Ah yes, I remember play-off semi-final second legs..

Billy's boys weren't up to it today, but I hope the wee man sticks around!

Nottingham Forest – 3
Blackpool – 4

This is becoming a bit of a habit isn’t it?  The first thing we must do is offer hearty congratulations to our opponents.  Of course, there were referee decisions to howl at in both fixtures, but it would be a hard-nosed Forest-blinkered individual to say that Blackpool weren’t worthy winners of the semi-final.  I truly and deeply wish them well in the final – well played Tangerines.

An early lead was just what Forest needed on the night, and achieved – but Ian Holloway’s men stood by their manager’s words and stayed positive and attacked throughout and ultimately triumphed thanks – in no small part – to a deadly appearance from soon-to-be-jailbird DJ Campbell, who put in an Arron Davies-like performance with a hattrick to give Blackpool a win on the night.

That’s four times they’ve beaten us over 90 minutes this season, and really, whilst the disappointment bites – it’s hard to begrudge them anything.  The better team won, and I’m prepared to say it and wish them well at Wembley (made spectacularly easy given the distastefulness of their potential opponents admittedly!).

Billy went predictable, and that’s not a criticism – it might well have been the best side available to him given the task at hand to get a two goal advantage.  As it turns out, is wasn’t enough.

Gunter    Morgan    Wilson    Perch
Cohen    McKenna    Majewski   Tyson
Blackstock    Earnshaw

It was a decent atmosphere from the sell-out crowd, and early doors Raddy had an effort which was over – it was end-to-end though, with former Reds loanee Ormerod striking a volley well – but finishing just over the bar.  Then it all seemed to be going according to plan, as the Reds managed to take an early lead with a well-worked and taken ball.

Dex as involved in the build-up leading to Raddy Majewski crosing to Earnie who made no mistake at all from the finish to level the tie – before haring to the Brian Clough Stand to unleash his customary celebration.  This really woke up the fans who were in decent voice, and not long after he maybe ruing not making it two as he beat the offside trap but couldn’t unleash a clean shot – having to settle for a corner.

But Blackpool threatened still.  An Ormerod cross needed to be put out for a corner by Perch, and Adam was allowed to hit an effort from range which Camp needed to look alert to tip over.  Cohen tried from range but didn’t get a good contact and Gilks was – despite the initial dive – able to see the ball wide for a goal kick.

Some nice play between Cohen and Dex culminated in the latter having an effort on goal – but it was weak and didn’t realy challenge the keeper.  Then was perhaps the moment we did have a gripe with the officials as Dex broke through only to be pulled up for an offside flag which I understand TV replays suggest was as dubious as it looked from my seat.

So at half time we were reasonably content to have levelled the tie – of course the away side offered considerable threat but we’d offered a reasonable account of ourselves too.  Blissfully unaware (but perhaps mindful of past play-off disasters) we awaited the second half with some degree of excitement and optimism.  Oh how premature that was to prove to be!

Moments in to the second half it seemed we’d got the perfect start – Earnie broke through and put the ball in the net.  Fortunately for me I’d spotted the late flag, unfortunately many fans hadn’t – it looked dodgy to me, but then I’m biased – I’m not sure what the replays showed.  It was certainly a pivotal point in the match, though.

The breakthrough for Blackpool came just shy of the hour mark, Keith Southern had found Campbell with a decent pass and uncharacteristically Camp came haring off his line for no real reason, giving the striker the opportunity to score a fairly soft goal – albeit a well-taken one (well-taken is the watchword for Blackpool!).

No sooner had the away fans had their resurgence of atmosphere control we were back in it though, a Gunter cross was met by Blackstock and ultimately ended up at the feet of Earnie who crashed it into the top of the net from short-range to once again level the game on aggregate and ignite the home fans into song.

Alas, it wasn’t to last – and I’m sure you know how the story ends – a shot from Dobbie deflected horribly and found the net to restore their lead without giving Camp the vaguest of opportunities to save – whilst a the other end a quick break culminating in chances for Blackstock and Earnshaw were met with an excellent double save by Gilks.  Whilst I like to try to be positive, it was starting to feel like the writing was on the wall.

