One exciting fixture… and one less so..

Let’s start with the less auspicious one, we shall be starting our Carling Cup campaign against Bradford City – away at Valley Parade (or some sponsored name involving windows that I forget, officially speaking).  It will take place in the second week of August, and you may have a sense of deja vu as we played them at the City Ground in the same stage of the tournament last season, running out 3-0 winners on that occasion.

Still, there is some degree of blessing – for reasons that defy logic we’re in the north section at this stage, whilst Notts are in the south section.  As a result they have a trip to Plymouth ‘GREEEEEN ARMY!’ Argyle to ‘look forward’ to.  Which is quite a trek!  So our relatively quick trip up to West Yorkshire isn’t really so much of a trial compared to that, uninspiring though it might be.  That said, aside from the three sides that tumbled from the top flight last season, we are the highest placed league finishers in the hat at this stage!  We rock!

Anyway, on to the more exciting fixture.  In a departure from last season’s rather damp squib of friendly opponents the Reds have secured a home friendly against Lyon.  Whom I’ve seen the Reds play before what seems like long ago in the UEFA Cup when Frank Clark was in charge.  This game will take place on Wednesday 28th July and for once I’m really looking forward to a preseason friendly at the City Ground rather than just going through habit/being starved of football.

They finished second in the top French division last season, and were Champions League semi-finalists – and that might have been seen as an underachievement certainly domestically, in the last decade or so they’ve won their league more often than they haven’t.  This is a great coup for the Reds and hopefully they’ll have some new signings to run out against the French side – it might also provide an opportunity to unveil the as yet mysterious new kit.

In other news, those of you (like me) who’ve yet to renew your season ticket – it is worth doing so before 22nd June when the new government will unveil their emergency budget.  Whilst it’s not for definite, there’s a distinct possibility they might increase the rate of VAT from 17.5% and thus Forest might well choose to pass on that change in terms of your price.  Admittedly it’s unlikely to be much more than 20% which would equate to £10-20 depending on your renewal rate – but every little helps!

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  1. Your memory is suredly better than mine nffc, but I remember us playing Auxere in the UEFA cup during Frank Clark’s managership – at the CG. .
    Were we really in the UEFA cup twice during Frank’s reign or did we play Lyon that same year as Auxere?

    World Cup ~ It’s either Alan Bloody Hansen on BBC or ITV’s lousy commentators but I suppose they’re all slightly better than those damned vuvuzelas 😦

    • We did play Auxerre, and Lyon – I think it was the Lyon game that Paul McGregor scored at the City Ground (rebound from a penalty?)… we drew 0-0 in the away leg…

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