Billy: Should I stay or should I go?

"Whoa! Calm down! I only said I'd consider other jobs!"

I must admit that come the end of the football season I’m ready for a ‘rest’ from it.  I like switching off and not worrying about Forest for a while, I don’t check news feeds nearly as often and don’t check out the forums with nearly as much regularity.  But it’s hard to ignore the continued speculation surrounding Billy Davies.

If you remember back to last time we were without a manager I was dead against Billy, and I’m delighted to eat humble pie and say he proved me wrong completely.  I’d be very disappointed if he sought pastures new after affecting a remarkable turnaround in our fortunes – elevating us from 19th to 3rd inside a season is no mean achievement, and if he’d had his way in January arguably we might’ve pushed automatic further.

Having said that, I can’t quite subscribe to the anger some fans are feeling regarding his recent comments in the press.  As far as I can make out, all he’s done is said that he’d consider other jobs – he’s also said he relishes the challenge at Forest.  Sounds like a perfectly healthy and ambitious attitude for a manager to have to me.

When I pick up publications at work or the Evening Post I tend to have a check on the job pages – not because I’m unhappy in my current role, but it would be folly not to consider there might be something better out there.  I don’t see why Billy shouldn’t do the same, particularly in an industry where very little security nor loyalty is forthcoming to him from above.  It would be churlish to expect him to reciprocate it.

That’s no reflection on what he feels towards the fans or the ‘club’ as an organisation.  Time and again he’s praised the Forest fans for the backing we’ve given him, he appreciates us – of course he does – but for some fans to expect him to come out with unequivocal commitment to Forest and no other team are being a bit on the naïve side.  His attitude towards his employers (the board) is totally separate.

I really hope that Billy isn’t considering seeking new pastures – but I’m not churlish enough to plead he stays for the fans.  He should stay for his own ambitions, to improve his own achievements – and I truly hope that he feels they can be fulfilled here.  Let’s not forget the greatest manager we’ve had was an ambitious man, he wanted the England job, and constantly bitched and moaned at the boards he worked under.

Whatever happens, I would certainly wish Billy well wherever he ends up (within reason).  If he leaves he leaves us in a better place than when he took over – and certainly I think the acquisition policy deserves some credit for this too.  Sensible acquisition has given us a talented, young side on a modest budget – with a talented manager to get them working together.  That’s the model I like to see Forest operating – within our means.

Let’s hope we can continue with Billy still at the helm – but to expect him to show some kind of outlandish show of loyalty seems a bit unrealistic, it’s certainly not something that he is likely to get from the powers-that-be at any football club.  If it’s not to be, then Billy isn’t irreplaceable either – although I wouldn’t want to have the job of trying to find that replacement.  For a little man, he’d leave big shoes to fill.

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  1. Finally someone with a bit of common sense.

  2. I have no problem with him eyeing up other jobs, like you say, everyone does it.

    However, I do have a problem with the shameless Billy Davies promotional campaign that has started, which, unbelievably began before the play off’s.

    It seems whichever rag you pick up, whichever (Scotch based) TV programme you put on, either Billy or his agent are there, dutifully telling everyone how Billy just might be available.

    Like you say, I’m sure all manager have their eyes on bigger/better/more lucrative jobs but they don’t do it in such an arrogant way and leave their current employers and it’s fans in such a negative and uncertain state, after which has been such a positive season.

    • I suppose it can seem a bit distasteful, but then I can remember another former Reds manager who was a supreme self-publicist. Perhaps with a bit more wit than the wee one, but no less effective.

      Bear in mind the media like to stir things up as well in the way that they report things.

  3. Sure they’re shit but if you’re Scottish, even a Ger, then Celtic are as big as Barca, AC, Bayern et al.

    This whole thing is like when your missus asks if you would shag whichever token fit bird is on the tv at that moment. If you say no then you’re caught in a blatant lie, if you say yes then it’s assumed you’re about to run off in to the sunset.

  4. Whilst Id be the first to admit Billy has done a marvellous job this season, his “whining” has got on my threepennies at times.