It really felt like that when Dobbie again proved tormenter – picking up the ball after it was lost by Perch to find our other tormenter Campbell, who again finished with aplomb from 12 yards to give the visitors a bit of daylight in the tie for the first time.  The pair combined again when Dobbie shot, Camp parried and Campbell finished a pretty much open goal from six yards.

The consolation goal perhaps summed things up for us – late substitute Dele Adebola of all people burst through and almost cocked up the opportunity to score before the ball rebounded kindly for him infront of an empty goal.  Stoppage time was already in effect and it wasn’t a particularly well celebrated goal – to say the least!

All in all, a very disappointing evening’s work for the boys in Red – but I return to my starting theme, congratulations to Blackpool who showed some real nerve and battling attacking spirit.  I truly hope they triumph at Wembley and don’t really much begrudge them their trip to the capital as we didn’t really do enough to earn it, it has to be said.

As for Forest – it’s easy to get swallowed in disappointment, but I never really expected a play-off finish this season.  To have finish third compared to nineteenth last season is a fantastic achievement and whilst the end is sour, it’s been a tremendous season and one the players, staff and fans should be proud of.  I’m still proud to be a Red and I’m sure those of you reading are too.

Have a good summer all (I’m sure I’ll have a few things to post during the summer months), and on 22nd May let’s all cheer on Blackpool in their ongoing play-off adventure against either Cardiff or Leicester.

And remember, it could be worse, we could have an unelected Tory Prime Minister… oh….. what a shit night!

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  1. We’ve been Tango’d!!

  2. Best side won tonight it must be said. But there must be sumthin at the heart of it. In 3 play off semi second legs we’ve conceded 13 goals. That cant be coincidence can it. Never mind, lets see who stays and who goes over the summer… You reds!

  3. Aye I share your sentiments fella well done Blackpool they deserved the win.As ive said on the blog many times this season we lack bottle big time and it showed again.

    Until we get experienced players and show real grit that wont change,i hope Billy stays on hes a cracking manager and is given the funds to now build on our good season.

    But I ask ? how many times do Forest have to be humilated in play offs or one off games only Nigel Doughty can answer that.????

    U reds

  4. Hard luck mate – these are cruel games and have been there with Swansea. I hate the playoffs!
    I’m with you in supporting Blackpool against 1 of 2 teams I loathe. Both sets if fans will not fancy their chances against the tangerines!
    Good luck and keep up the good posts!

  5. We’re Nottingham Forest and we’re Loud and Proud, Loud & Proud, Loud and Proud!!

  6. As gutted as I am – well done to blackpool a side that basically have forest in they’re pockets no blme on any individual from me just think we maybe shoud’nt have rested key players when play off were assured but I’m no king billy – who if reading into his radio interview won’t be here next season – as a finale thankyou forest for an absolute cracker of a season you’ve done us proud all season

    • Are you sure Seanyboy? What did Billy say implying he was going to leave? He is still on contract isnt he?

  7. It was clear from the TV broadcast that Dexter was by no means offside – and also that Earnie was in the beginning of the second half.

    Congratulations to Blackpool, they impressed me, although it would have taken a lot to come back from a 2-0 half time deficit if Dex had been allowed to go on and score.

    Hold your heads high Forest fans, it was a season that had a little bit of the old days. Let’s all push for automatic in the next one! Thanks Billy and the boys for taking us back among the Championship elite!

  8. As a Toon fan I can honestly say i feel sorry for you lot. You have had a monster season, and at times, the best team in the Championship. Would have rathered you lot come up than Brom, who will probably be back down next year.

    You lot seem to have handled it well anyway, goodluck for next year.

  9. We still had a good season and hope we can go one better next season.
    I felt sorry for Earnie who gave 100 per cent up to the final whistle.
    Let´s all hope that Blackpool win the final so we don´t have to face them again next season !!
    I expect they will be favourites to go down again as hopefully we go up !!!.
    I´m coming to sunny Nottingham in June leaving behind my Carribean sunshine !!.
    Best Wishes to you all and hope you have a good summer !!

