‘Uneasy truce’ or just ‘sorting a few things out’ ?..

After their much publicised meeting in London, Forest chairman Nigel Doughty – and his manager, Billy Davies – part amicably having reassured one another they share the same objectives for the club.

Is it indeed an ‘uneasy truce’ as has been suggested, or are fans and media alike reading too much into everything?  Probably somewhere in the middle, as these things usually are.  Certainly Billy will probably be focused on the lack of transfer activity in January – let’s face it, it’s a nice smokescreen to take questions away from his tactics during our tricky away run.

From Mr Doughty’s point of view, I imagine he might well – as well as offering Billy whatever assurances he required with regard to the signing of players – will have had a thing or two to say about Billy’s media conduct.  Whilst it’s wound many of you up more than me, I can see how almost advertising your availability in the media isn’t going to be most people’s cup of tea.

Whether Davies’ relationship with Mark Arthur is really as bleak as people suggest, or indeed whether there really is a “Billy versus the acquisition panel” is – in my opinion – pure speculation.  Billy knew the score when he arrived, and whilst he may well desire things to be different, he can’t really complain that they’re not – he came to this job with his eyes open.

Whilst he’s undoubtedly a talented manager – leaving another club under a black cloud would make his CV read like a recurring dream, which perhaps is another reason for him and the board to settle their differences.  And compromise isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the board need to deliver signings faster in January if we are in dire need, and Billy needs to stop gobbing off in the media quite so much.

Rather than call this new era an ‘uneasy truce’ I imagine it was really a case of the two men sitting down and ‘sorting a few things out’.  Let’s hope it’s worked (plus it was a blatant excuse to put in the cartoon – why is it so hard to find a decent picture of Doughty?!).

Billy to stay, players targeted – and thanks a million (nearly)..

So it seems that after their ‘crunch meeting’ Forest owner Nigel Doughy and Billy Davies are – after all – singing from the same hymn sheet.  The nature of their relationship and any supposed gripes are obviously all in the realms of speculation anyway, but clearly both men have the same end goal with the Reds – if not always the same ideas about how to get there.

Tagged tantalisingly on the end of the piece in the Guardian which seemed to be the closest to the actual event, there’s news that Forest intend to resume their pursuit of Swansea midfielder Darren Pratley.  This would be a great move in my book, Pratley is young yet with considerable Championship experience, and he’s impressed the majority of times I’ve seen him against us (aside from the unnecessary diving).

Also a target is a left back (HALLELUJAH!) in the form of Chelsea reserve Patrick von Aanholt.  He’s previously spent time on loan at Newcastle and Coventry, so certainly has first team experience, and Chelsea seem open to him gaining more.  Certainly early confirmation of signings such as these would provide a very welcome distraction from this largely unsavoury speculation over the manager and his commitment to the cause.

Forest have also been busy organising pre-season friendlies – opting to again defy those fans who like to claim every game by playing two friendlies at the same time.  Twice!  July 24th sees the Reds playing one game at Peterborough and one at Kidderminster Harriers, on the 21st July one Reds side will visit Tranmere whilst another has the shorter trip to Mansfield.

In more personal news it’s been another great season for visits for the blog – I tend to count ‘years’ as August-July as I started way back in August 2006 – so we haven’t finished ‘this year’ yet.  Year to date though visits are up 16%, and assuming Forest can muster some blog-worthy activity between now and July, I’ve projected I have a good shout of smashing the 1,000,000 visits mark before next season starts.

That would be amazing – so a huge thanks to all of you who visit, and especially those of you who interact by commenting, or on my haphazardly updated Twitter and Facebook pages too – for me that’s what makes this all the more interesting, rather than just being my self-indulgent prattling about Forest.