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Our penultimate home game sees us welcome Roy Keane’s Ipswich to the City Ground, in a game that represents our second attempt at the godawful fan integration scheme.  Hilariously, Forest – with no sense of irony given our very ‘rural’ visitors – have been marketing this by suggesting we ‘keep it in the family‘ and as a ‘family fun zone.’  I like the idea of family-based concessions, but why this obsession with mixing fans together? Pah.

Anyway, Ipswich.  A win for us all-but guarantees a playoff finish for us – so there’s some incentive to get back to winning ways at the City Ground after Monday’s draw with Cardiff.  After a fairly abysmal start to the season, Roy Keane has steered Ipswich clear of the threat of relegation after a massive change in playing personnel as seems to be his modus operandi.  Back to back wins for them over Reading and Derby sees them visiting us in good form.

The Reds have no fresh injury concerns after the Cardiff match (despite their numerous attempts on Chris Gunter’s legs!).  Paul Anderson is still a doubt with achilles trouble, and apparently Adebola has a thigh injury which kept him out of the game with the Bluebirds.  Long term absentees McKenna and Bennett will remain so, and I anticipate Billy opting for a low-risk line-up probably not dissimilar to our last home game.

Our visitors are in fine fettle too, Civelli is missing with a long term injury but they don’t have a lot of other activity on the treatment table.  Plenty of eyes will be on starlet Connor Wickham – the 17 year old only signed professional contract 48 hours before bagging his first goal and making another against Derby.  Certainly he’s one for Wes and Kelv to be keeping close tabs on.

All in all the Tractor Boys should provide a stern test for us, despite being destined for a midtable finish.  Hopefully the lure of sewing up a playoff finish can motivate the Reds to find their final balls and shots a little better than recent games, and finish off the chances that come our way.  With an unusual show of optimism I’m going to stick by neck out and predict a narrow Forest win.

In other news dear neighbours Derby are up before the beak for their flagrant inability to control their players – amusingly, after three charges of this Nigel Clough was sent to the stand for being unable to control himself in their last game too.  A fine of £50,000 seems a bit tame to me, hopefully further punishments are forthcoming for Nigel’s latest transgressions!  I’m not quite sure why Swansea were fined anything!

To end on a more serious note, I spotted on the Forest site the sad news that a young Forest fan passed away unexpectedly on Monday whilst preparing to visit the City Ground for the Cardiff game.  May you rest in peace, Blaine Thomas, and my thoughts and condolences are with his friends and family.  I’m not sure if any kind of minute silence/applause is planned, but listen out for announcements on Saturday.

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  1. Good pre match review as per NFFC.

    As for Non League Nigel, his Dad must be looking down and shaking his his head in shame of his son’s activities. BC said and did many things but he didn;t berate refs and I would go as far as saying NL Nigel is not fit to wipe his father’s boots.

    Finally RIP Blaine Thomas.

  2. Indeed, the FA has a habit of fineing both teams involved in any trouble even though one side is clearly the instigator, i hope this gets dealt with at some point, dirty direby need to be held to account.

  3. Fair analysis. One slight error, Wickham’s goal was his 2nd in the league on Monday.

    Good stuff though.

  4. Good article again nffc. As someone who loses the right to nip to the toilet or bar/snackbar because the aisle they sit alongside is not in use because of “fan integration”, I can’t begin to tell you how mad it makes me feel. Sod the fans who’ve sat there for years eh Forest? But, surely, this isn’t fan integration, as some of us are actually being excluded, rather than included?

  5. This fan integration is just bollocks. I’m sure its a PR stunt for the 2018 world cup bid. “Look we can now go to football matches without fighting each other UEFA, here’s the statistical evidence.”

    I know this is might be to some people a limited view point but home and away support is what its all about. Us vs Them. The solidarity that you all have when outnumbered at an away match is what creates the atmosphere. The same as when you want to demonstrate your home credentials by being united and drowning out the away support with your voice. These to me are the foundations of what football support is about. I don’t want some homogenised environment with polite applause. If you’re looking for that go and watch the fucking golf. Now I’m not for one minute suggesting that I or any one else who vociferously supports their team is therefore a hooligan. What I am is someone who cares a great deal about the team and the city for that matter. I enjoy being with people, who for around 90 minutes, have a common cause and unity. Its very rare in todays apathetic, bland political climate for anyone to show even a modicum of passion for anything. Now they are trying to take the game further away from the common man. Isn’t it bad enough that we can no longer relate to most pro footballers now because of the money in the game now they want to take out the soul of the football crowd?

    Football should be for everyone and cater for every type of fan but by mixing them together no one is going to be happy. I can never understand why chairman don’t design zoned areas around the ground. For instance at the City Ground in ‘my ideal world’ we would have:
    1. All four corners of the ground (yes home fans have the lower Bridgeford) to be designated singing areas. These areas are clearly posted and sold as areas in which fans who want to get involved in starting chants and they may spend more time on their feet rather than sat down. These areas would be a lot easier to monitor for any trouble. As the concentration of any undesirables would be here if anywhere.
    2. Small central areas of the stands to be specifically for families. If you then get people in this area f-ing and jefing, standing up and just being inappropriate for the environment they will be easy to spot.
    3. The lower exec corner near lower Bridgeford for away fans
    4. The rest of the ground is for everybody else to join in.

    I know where I’d want to sit because I like to be part of it all. I also don’t want my day ruined nor me to ruin anyone else’s day by being the particular type of football fan I am. This could all be easily achievable and would end up generating an atmosphere like when we had with the old Trent End. ‘Main Stand.. give us a song…Main Stand, Main Stand’ etc. I know some of you on here will remember those days.

  6. AD-BC – absolutely spot on mate. Very similar to a conversation I had at work today with a couple of friends. Just when we start to get the ground rocking at the start of every match with the singing of Mull of Kintyre, we have to suffer the integration of fans. Rather not, if you don’t mind Forest.

  7. The Turkish had it right when they announced to their visitors Welcome to Hell.
    Forest fans should dominate the best positions in the ground!! Certainly ,I hope from next season, Behind both goals !!!
    This friendly stuff was O.K when I saw Forest in the 50´s and 60´s but times have changed.
    Stick any opposition supporters who are stupid enough to come to the City ground in a corner somewhere where they can´t make themselves heard. It´s common sense isn¨t it ??????

  8. Dont worry fellas we will take care of blackpool for ya tomorrow.Any of you fellas want some spare beer money back this MALJIMAR E/W

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