Semi-final referees and has Raddy signed?

I should probably start with the reason I bet you clicked the news feed… one source is reporting the deal to sign up Radoslaw Majewski has finally been tied up.  If it were true, I’d be amazed if Forest weren’t champing at the bit to announce it, but well, hopefully it is true – because it’s been apparently hanging in the balance for too long and I desperately want him to sign!  Fingers crossed the chaps at Vital Forest are right on this one!

UPDATE… Raddy’s blog suggests he’s signed a three year contract!!

There has also been confirmation of the referees who will be taking control of our forthcoming play-off semi-finals against Blackpool.  Up at Blackpool will be officiated by Phil Dowd, whilst at the City Ground we can ‘look forward’ to the attentions of Mark Clattenburg – who for most of us probably sticks in the memory for his last play-off appearance at Trentside, when he sent off Michael Dawson (and of course that he sounds like a rather nice kind of cake).

I don’t normally bother researching referees, but given the magnitude of the occasion (and some of the shit refereeing we’ve witnessed of late!) I think it might be worth a look…

"Look at me! I'm Phil Dowd!"

Phil Dowd (from Staffordshire) has taken charge 37 games this season, dishing out 124 yellow cards, and 5 red cards.  He’s been mostly in the top flight this season, only dipping in to the Championship for Newcastle vs Sheffield Wednesday, and Cardiff against Swansea.  He of course didn’t cover himself in glory in the League Cup final in February either, opting to not send off Vidic after blatantly hauling down Agbonlahor early in the game when clear through on goal, handing Manchester United a massive lifeline in the game.

"Are you looking at me? I hope so!"

Mark Clattenberg (from Tyne and Wear) has taken charge of 40 games this season, issuing 101 bookings and 5 red cards – so a little less card happy than Mr Dowd.  Whilst again he’s largely operated in the top flight, we have experienced his attentions this season at home against Coventry.  An excerpt from my match report reads: ‘…as Clattenburg and his assistants provided another hapless performance in officiating.’  I still haven’t forgiven him for sending Daws off either.

In all honesty though, despite attempting a modicum of balance and unbiasedness, the nature of the football fan is one of perhaps a slightly blinkered creature!  I rarely have many good things to say about referees (I try not to labour it), and whilst of course they can have a bearing on a game ultimately we shouldn’t be worrying too much about them and just attempting to play our game.

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  1. i love raddy !!! i really want to see him take the prem next year.

  2. i should have wrote “take the piss in the prem next year”…… I’m too excited!!!

  3. who thinks mckenna will be on the bench on saturday ? i do. raddy’s blog seems to suggest he will not be playing. could be cohen and the moose in the middle. may even see garner on a wing or tys and boyd. but i think mckenna will be on the bench.

  4. I have had the news about Raddy confirmed to me by Moussi, Bennett and Ross Gardner.

    FAB NEWS!!

  5. Insider

    who the flock is Ross Gardner?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Crikey, now its on the OS, it must be true!

  7. Sign him on, sign him on,sign him on

    Whoops we have!

    Happy days only gordon’ the manse’ to kick out tomorrow and a minimium of a draw on saturday to make my week. I say this as a labour voter all my life, but the man wasn’t elected party leader or PM and will refuse to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough!

    Taxi 4 mr gray sorry brown?

  8. Great news about Raddi. Two worse referees couldn’t have been possible. Dowd was responsible for the nine men at Coventry when Harty’s boys secured a brilliant 0-0 in 2001 and has been horrific every time he has reffed Forest. And Clattenburg ultimately destroyed our play-off hopes that same season by sending off Dawson.

  9. What a bittersweet day…

    Raddy signing is best news possible . Was really starting to fear the worst. Disappointed to hear he may not start in first game, although BD alluded to that before, but I thought he was playing games as Majewski hadn’t signed. Not too worried as we do need power and stamina in the midfield away at Blackpool but god damn he better start the home game.

    Clattenburg is a publicity seeking dickhead. Another Jeff Winter unfortunately. Worries me a great deal especially, call me cynical, if the FA decide that the romance of Blackpool being in the PL is good news.

    For the first time ever I am thinking this is the wrong year to go up, the PL looks strong for next year, while the Championship could be the easiest in a long time.

    Nonehteless promotion would be amazing, and regardless of when/if we go up a huge amount of investment would be needed anyway.

  10. Actually meant to say Rob Styles instead of Winter, but heh they’re both fools…

  11. Signing Raddy up is fantastic news, he will provide that extra quality to get us through to Wembley and the Premiership!

  12. four hours of trying and ticket is now confirmed, cannot wait.

  13. I beat you redash, I got mine in 3 and a half!

  14. I finally got mine at 145 AM!!!!!

  15. Are Forest putting a big screen up at the City Ground on saturday,or is the match on T.V.?
    I´ll expect Garner up front at Blackpool,and our normal attack on tuesday.
    Should be a great atmosphere !!!!

  16. It’s on Sky Sports 1. The Lady Bay it will have to be, then.

  17. Raddy signed, best news I’ve heard all day. Much better than this politics thing that seems to have gripped the country, well the media at least, I’m not quite so enthusiastic. For me Raddy was buy of the summer when he let loose with the pile-driver against the sheep. And the goal against West Brom, something else altogether. Not just one for the future at his age but realising his potential now, he can pass and shoot and run and create from nothing which is what you want from an attacking midfielder. I would like him to score more, have a Lampard or Gerrard influence though he has done brilliantly and am happy that now he knows what his future is, he can now concentrate on replicating those amazing goal feats against Blackpool this saturday. As for the refs, nice stats, NFFC. I always like to listen to your take on things. Let’s hope they have as much influence on the game today as the next Prime Minister has on the state of the nation (which will most likely be bugger all)!

  18. I don’t want to make myself unpopular, but Daws’ red card was harsh but probably fair. My problem with the ref in that match is that he should have sent off Dean Lardarse in the first half for a much worse tackle from behind on Jim Brennan.

    And to further ruin my reputation, I actually blame Harty – he chose to play Thommo up at Bramall Lane, rather than Big Jon Olav Hjelde.

    *runs for cover*

  19. Alex

    Thanks for putting me right about Ross Gardner I can remember his programme contributions but just couldn’t remember his name!

  20. Good grief, Mark Clattenburg. Oh well….

    Great news about Raddy, though I suspect BD would have rather he not announced it on his blog! More impact if Billy could’ve announced it just prior to the game. The game. The nerves are really kicking in now…

    On a side note, I attended the Lincoln City v Legends match last weekend in honour of Keith Alexander.
    A really good turn out. Many of the LCFC team are either still playing or only recently retired, whereas the Legends team looked, er, slightly older!
    So Des Walker, Stevie Hodge and Nigel Jemson lined up alongside Lee Sharpe, Dion Dublin, Les Ferdinand, Paul Merson, Paul Ince and…………………………….Nicky Eaden. Ha ha ha!!!

  21. Mattyboy

    3400 at the match which I think is higher than the average attendence? Do you live in Lincs?

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