    To start with I was convinced it was about try to stir up the club (predominently the board) to try and get his own way but the more it went on I became unsure as to his motive.

    It would appear to me Billy likes to be a winner and furthermore, perceived as one, and I think his CV is very important to him and he always likes to leave clubs (and I quote) “in a better state than in which he found them”. So maybe he feels he can do no more at Forest? After all, with what he achieved this season, surely only promotion to the Premisership will be deemed as success now – so now is the time for him to go maybe?

    We’ll know more once he’s seen the Chairman, but one thing is for sure, if he does stay, hes needs to rein in his comments to the Press OR he will lose the goodwill and respect of the fans very quickly indeed.

  5. BC may well have been a (the?!) supreme self-publicist but, as well as the wit to back it up, he also had something else even more important in his locker – trophies!

  6. Some good points from nffc and also fellow reds.If Davis loses the fans then things will go from bad to worse but most reds are fairly tolerant.

    Hes a winner and no doubt feels the Forest Board are a bit limp wristed ,but there is no loyalty any longer so hes looking after his own ship so to speak.

    Bottom line is we need him !!

    U reds

  7. Thing is, I really don’t see him getting the Celtic job. They had their fingers burnt with Tony Mowbray, another successful Championship manager, and Davies played for Rangers. They’re not in the Champions League so money won’t be as forthcoming. And if you don’t win the league you’re sacked.

    Hmmm, that said. If he gets the job he’ll be sacked within 18 months.

    I’m bored of the whole thing. Have a chat with Doughty, agree a new contract and a budget for transfers. Without a job offer, he’s not going anywhere. Either way, clubs will see him as a liability — no real top-flight experience and a history of falling out with fans and chairmen.

    Stick around Billy, you need us more than we need you.

  8. Billy is staying…He wants more say regarding transfers and hopefully Doughty will give it to him. Who is the most needed at the club,Billy or Pleat???

  9. I think he should stay. I think he has to stay. I agree with Pat, Tony Mowbray was o.k. at Championship level (albeit with a good squad of players) but whilst Celtic might be a tempter, Billy got his fingers burnt with Derby doing so badly in the Prem and he might want to make sure that the next team he manages in the Prem will do better than the sheep. I think he is very good at PR and makes little more than common sense comments and the rest of the tripe comes from the muppet journalists who can only sell papers if it contains intrigue or scandal. I think his comments are a bit like shaking the apple tree. He wants to see what falls out and none more so than what falls out of the Forest board tree. He wants money, he wants the commitment that he believes he merits after such a turnaround in fortune that we have seen trentside. I think we will be much worse off without him, unless we can get equally as good a manager (not something Forest have been to good at recently).

    And yes, he talks alot but I think he has shown unbelievable commitment to the cause this season and whilst we might be put out by his comments, lets not forget that results on the pitch are what is really important. I would much rather have a manager I don’t like who gets us into the play offs after a previous season just avoiding relegation than one who appeals to me, has a lot of banter but can only spur his boys to muster mediocre performances (Chris Coleman I think would fall into this category. Great guy, not great manager). How many Man U fans really like to listen to the drivel that comes out of SAF’s mouth? Probably all of them but what do they know. Well he’s a knob but at the same time and unbelievable manager.

    Personally I think the board has to make sure Billy doesn’t walk. If they can offer him overall control of the aquistions panel, not some bit part as he has been accustomed to this season, a lot of money and a real push in what seems like a slightly easier prospect in the championship, then I think he will stay.

    Anyway, it will be a long summer, only slightly broken up by that competition thingy that is taking place in S Africa. I hope that they kiss and make up and get down to business as soon as possible. I will stand for nothing other than promotion next season.

    U reeeds!

  10. NFFC – First of all fantastic blog, long may it continue!

    Continuing your metaphor though, you might well pick up a newspaper to check the jobs section but you don’t then go into work and talk about it loud enough for your bosses, colleagues and subordinates to hear do you? Why? Because it causes unrest and makes people distrust you!

    Whilst BD didn’t get the financial backing we’d all have liked in January can you really blame Doughty? If it were me I wouldn’t be prepared to take the massive risk of spending over and above the clubs financial means to bring in players for a manager who has constantly caused unrest and said he can’t even commit his short term future to the club.