    • You know what I’m getting pretty sick of this “yeah, but we had a good season”. Yes the regular season was good, finishing third is no mean feat but finishing third counts for fuck all if you don’t get promoted. What about Leics they are still in with a shout and they came up this season and as for Blackpool they only finished 3 points above us last season and were tipped to go down this. If we’ve had a good season then theirs is even better. With that in mind we might as well of swapped places with Swansea and do with out the disappointment. 7th would of been a good season wouldn’t it? I’m sorry but because of what we achieved this season we put ourselves in the box seat for the premier league and to blow it almost as spectacularly as the Yeovil game just stinks. To me thats a disaster.

      Getting promoted is all that matters and when you get yourself in that position I just can’t sit back and be happy about the season when we’ve lost to a team that beat us 4 times on the bounce with a squad that cost a fraction of ours. Its that apathy and a ‘pleased with what they’ve done so far attitude’ that probably stopped half the upper bridgeford from singing. Its amazing our biggest game in 8 years and trying to get them lot to sing was impossible. (I don’t believe for one minute that if we’d of sung all game we’d of won but I just expected better from the fans around me given the gravitas of the occasion).

      I desperately wanted to go up but I knew deep down that we’d get Blackpool and we wouldn’t get to Wembley. I’ve said it on this forum several times. But it still didn’t stop me from having blind stupid hope and optimism… Hey that’s the life of a football supporter I suppose. Now I guess I’ll stagger on from this disappointment on to another this summer when I watch England screw up all the good work they did in qualifying only to lose on penalties to Spain in the quarters. Happy summer.

  10. yes good luck to blackpool, but luck in both games was on their side for sure. Both refs were poor to say the least. I think it will be harder next year and this year was our chance. I hope i’m wrong. Well played to most of the forest team tonight, good efforts from earnie, raddy and wes. Anybody noticed that we could do with a left back ? 😉

  11. I am well impressed by Forest this season, hopefully the squad can stay together. I hope Billy sticks around as well. I was concerned when the question was poised weather he was considering being at Forest next year there was a very long pause. ( maybe im reading into it listen on the BBC site)

    But I was expecting a top 10 finish this year but finals were a dream. So I think we punched well above our weight,. I believe that they will be much better next year and move on and move up.

    Thanks for the match report every week they are great and suprisingly impartial.

    Look forward to next year

  12. One left back away from the premiership?

    Can’t help thinking that. Gunt is a brilliant asset marauding down the right. Fishy boy tries hard but doesn’t cut the mustard in defence and cost us the penalty in the sandpit, and 2 goals tonight.

    So, billy will need some cmitment from the board to stay on: a left back, a let winger, and a 15-20 goal striker and we’re not far off. Different prospect next year though with Leeds and a regrouped boro. Come on billy, don’t desert us now!!!!!

  13. That late flag from the linesman……..totally unacceptable. Impossible to spot that Eanie was off without slo-mo, the lino didnt know. Goal should have stood. It huuurts tonight.

  14. Just got back home from game… have to also offer my congrats to Blackpool who were the better side over the two games.

    Was it just me or did anyone notice the incredibly negative demeanour of the players (exc. camp) when they came out for the second half? Whereas the Pool players came racing out of the tunnel, the Forest players just kind of slowly ambled their way on to the pitch with their head half down… seemed very starange to me! Maybe I’m just clutching at straws but when I saw that I just thought here we go again!

    Anyway… as you say; a great seaon overall that surpassed even the most optimistic Forest fan’s expectations. Roll on next season and let’s hope Billy’s at the heml come August.

    Youuuuuuuuuuuu Reds!

  15. Terrible result, Davies off, Cameron in. Time for a very, very large whisky.

  16. Just got back home after stopping off at McD’s to celebrate a great season.

    Let’s be honest, Blackpool were sharper and somehow more ‘experienced’ in both games so many congratulations to mad ‘Olly.

