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In a transparent attempt to get away from the leaders’ ‘debate’ (for debate, read ‘childish bickering’), and a prompting from a comment on another piece – it’s about time we had a ponder about the player of the season award, isn’t it?  We’ve had a season which has certainly far exceeded my expectations, and that brings with it a certain dilemma.

You see, we have a fair few candidates this season for player of the year, don’t we?  I’m sure in my ponderings-without-preparation will result in me missing out some deserving candidates, which you are welcome to add in via comments.  The best way I can think about it is by going through who I consider the viable candidates.

Lee Camp – despite not being one of the fans that singled out Paul Smith, it’s undeniable that our defence has looked to be on a much surer footing with Camp behind them, and when they have faltered he’s invariably there as our final defence, and vice-Captain to boot.

Chris Gunter – I think I’m right in saying that until Blackpool away he was our only ever-present, he’s slotted in to his right back (and occasional left-back cameos) with a maturity that belies his years.  As well as his defensive duties he provides an outlet going forward.

Wes Morgan – every season he seems to get written off by sections of fans, but he’s been an absolute rock this season putting himself bodily on the line again and again to try to keep our miserly goals-conceded column where it is.  He scored an absolute pile-driver against Palace too!

Kelvin Wilson – I was convinced we needed a new centreback to partner Wes this season, and Kelv has shoved that view right down my proverbial.  He’s been a revelation this season along with Wes in the centre of defence, cutting out that ‘laziness’ we’ve seen before and proving he’s capable at this level.

Paul McKenna – things just slotted together with the skipper in midfield, and I’m not surprised – away at least – things have started to slide without him.  Arguably they did so before his injury, as he looked jaded.  Ball winner, experienced head and captain.  He’s been a real loss through injury.`

Radoslaw Majewski – Raddy has shown glimpses of absolute genius, but has also showed he’s inexperienced and can sometimes ‘go missing’ during games.  But when he’s there, by gosh we can see it – Derby at home, West Brom away – you won’t see many better goals than those this season!

Chris Cohen – Chris is our engine, he’s put his tireless enthusiasm into playing out of position for much of the season with good nature and a hard-working ethic.  I still want to see more end product sometimes, but his graft is undeniable, and his commitment to the Reds.

Dexter Blackstock – I like Dex because he works his arse off, he takes a battering from centrebacks often with no protection from the referee – and he chases lost causes.  He’s netted a fair few goals too, which is always a good thing for a striker.  It’s easy to forget how young he is, too. More to come from Dex!

Just missing the cut, but with massively honourable mentions, are the likes of Robert Earnshaw and Paul Anderson.  Indeed, players like Luke Chambers and James Perch who’ve had to be patient to get back in and have performed admirably are deserving of huge credit too – as I started by saying, that it’s been such a fantastic season makes decisions regarding ‘who’s the best’ almost as difficult as I suppose it is fairly facile.

It is a team game after all, and it is our prowess – on our day – in playing for one another as a team, which is one of the reasons I struggle with picking a single one.  But for what it’s worth, the player of the season for 2009/2010 is – and it wasn’t an easy call – Wes Morgan.  I’ve been so impressed with Wes’s consistency and commitment this season, so big congratulations to Wes, and indeed, the whole squad.

What about you?  Have I missed anybody out?  Who would you choose for your player of the year?  You can either make use of the comment facility or vote in the attached poll.

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  1. all players its good the best in the world

  2. Although I voted for Wes I have to say the most improved player has to be Wilson !!

  3. There is a strong case for all of those.

    McKenna’s leadership, drive and surprisingly assured touch has no doubt been the missing keystone that this season has been built around, but his dip in form and then injury means you’re only looking at about 2/3 of the season.

    Out of the rest, Camp is the only player that had neutrals talking about England call-ups, and when you go back and look at some of his saves around and after Xmas then you can see their point perhaps! So yea, out of a great bunch – Lee Camp.

  4. For me, it has to be Camp. He’s the best keeper we’ve had in donkeys years, makes so many crucial saves and commands the back 4. Without him we’d have been lucky to finish mid-table.

    I bet there are a few premiership clubs sniffing round him if we don’t get up.

  5. I voted for Camp. All those clean sheets home and away have been the backbone of our season – every game he seems to make at least one spectacular save.

  6. After all that careful preparation I missed Dex off the poll part. What a plonker!

  7. If the vote had been conducted 6-8 weeks ago then I think Cohen would have been the clear winner.

    But as his form has dipped so much since mid Feb then I have to vote for Wes. He’s been utterly brilliant all season. Not in patches, all season.

    Camp has undoubetdy been fabulous but I fear his best moments have come in games we’ve ultimately lost through no fault of his own which therefore relegates his heroics to the back of the mind.

    If there was a vote for most improved player then it’d be Kelvin by a country mile. If there was an award for player whose made the biggest impact on the team, McKenna would be the only person anyone could vote for. A vote for player I’d like to have seen used more would go to McCleary, while Gunter would get my nomination for great prospect, needs to learn the game (especially (defensive) positional sense).

    Manager of the year? 🙂

    • Nah – BD wont get that. Hughton will.

      BUT on improvement (ie against where teams were last year) BD would win by a country mile!!

  8. Oh yeah – the poll doesn’t work on the mobile WP site, all options come up as “undefined”.

  9. Its a very close one between campy and wes i voted for our keeper hes been worth 15 /20 points.

    U reds

    • I voted for Camp too. He’s been the difference between losing and drawing on so many away games during our unbeaten run. I’m struggling to think of a bad performance he’s put in this season. I genuinely believe he is probably the only player in our squad that is a consistent premier league quality performer. Wes, Raddy, McKenna and Cohen can produce premier league displays but not every match. I was tempted to vote with my heart for Raddy because of those two blinding goals against Derby and West Brom. The West Brom one for me is the best Forest goal of the last 10 years and easily goal of the season. Sadly it seemed to inspire West Brom into better form rather than Forest.

  10. Has to be Dexter, a workaholic, whose endless energy combined with his goal getting prowess make him a red legend in the making for me.
    Also THAT GOAL AND CELEBRATION AGAINST BRIZZLE CITY. The club has just kept going forward from that point last season.
    All are worthy, but Dex is red to the core.

  11. Chris Cohen all day long by far our best player

  12. I tried to vote for Clegg but could not see him on the list…..

    “Raddy the Laddy” for me. I know it should be the likes of McKenna / Cohen / Camp but dont forget this is his first season in England, a young lad, could not speak english and he shut those sheep shagging bastards up within 2 minutes at the city ground.

  13. Majewski for me. The whole team has done so well and really played to the best of their abilities and the reason why, imo, is that having a class act like Majewski, pinging passes around, has just given them so much confidence within themselves.

  14. McKenna, not just for his own performances (which were largely excellent till he looked tired) but also for the impact as captain that he had the team as a whole – with Camp and Wes very close.

    It’s great that you can put forward eight plausible contenders (and probably still draw some grumbles about omissions) unlike a few previous years when it was more a case of who was the best of an ordinary bunch!

  15. Yes, Camp and Wes I thought, that’s taking zero away from the rest.
    Make no mistake, Camp saved us a fair few points this season, plus he hates derby.

    Wes, he’s outstanding. Cant think of any better defender at this level. Plus he’s Nottingham born and bred

  16. Congrats Campy.

    It was Wes for me, but I think Camp shaded it with many fans with his arm waving and generally getting the crowd buzzing.

    As has been stated elsewhere it has been an incredible season when you consider any one of half a dozen players were in the running.

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