    I think BD has been fantastic for us but lets not forget he was backed significantly last summer and i’m sure he will be again this summer IF he doesn’t get a better offer AND he pipes down a little bit and commits to us for at least another season!

  11. Firstly, NFFC great blog as you know, cos everyone tell’s you so.
    Secondly, Billy has done a great job, fact.
    But………….I have never taken to him or his constant pr machine. He think’s he’s better than he is, that’s for sure. The panel was in place before he came so he must accept it. It has been very good to him and he has wasted some of the money so far anyway (lynch dele, mcgoldrick, boyd).
    All we wanted Billy to say was he is committed to Forest, nothing more nothing less. But no he pauses, he says he has to have conversations, he rules nothing out. If he does not want to be here then I would like to see him go TODAY. However he is not going to walk away from 2 years salary until he gets another job. As you say you look at the job adverts in the post but you dont knock on your gaffers door and read through them at his desk, do you ? he does not need to tell the world he would consider other jobs, in fact he does not need to speak to STV at the local clubhouse. Be 100% aware Billy does not give a shit about Forest, Billy cares about Billy first second and third.

  12. Got to agree with Redash, if he goes, go sooner rather than later, get someone else in to do a decent pre-season.
    Of course, Mr Clough used to use these kind of tactics to renogotiate his contract: “Well, I think I may have to do that Wales job part-time…how much more?…oh, okay, I’ll forget the Wales job then.”
    Billy ISN’T doing himself ay favours by spraffing off in Scotland though, does he think we can’t hear him?

  13. Some of you are mad as toast. Billy go sooner rather than later? Jesus wept! He’s the best manager we’ve had since Cloughie!!! I’d be fighting tooth and nail to keep him. I can’t even entertain those thoughts, and everything negative he’s said this season has one thing in common – it was right.

    Billy’s the man, simple as.

  14. I agree with Dan – Billy Davies has been a revelation for Forest. We must keep him. Just look at some of the previous disasters Kinnear Megson Platt even Calderwood in the end ( despite being a decent guy).
    Billy Davies has been proved right, we needed to strengthen in January, just look what happened when we didnt. We had no left back, we had to play our captain in the 2 most important games when he was clearly not totally fit. Also in the 2 most important games our young starts were physically shot to pieces (Chris Cohen being a prime example) we didnt have enough fresh legs.
    Billy was proved right. I hope he stays and is backed next season and as per theseason after the Yeovil disaster we get promoted automatically
    CMU Reds

  15. Of course the whinging is annoying, but I don’t think billy is as easy to replace as you think. There are lots of mediocre managers (calderwood, megso, kinear, platt to name but 4) and VERY FEW good ones. Billy isn’t perfect, but he is outstanding at this level. We gotta keep him- and he has to conclude this game of ‘chicken’ with the board asap to avoid scaring off
    good prospects. We has the youngest smallest squad in the division, so we really need to build. Come on billy/mark/nigel…. Get it together!

  16. I’m sorry guys, but If I publicly announced that I may be interested in moving on from my current employer, I’d most likely be the focus of questionable loyalty.

    Billy is very good, but it’s also his Achilles hell isn’t it ? I have no problem with him wanting to look at new jobs etc, for surely he suffers from foot and mouth a little?

    No football fan wants to know that your manager, who has done a superb job this season..may leave because, quite frankly he thinks he’s bigger than the club?

    Reality check time. Nigel Doughty pays his wages to serve Nottingham Forest. He should be 100% committed, if he isn’t then that reflects on Billy, Not Nottingham Forest

  17. The panel was set up because of Platt !.
    Billy IS the first good manager we have had since Cloughie,and like Cloughie, doesn´t want any interference from the board.
    Billy and his team can spot targets,go to Nigel for permission to bid,and take it from there !!!! SIMPLE !!!!

  18. yer, like adebola, lynch and mcgoldrick!!! we may as well have bought another three italian oap’s!!!
    Pleat recomended Raddy btw. No Pleat = No Raddy

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