    But, I remember saying at the beginning of the season “if we could finish in the top 10, maybe sneak into the Play-Offs, but lose, it will be a great season” – and so it has been. So we must congratulate everyone connected with the club on achieving 3rd place and raising expectations all round.

    Some strong additions in the summer and next season will be even more exciting with a real prospect of promotion and then a real crack at becoming a Premier league team.

    Also, nffc – many congratulations on such a fantastic commentary on the season and the best Forest blog and/or website there is.

    Onwards and Upwards – U Reds!!

  17. Come on you Forest men!

  18. Can’t complain about the results. We were beaten fair and square by a forward thinking and brave team.
    My god what a player Charlie Adam is! He was awesome last night. The most complete midfield performance we have seen at the CG for a long time.
    I’ll be an honorary Tangerine on the 22nd.

    As for BDs interview, well, I don’t think he handled it at all well. He was asked if he would be Forest manager next season. A direct question. His response was to pause (for some time) then said “I’ve thinking to do” and was VERY non-commital.
    Billy, don’t hold a gun to your bosses head mate, he wont stand it.
    You have a cracking young squad which will only get better, great support and a very tolerant boss. Don’t let your ego spoil it, chap.

  19. Thanks for all the kind comments, it’s always good to hear from you all through times good and bad.

    I don’t imagine I’ll resist a few more posts between now and next season…


  20. I have just listened on the BBC website to Billy’s Radio Nottingham interview and I agree 100% with his assessment of the game and the season!

    Last night the team showed themselves to be full of youth and inexperience, much like they did a few seasons ago against Yeovil. Paul Mckenna was not fit, so Blackpool were able to put two men on Raddy, Perch was woeful at left-back (out of position) and Tyson just isn’t up to this level of football. Well done the Blackpool coaching staff for their tactics over the two legs.

    I am hopeful that duing the close season ‘Team Billy’ can assess what is needed and get the finances to plug the obvious holes that Forest have in their squad (left-back, centre-back, midfield and left wing). I am very proud of their achievements this season after managing to avoid getting relegated and then finishing 3rd in a very difficult league! Well done lads! Next season, with a bit more luck and some added experience we could improve on 3rd position.

    U REDS!!!!

  21. Emotions probably running high mattyboy I cant blame billy really.Lots of our players bottled it last night yea Blackpool played well and had a large slice of luck.Goals chopped off and 2 massive offside decisions didnt help us.

    But perch was awful over both legs they exploited him ,our midfield was given a football lesson and adam is a cracking player your right.

    Tyson and raddy froze and dex didnt really have an impact so now wonder Blackpool shone.I think billy felt let down by certain players i must admit so did I.

    U reds

    • I have a few alternative views
      Yes the best team won over the two legs
      The Forest method of play and the reaction after our first goal was the same over two matches -did we not learn from the first and league matches
      Midfield was woeful, Mckenna not fit and for once Cohen did not turn up leaving Raddy and Tyson too much to do
      Tyson was too busy covering Perch and Mc did not create a thing
      Why after the ist leg Perch and Mckenna played i will never know. I think Chambers and Moussi (if fit and i believe he was) would have been a better bet
      The number of passes that went astray and the balloning of the ball in the air to Short arse Earnie and the clumsy Blackstock beggers belief
      Views of the Management team:
      My dislike of Mark Arthur is well known however did the lack of ambition in the transfer market cost us in Jan when we were pushing for auto promotion. WBA and Newcastle speculated and it paid off
      The chairman, apart from last night has been nowhere to be seen for months, he cannot leave it to MA and Pleat, i think he took he eye off the ball
      Billy is a good manager but is stubbon and it grates that he is always moaning
      I think he picks the team in a strange way, take the case of Boyd and Chambers
      The rumour is that Pleat brought Boyd to the club thats why he never gets a game, he must be better than Tys, he can score goals and alledgely cost 1/2 mil to sit on the bench. Forgive me if i am wrong but didn’t Chambo have a good run and we were winning, bring back Perch who Billy seems to slot in where ever and the defense looks more suspect.
      On a bright note we would have taken this at the start of the season and i have thoroughly enjoyed the ride, Billy to me is still baffling but if we can strengthen the squad the board/owner becomes more positive and they get rid of the stupid Transfer panel things could get better. We have just lost the potential of £90mil, still got the Chief Exec and a new Tory Govenment.
      Come on you reds

  22. Thanks to Billy and the team for a great effort this season, and despite feeling a bit low today, i’ve really enjoyed this season.

