What will you remember most about South Africa 2010?

The third day of the World Cup isn’t yet over, but I can probably conclusively answer, it’ll be the constant drone of these badboys.

Particularly during ITV’s coverage the noise like a million swarms of angry wasps is really rather prevalent.  The Vuvuzela has probably been cause of as many headlines as any on-the-pitch action, originally a tin instrument in Mexico it was popularised in plastic form in South Africa in the 1990s.  So whilst they annoy me intensely, I do have some grudging acceptance that they’re part and parcel of our hosts way of watching the game.

Many broadcasters tried to get them banned for the World Cup due to making it difficult to hear their commentators (a blessing, if you’re watching ITV coverage I suppose!), but without success.  The authorities have only expressed an interest in banning them if they find themselves on the playing surface – meanwhile players have to tolerate them not only during the games, but in to the night when partying fans continue with the soundtrack to this tournament.

It does make a nice difference to the usual discussion point during every international tournament I can remember – and that’s usually some controversy surrounding the design of the football being used for the games.  Whilst I can just about tolerate feeling like a tinnitus sufferer during the World Cup, I really do hope that none of these accursed instruments make their way to the City Ground next season!

With a bit of luck the football will start doing the talking more and more – the Germans have just put in an impressive first half against Australia, which is a relief for me as it seems to me so far that every match I’ve managed to see has been dull as hell!

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  1. Yes: see my thread on LTLF!


    Louder on Talksport radio than on Radio 5 live!
    Even drowns out Stan the Man!!!

  2. They’re complete rubbish.

  3. If england get to the final, I’ll bring you one back!!

  4. The awful footie so far with the honourable exceptions of:

    Argentina & Holland when they bought on Elia(?)

    Do you think they use vuvuzelas cos they can’t remember the words to any songs?

  5. […] course everyone is talking about the Vuvuzelas, so I am not going to talk much more about them here – but did you know that people in South […]

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