly rumbled. I feel sorry for Cappello to have put up with such an egotistic arrogant bunch of “footballers”
    It wont be long before the championship will become a resource for England, the prem league has been totally detrimental to the English game. Zero passion, no loyalty, no soul. Altogether disgraceful.

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