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  1. What a top man! Not only is he our illustrious manager but he is also a rangers fan.

    By the way NFFC wh did you vote for player of the year? McKenna got my vote. Suprised you did not do a feature on this or do you not care for it?


    • I’ve been a bit distracted, I think I
      voted for Big Wes but there are so many contenders this season.. Camp, Gunter, Wes, Wils, McKenna, Cohen, Raddy all reasonable shouts.. Dex too, tough call!

  2. You can keep him, he’s a tube. We’ll not be going for McCarthy either thanks all the same.

  3. Well, the fact he played for them kind of gives the game away a bit, especially as it was during their apartheid years when Catholics weren’t allowed. For that reason alone we don’t want him.

  4. The only people mantioning him for the job is the media, Celtic have no interest in this wee man whatsoever!
    You can bet your bottom Dollar the “what’s his name from Nots Forest snubs Celtic”, ( for a job he wasn’t offered in the first place), headlines are on there way.
    These so called journalists don’t have a clue and are making this BS up as they go along, last week it was Pardew and Jimenez this week, with just about every manager remotely available being thrown into the pot at one point or another. I guess they’ll get it right one of these days, probably on the day Celtic make an anouncement!
    So you’re stuck with Billy, as we wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole with sh*te on the end, nae luck!!

    • That’s good, we don’t want rid of him ๐Ÿ™‚

      You’re more than likely right it’s just lazy tabloid talk.. although if he were offered the job I can’t think he wouldn’t be tempted. A HUGE opportunity and a chance to be more settled with his family.

      Hopefully it is just trashy press talk.

      • yeah davies has so much to look forward to at forest like becoming a yo-yo manager like previously or losing play-off matches like when at preston.celtic have just rid themselves of a manager with similar credentials to davies so he aint got a prayer of being offered the job and no one wants him anyway-always despised the wee hun Ba*****

        • better to be ayo-yo manager acheiving something every other year learning along the way,,,than finishing second every year to your big rivals in a no mark league like the SPL….!!!

        • Celtic are wa*k anyway, scottish football is awful the quality is really bad, all you have to do is look what happens to all the scottish teams as soon as they get into europe!! They end up getting battered, i reckon the spl is the eqivalent to the englisg league one!!!

  5. Six headlines above this one on Newnow, Leicster Citys Nigel Pearson “dismisses” Celtic talk!!
    We’ve had Paul Lambert, Henke Larsson, Hughs, McLaren, Moyes, McCarthy ….. really the list is endless.
    It has become an add on to any interview for any manager, “would you manage Celtic”!
    What they expect a manager to say when he already has a job elsewhere isn’t such a mistery, “I have a job to do here”, and that’s exactly what they want and expect to hear. The next days headline “so and so snubs Celtic”!
    A real headline would be someone managing another club saying, “yeah I would love to, it’s cr*p here and the supporters are real anoraks, where do I sign??”, that would really shake them up when they have to say, “well you’re not actually beening considered for the job, but we just though we would ask anyway, sorry”
    It’s a complete joke!!

  6. Billy loves it, every job thats going he does not rule himself out of. Its all mind games that he uses to play off against his employers. one day it will back fire. billy is a hun and celtic will not touch him with a shitty stick. christ they cant get much more than 25k fans into celtic park at the moment anyway. stick a hun in charge and you will have bigger gates Stenhousemuir !!

  7. Next story please !! :p Seriously, it’s copy & paste stuff or being damn lazy news day. Haven’t they got something better to do than pick on managers who’ve got issues with a club in some form. Hope the board sorts it out but a little reminder to Celtic fans who are dissing him – a lot of our fans did the same as he managed the Sheep once a upon a time. I wonder if those are still dissing him now…. The board needs to sit up & take notice because a manager needs the whole club with him or he may just as well walk out the door.

  8. He’ll want a bigger job next time anyway, not a sideways step!

  9. Mattyboy, it’s not even a sideways step. Who would want to manage a team that has but one competitor in the form of Rangers. Well make that 2 thanks to Ross County. Celtic would be a much less appealing prospect than an opportunity (second time round for Billy) in the Prem. Infact the championship is better than the scottish prem. Clearly celtic fans must vent their drivel on other clubs sites as they are so sh*te, they have no decent ones of their own. Like football blogs, like football team, utter b*ll*cks!!

