Have you ever wanted to ask John Motson a question?

He’s the ‘Marmite’ of commentators, is Motty – indeed, in reading up a bit about him I discovered he was in the same year at school as Gary Newbon – who’s quite similar in that respect! (although I bet Motty wouldn’t mistake Nottingham for Birmingham if he were asked to compere the Clough Statue unveiling!).  Tell you what too, I bloody hate Marmite.

I’m quite a fan of Motty, though.  He’s been reporting on sport for the BBC since the late 1960s – and as such has been an ever-present soundtrack to my football supporting career – and, indeed, even on computer games!  It’s true that he’s become a little more erratic in his later years, but that kind of adds to the charm – doesn’t it?

As a man who has tolerated the never-ceasing irritation of having to listen to Mark Lawrenson speak, possibly more than anyone else on this Earth, I would imagine he must be quite high up on the list for getting a Sainthood too.  Either that or he’s perhaps deaf in one ear.

Why am I talking about John Motson, anyway?  Well – for those of you that didn’t immediately read the flyer above – an interesting opportunity to meet the man behind the Sheepskin is yours to grasp here in Nottingham.  Because in his last engagement before jetting off to South Africa for the World Cup, he’ll be doing ‘An Evening With…’ right here in The Approach.

If you’d like to quiz Motty about any number of his famous comments or gaffes, or just hear about his distinguished career then pencil 1st June 2010 into your diaries – and book your tickets just here.  If you don’t want to do the online booking then you can always pop into the venue to pick up some tickets.  Just £10 to get in, or £30 with a three course meal!

Click the flyer, or just here, for full details.

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  1. Agreed NFFC – he’s OK in my book especially when compared with the extreme “J. Arthurs” the BBC employ as their football pundtis & commentators.
    No. 1 on my hate list is Alan Green followed very closely by
    No. 2 Alan Hanson.
    Yes, NFFC agreed again, another huge irritant, tho’ further down my list is…Mark Lawrenson.

    Anyway, enough vitriol for this morning.

  2. You gotta YouTube his interview with Brian Clough. Feel sorry for him , he got the classic Cloughie treatment .
    He’s probably the best match commentator though and a shame he doesn’t do any CCC games , probably too busy calling ” FIFA” playstation matches in his sparetime .

  3. I once interviewed Motson and actually found him to be a rather unlikable man.

  4. The questions I would ask him are:

    Why did you allow your son to support the sheep?
    Can I have the signed lily cabbage shirt you got the other week for your son SO I CAN BURN THE PIECE OF CARP!!!!!

    Thank you

  5. Gary Newbon is a prize tool.

    I had a rather unfortunate encounter with him on that same day that he greeted a Nottingham crowd with the words “Hello Birmingham” – at the unveiling of the Brian Clough statue.

    After the unveiling, I went to the ‘after-do’ at the City Ground, where I found myself in the buffet queue next to Newbon.

    As we were waiting to fill our plates, Newbon was pontificating in a very self-important way to anyone within earshot about how football needs video technology to aid referees.. and having seen that I was listening, asked me for my opinion on the matter,

    I told him that I disagree… which I do… my reason being that I feel it would destroy a big part of the game’s beauty – namely, that football is essentially the same game whether it’s a Premier League game at Old Trafford, or a Sunday League down the local park.

    At the point, Newbon got really angry and started shouting at me and jabbing his finger in my direction… making himself look a prize bell-end in front of quite a few people. It would’ve been fair enough if I’d slagged off his mum or something – but jeez, all I’d done was answer his question!

    Who knows, maybe no-one had ever had the temerity to disagree with him before?

    Word of advice though, Gary – you really shouldn’t ask for people to give their opinions if you can’t handle what they might say.

  6. Doesn’t suprise me about Newbon- prize prick; although I’d take him above that muppet Alan Green who really sucks the life out of our beautiful game.

    As for Motty I never really rated him & when you throw into the mix the fact he’s a sheep shagger (not referring to his jacket by the way but his love of the sheep botherers down the A52…).

    What a season and methinks it’s only going to get better- You Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I first heard Motson around 1975, and as each year passes I find him increasingly irritating. Having been brought up on those magical Peter Jones radio commentaries, understated but full of description and atmosphere, I find Motty’s constant need to find a ‘story’ from each minor incident during a match tiresome and unnecessary.

    I hope that the World Cup can be his swansong, and that the age of the ‘personality’ commentator is over.

  8. I can just about remember Peter Jones & for anyone who hasn’t heard his commentaries I would suggest you try & grab a listen since he always created a sense of occasion.

  9. Like you NFFC, after x years watching MOTD, Motty’s voice will be synonymous with football. I heard he’s not that nice away from the mic too, Tom. That’s from a BBC insider.

    I do think that Lawro and Hansen get a really bad press. If any of the would-be pundits that write on sites like this, slagging of Mark and Alan, they would do a hell of a lot worse. At least those two understand the game and make a little bit more sense of it. Much better those two than that knob, Gareth Crooks, who really knows nothing, (again with some insider information from my BBC friend) or indeed the absolutely terrible ITV commentators who make my 6 year old look like a footballing encyclopeadia.

    Enough of the rant, just 3 more points at Scunny and we face another daunting trip to Blackpool. Let the games begin! U reeeds!

  10. Don’t like Motson, never have.
    Too fond of the sheepsh*ggers for my liking.

    But if you get the chance nffc, ask this question…
    “What has Beckham got on you?”
    His sycophantic sucking up to Brand Beckham is just cringeworthy, and garaunteed to make me switch channels.

  11. Monotone motty, what joy?

  12. I´d ask him what he thinks of the dreaded Pleats commentaries and comments. He must be the worst !!
    I do think we should have video technology now.
    Other sports use it with success and there is too much at stake now,maybe millions of pounds on one decision !! The referees are not paid enough for that responsibility .

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