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Some months after other clubs get their pricing tied up, Forest announced their season ticket prices today.  Modest rises all round seem to be the order of the day, which is most definitely tolerable.  Unless you happen to be in the Under 21 age bracket then you’re looking at a heftier rise.  That said, I always struggled to see why Under 18 and Under 21 were so close in price before the massive jump to adult prices.

So I’m quite content with that really.  You have until June 26th to renew your seat after which they become available presumably for ‘transferring’ season ticket holders to move to.  Forest are offering the usual short-term loan option to pay by instalments, and seem to have finally done away with the ludicrous % surcharge for using Visa-backed debit cards to pay up front for your ticket.  All in all, a grumble free zone for this writer!

I will grumble a little bit about the away membership scheme – which is a complete and utter con, but one those of us who travel away a bit must be party to because it’s basically a glorified queue-jumping mechanism.  A slight rise in this, £32 for those of us renewing, £37 to new entrants to the scheme.  As Forest have already demonstrated their ability to prioritise tickets based on away attendance records, I don’t see why this system is in place other than as a cynical cash-raising exercise.

But still, that’s a relatively small gripe mostly in an announcement full of positivity – to get over the idea I tend to consider the away membership as part of my season ticket cost.  It still doesn’t see me paying the most expensive regular season ticket cost, and gives me peace of mind that – combined with my ‘games attended’ list, I’m unlikely to not be able to attend a game I would like to go to.  All the information you need should be at the end of this link.

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  1. This is pathetic how can they continously keep raising ticket prices every season, i wouldn’t mind so much if they backed us fans and brought in quality instead of constant ramblings and false promises, do they think we are made of money, sod off ND i won’t be renewing mine. arrrrg

  2. There is this little gem in the small print…

    Wembley finals
    Away season ticket holders and Away members will be entitled to a priority period in which to purchase 2 tickets to any finals at Wembley that we are involved in.

    That gives you TWO guaranteed tickets to the Play Off final (and League/FA Cup finals!!!) for £32/£37 quid as there is no mention that you must have actually attended a single away game, just have purchased a membership.

    A season ticket holder is only entitled to 1 ticket! Seems somewhat of an imbalance to me…

  3. Pleased you got your season ticket NFFC, this is the first site i come to for match reports so same again next season youth! Due to working away and lack of funds I don’t go to all matches anymore so keep them coming, good work with the match reports for this season.

  4. Are you really a season ticket holder Rob?

    Were you one of those demanding we make multi million pound signings in January, yet you cant, or wont pay an extra £1 or so a game, whilst still expecting ND to shell out (further) millions on players such as Shorey or Prately?

    With the 11,000 season ticket holders we have, we would have to pay an extra £3 a game each just to cover the likes of Shorey’s wages (£35k a week apparently), and that’s just the home games, ND would have to pay when we played away.

    Soon adds up doesn’t it? Have a think, either a bit extra in your pocket each week or a left back, fair enough if you decide to keep the money but dont going slagging of ND for doing the same.

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