    Thanks also for a great blog through the season NFFC, and I look forward to you telling us all about a the great signings we make over the summer.

  23. Gutted. We were poor last night yet still managed to score three times. They played on Perch from the start and it paid off. Billy made some mistakes too, most notably withdrawing McKenna 20 minutes too late. Both he and Tys shouldn’t really have reappeared after the break but I guess with extra time a possibility, you can see the reasoning. But ultimately, I think it cost us the game. We really lost this tie at half time at Blackpool. Gawd knows what they put in their tea up there but it bloody works!

    Onwards and Upwards and the search for a Left Back continues…

  24. Too many players didn’t turn up last night unfotunately, with the exception of Kelvin, Wes and Earnie in this viewers opinion. One tackle Kelvin pulled off towards the end, admittedly with the game already lost, was truly outstanding. To continue to play Tyson was puzzling to me, he has not offered much all season in my opinion and with able replacements in Boyd and Anderson, I am suprised he was given a start last night.
    Perchy clearly struggled but some of the stick he was getting from my position in the Trent End Upper, not renowned for its patience or knowledge I know, was, quite frankly, disgusting. To argue that Chambers would have done any better is debateable, as a full back, he has far too often been torn apart by an able winger, even in League one.
    As for the fans, as I say, I sit in the upper trent end, and there seemed to be, as there often is, a desire for us to fail, which I often pick up on there, which justifies them shouting and leaving early in disgust.

  25. well done to Forest players and Billy Davies for a great season. Blackpool did to us what Yeovil did, they deserved to win and probably saved their best performance for last night, and quite probably never reproduce such levels again( as per Yeovil). Combined with this Forest didn’t play well, although I thought Earnshaw Wilson and Morgan were excellent.
    After play off defeat to Yeovil I thought we would struggle the following season but history shows we got promoted. We can do it next year guys, keep the faith,its amazing what another 24 hours can do to regain the belief.
    Please stay off Perch’s case it is no time for scapegoats-like all the team he was desperate for success. Again remember Wes’s mistake against Yeovil and look at him now!! srtonger and better and a key player for Forest.
    Failure is not getting knocked down it is failing to get back up again and fight.
    keep the faith and belive, U mighty Reds

  26. Like Bedford Red I also noticed the poor body language of the team as they seemed to reluctantly trot out for the second half with many heads down. I think may of us got a feeling of Deja Vu in the second half. It really was just like Yeovil all over again.

    We got bossed about in midfield and Blackpool looked physically stronger than us and much more comfortable in posession. I wonder if Billy would have played the Mousse if he had been fit?

    Clearly Davies is still niggled by the failure to get the players that he targeted in January but surely the biggest mistake was going into the season without signing a left back?

    Good luck to Blackpool, I expect those of us that watch the final will enjoy it much more than our semi!

  27. Davies got the team selection wrong last night…Cohen should’ve played LB last night, he’d have done better and given they had so much down that left side its no wonder they created chances. Cohen at LB and then Tyson left wing with Anderson on the right. Tyson struggled last night in my opinion, he’s very fast but there doesn’t seem to be an end product and often when he gets in the final third you can see he doesn’t always know what to do, he stalls and then just blasts a shot against the defender.

    I’m glad that out of all the teams that could’ve knocked us out of the play-offs its taken a team who only made a single signing that cost them 500k and consists mainly of low profile low earning players. This way there can be no excuse. Billy Davies can’t say we’ve been beaten just purely because the team we faced strengthened in January to the tune that WBA and Newcastle did!! Nor can he say that they’ve spent over and above what we have.

