A message to you, Blackpool.

Good luck at Wembley!

Whilst naturally the nature of our demise in the semi-final of the play-off wasn’t easy to bear witness to, there’s no denying we bowed out (with a whimper) to the better team over two legs.  I genuinely hope you can go one better and overcome Cardiff at Wembley.

Fingers crossed that Ian Holloway and your lads can work their magic again, certainly I can’t believe they’ll be playing with any fear!

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  1. Totally agree! I wont be watching it though as I’m off to watch the Swans youth play in the youth cup final against Wrexham.

    • You would say that 😆

      I shan’t be watching either, too stingy for Sky at home and not making a special trip for it!

  2. sea,sea,seasider’s…go for it blackpool !!!! after all we normally follow you up the divisions, you as play off winners us as automatics following season….fingers crossed for you

  3. I’ll be watching, at least some of it cheering on Blackpool. If they get into the Prem it’ll be priceless…

    Let’s be honest here, we all want Blackpool to win ‘cos Cardiff will then be forced into administration and we can join the vultures…Whittingham, Chopra, Bothroyd, McPhail, Ledley, Darcey Blake all up for grabs at a knock-down price. We could even sign Riccy Scimeca (LOL)!!!

    PS – It’s weird how Cardiff have 3 ex-Foresst players in their squad…Scimeca, McPhail and Chopra (OMG how bad was he when he was at Forest!)

    It’s Cardiff and Swansea who are going to be the (Champioinship) cornfields that is harvested over the summer, watch this space…. Also, check out the Aston Villa squad and look at how many “Reserve” players Martin has bought who never get in the team….Harewood, Sidwell, Bouma (released), Reo-Coker, Albrighton… there’s a few there that might be worth a punt to add a little more experience to the Forest squad?

    I’m not sure about this rumour around the Chelsea left-back, Patrick van Aanholt, as it’ll only be a year-long loan. Forest need a permanent signing not one that will disappear after a season – we’ve already been had by the loan system this year (and it cost us big-time!).

    You Reds!!!!

  4. Yes I shall be donning Tangerine today too – only metaphorically I hasten to add as it clashes with my spray tan LOL

    I think it they play with the openness and freedom they did at the CG then they should do it. Good luck to them.

    Being biased, I think there is a lot of clout in what others have written too with some half decent players likely to become available in the summer months.

    Of course, we need the AC, Doughty and Billy all to move onto the same song sheet….. does that sound familiar???

  5. Gawd, yes, don’t want to have to play the b***s again next year after 0/4 this time round.

    Chelsea types reckon that Van Aanholt isn’t going to be going anywhere, needed as backup for Ashley Cole in the Chumps league. But who knows…

  6. I thought this was going to be a Specials reference… “you’ve done too much, much too soon” or something…

  7. I wont be watching!

    Too painful 😦

  8. can you belive rapes still illegal?

  9. I hope Blackpool do well but I think (like Yeovil) they have left their exceptional performance at the City ground and they will never play as good again.

  10. Now that Blackpool HAVE done it what are the chances of that nice man “Mr. Holloway, pursuing Chris Cohen, Lee Camp or Darren Pratley?

    Trent End (Upper T4)

  11. Great news for us !!!
    Congrats to Blackpool !!!
    Hope you go down as we go up next year !!!!

  12. Great news. Seasiders must have felt at home on that pitch! And as the only side whose winning formula we couldn’t break are gone, next season should be interesting. Watched it in 3d at the pub which was weird but good!

  13. Well done Blackpool!

    Hopefully we’ll be playing you next year… in the Prem 🙂

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