    Billy is king. U rreeeddds!!!!

  10. The Championship is better than the SPL yet Chris Killen can get a game there.

    • chris who…………..??? never eard of him

    • Yes, but Chris Killen is playing for a club outside the playoff places. Celtic are the 2nd best side in the SPL. Chris Killen wouldn’t get a game for the tricky trees or WBA (even though we were worryingly linked with him). Killen getting a game for boro (8th in the championship) is probably the equivalent to him getting a game at hibs (4th in SPL). Which would be quite likely.

      so that comment was a bit of a shoddy statement wasn’t it?

      It’s lovely to see people talking scottish on here.

  11. You just don’t get it do you?
    It doesn’t matter how well he’s doing, Celtic don’t want him, he’s not being cinsidered for the job and he most certainly hasn’t been aproached or offered the job!
    But with halfwitted ‘supporters’ (?) like you Pachuca, sucking up their BS like gravy, they think it’s a job well done!!
    It’s the media making up their stories as they go along and gullible mugs like you taking it as gospel because you read it some where!

  12. so who did celtic previously have before mowbray, oh yeah that man strachan with the parachute payments and still with a good squad of players and still didnt manage a promotion place in the championship. KING BILLY. have celtic considered calderwood?? haha

  13. I think we will keep Billy and get rid of Pleat !!!!

  14. as both a celtic fan and a naturalised forest fan (20yrs)
    I dont think that would be a good move for either party. Playoffs and premier are at present a better look forward than 3 qualifiers for champions league with a very mediocre squad compared to say 5 years ago.
    Am looking forward to coming home from new zealand and watching the reds play arsenal at the city ground just like we used to

  15. A couple of points:

    Is it me or are you getting sick of all the bs going from camp billy, himself and his adviser. We are about to go into the pray-offs for fuck’s sake! WMD concentrate on the job you have, give it the best you can and if you can’t live with the system, which you took on when you joined, then thank you and goodbye!!!!!!

    WMD is a hun but Celtic’s most successful manager EVER was a proddy….one Jock Stein so you never know? I doubt if he’ll go to the bhoys but never say never.

    I can see why fans of his previous clubs loath him he just can’t help himself. I’d rather he stayed but I’m getting a tad fed-up with all the hot air coming from himself and his camp.

    On other matters I’ve voted for Wes as player of the season he has been simply awsome and deserves it.

  16. ravinreg,

    well said, good points.

    as for player of the season, I voted with my heart and went for Raddy!!! I remember two very happy moments this season. Scoring against the seeep so early with a cracker then scoring the best goal of the season on the box did it for me. You just cannot beat real quality. It’s now Wednesday, pull your finger out Forest and get that lad signed for ffs.

  17. redash

    I believe the problem with Raddy is his agent not the other club. I voted for Wes cos I’ve been his biggest critic over the years?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ 2 Wes!

  18. Ravinreg, I’m not sure but to be honest we will probably never know….

    Raddy on his blog said the delay was around how the 1.5m would be paid. P.Warsaw gaffer now agrees to instalments.
    This does not suggest there is a massive queue at his door. Billy is obviously panicking as per reports yesterday. And surprise surprise nothing from the club. From what we know,payment and instalements has been agreed, Raddy says on his blog he is very happy and should sign next week. No reports or negativity from his agent. If i could buy Raddy for 1.5m euro’s ( Tevez’s style ) I would do it today and double my money in less than 2 years.

  19. Sorry to say but by far your worst one since you started NFFC, cheap and hypocritical of you, as surely you knew it would start a sectarian bashing?

    • Fairly minimal as far as I can see, and I’m not psychic, y’see.

      However, not masses of thought went into it so perhaps you’re right!…

    • you have a choice in wheather or not to read on when you see the thread title…..nffc you’ve nothing to explain billy’s the manager of our club and happens to be scottish/glaswegian…..as Dr Horse says it’s football not religion.

      • Dr Horse is right – as a manchester resident i bore witness to the rangers fans’ bigotry whilst they were trashing the place when they got to the uefa final a couple of years ago, so i wouldn’t take anything they (or their city neighbours) say too seriously.

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