    Thats the shame about Davies as a manager, he doesn’t ever take any of the responsibility. How about saying that he wishes he’d pushed harder for a left back last summer? How about saying that instead of going in for Moses we should’ve used the money for him to strengthen a bid for Pratley and a left-back other than Shorey – who up until deadline day was going to wait just in case a prem club could have him?!

    You get the feeling that all this posturing over his position is down to the aquisitions panel and/or what funds are available. To me this says its either that a. he’s just unrealistic given the current financial climate of football, or b. he’s be mis-lead over what funds are available! Comments like “i keep getting told there’s no budget here at Nottm Forest” still ring in the ear!!

    I don’t think Davies will go because we’re as good for him as what he is for us right now. There aren’t many other attractive options. Just hope that we can sign the likes of Pratley, a decent left back, and maybe 3 others with two going out (adebola for one), and then have a good go at automatic next season.

  28. Agree about Cohen at Left Back, i forgot about that permutation

  29. Telly viewer here.

    We were robbed in my opinion.

    Earnshaw was level (his feet) for the second goal.

    That was the turning point and for some reason we lost our confidence after that. When we scored that goal I thought we could have brought Mcgugan on and dominated from the middle.

    Too many people over-rating the opposition.

    Sky coverage was crap with Goodman sounding like a complete biased arsehole. Pls stay away from the CG.

    We have badly missed Shorey, but roll on next season we’re nowhere near ready.

  30. Interesting comments from Craig NFFC. Without knowing all the facts I think its difficult to know EXACTLY what is going on behind the scenes. Still Craig is welcome to his opinion.

    Lets face it, we all would have taken the season we had without a ball being kicked last August. Of course we were so close to Wembley (and maybe the Premiership) is whats making it tough to take right now.

    Billy said earlier in the season, this club is not ready for the Premiership and he’s right. We aren’t ready – YET.

    So congratulations to Billy and the whole team for a fabulous season. Made football enjoyable again for me and I’m hoping we can continue to build this brilliant young team, with Billy at the helm, to challenge again next season.

    U REDS

  31. Like many on here NFFC thanks for the blog I love it! Midfield went missing, the skip wasn’t fit for one match let alone 2 in 4 days. Only Wes, Kelvin and Earnie can hold their heads from last nights match.

    For me the tuning point was Earnies offside goal…..I just knew that was it wasn’t going to be our night. Holloway got his team to attack our weak spot left back. Apart from the Shorey tenure we have had NO LEFT BACK all season!!!!!! Daft or Tragic or both?

    Thanks again NFFC for all the quality and fun to everyone enjoy the summer(how can we were English?). Are you going to post during the world cup?

    If WMD leaves I wish him well but wouldn’t that prove what PNE & the woolly back have said all along?

  32. Disappointing night, I left early, which is unusual for me but I couldn’t take any more at 4-2. Still, we’ve compounded expectations and I’ve seen some great football at The City this year, remember the Leicester game..?
    We can only go forwards now.

    Thanks for the usual excellent coverage nffc. Shall we reconvene in August then? Have a good summer.

  33. Its good to see we reds fans can give credit when its due.Twice Blackpool fell behind in the games but they came on stronger,especially at our place with our great support-they seemed to be the home team! It has been a great season after last but if only for displays of passing like WBA away and several other games not to have vanished as last night.However we have another season to be made ready for the Prem and we all know ,you have to be ready.

  34. Thanks for a great season lads,i get a nasty feeling king Billy will not be in charge come August i hope i am wrong,i really do……………………..

  35. I have never taken to davies to be honest. Yes he has done really well this season but he is a pain in the arse as well.
    Billy made mistakes last night but as always he is never big enough to admit them. It would have been really nice last night for him to turn around and say that he is well up for next year and will do all he can to get forest back in the prem. is that too much to ask ? how do the players feel knowing he is not showing any commitment for next year ? Instead we get the pause and then all the bullshit. Celtic dont want him, Rangers dont want him. He really does believe he is better that what he is. He has been supported well since coming to Forest, we spent a lot of money in the summer. Davies knew the score before he came, nothing has changed since he signed up, So stop bitching and moaning and get on with your job or f*%k off. he has a big problem with always “pissing on his own chips” and sooner or later he will become unemployable. he does not care in any way for forest fans, its all about billy with no loyalty. If he stays and a job comes up in sept or nov or feb he will put himself forward / not rule himself out. So for me just get on with and be happy or f*%k off.

