Forest vs Plymouth photos..

Big thanks to regular commenter EgorTheRed, who took these photos and encouraged me to share them with you all, so here you go.  Mostly photos of the post-match shenanigans – I particularly like the one of Wes and mini-Wes!

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  1. Nicely done Egor.
    It was good to see the players taking their kids round the pitch, gives the Club a real “family feel”.

  2. What do people make of those red and black, and white and black tops some of the players put on for the walk-around?

    Is it possible that they could be the new home and away shirts for next season?

    Don’t really see the point of putting them on especially otherwise…..

  3. Thanks for the photos. I had to leave as soon as the final whistle sounded because I had to be somewhere so I missed the players’ parade. But the photos made up for it. Ta.

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