  36. Firstly, thank you for this wonderful site, you’ve truly kept it honest and fair throughout the season. Unfortunatly I don’t get to go to many games, but I was there Tuesday night and aghast at the performance. From the first minute they wanted it more than us. First to every 50-50 ball and showed more desire and control. We punted it forward instead of the usual passing game. However we did have the better chances and how many times has that happened this year that we just don’t take them! Earnie played his socks off, Camp I’m afraid was guilty of their first and when the deflected goal came off, the writing was on the wall, again another og in the play offs.

    I think they’ve had an exception season, one that I am proud of, and yes I’m gutted, but this team is young and if we keep everyone and build (please buy wisely, left back, strong tackling midfielder and a proven goal scorer). I’m wondering as most have suggested why Cohen didn’t play left back, and Anderson, who scared them to high heaven in the first leg didn’t play.

    Anyhow enough of all this negative talk, let’s be honest who in their right mind thought we’d be here this year? I’m more worried how we’ll be next season and who would we keep? I’m not a massive Billy fan, but he’s right we’re not ready to go up.

    To the board, please note the good use of the loan system Blackpool have used!

    To all the fellow tricky trees, enjoy the world cup, we’ll be back next season and can we be push for that title??

    You reds!!!

  37. It sounds contradictory – but to me we were desperately unlucky but they deserved it. Their passing and movement was better and they got control of midfield for the last 3 halves of the tie.

    On Davies, I think hes done an amazing job but he was out-managed tonight. It was clear by half-time that something needed to change – they had control of midfield, same as they did in 2nd half away, and were finding far too much space in front of our back 4. It was too much to expect McKenna to play 2 high-intensity games in 4 days after months out. I can only presume Moussi was injured (though Davies seems to have little faith in him) as we could have really used his atheleticism and power in midfield. Even still, he could have switched cohen (or even perch) into the middle as defensive anchor and brought on one of the wingers. The manager has to be bold in these games, seize initiative or change if you see the tide running against you. Holloway made changes, Davies was too slow.

    Anyways, it was a great season. If we can hold squad together and get some additions (a LB, an alternative to McKenna in the middle, trade-in a couple of surplus strikers like Garner/Adebola for a real front-line striker,) we should do well next season. I don’t think Hull, Burnley or Portsmouth are going to offer the quality that newcastle & wba did.

  38. it could have been worse- we could have gone out like leicester did…..

  39. Just a reminder before I say have a nice summer to you all and thanks to nffc for another cracking blog season.

    Remember what happened AFTER the Yeovil disaster?

    If my memory is good, Forest regrouped and earned automatic promotion in the first time of asking. And with a manager far less competent than Billy, playing far less attractive football than we’ve seen this season. Am I right?

    So please my friends, quit this moaning and take this as a good omen. This team has over-achieved this season and we all know it. Next season, without big-time favourites like Newcastle and West Brom, the road is wide open.

    One last thing to the board and Billy: Whatever your disagreements are, get them sorted NOW. You owe it to the fans that have been behind you all season. If the Pleat and Boyd rumour cited by beeston red is true, this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for a professional club with such history.

    So a nice summer to you all, I wish England to reach the World Cup final – where they will be beaten by Greece, of course! lol

  40. http://majewski.stawiam.com/wpis/107,wpis.html

    There’s Billy not ruling himself out of any job going then there’s Raddy. I only care for people who want to be a Forest and it looks like Raddy does.

  41. This hilarious Leicester City FC video will cheer everyone up!!!


    • HILARIOUS!!!!!! I feel a bit for the guy but then, guess they also made fun of Pearcey back then…

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