Forest vs. Swansea City preview..

Third vs Fourth, and Swansea will have revenge on their minds as we pinched three points from them at the Liberty Stadium somewhat against the balance of play earlier in the season back in December.  Of course, there’s also the not-inconsiderable matter of new-boy George Boyd likely to be making his debut for the mighty Reds, I would guess on the left wing since that seems to be his most effective position from the assorted things I’ve read.

In other team news Garath McCleary is available again following suspension, and aside from the very unlikely scenario of Julian Bennett making a comeback (after playing 45 minutes against Coventry in a behind-closed-doors friendly in the week).  Benno has also secured himself a contract extension, which I think is good news – whilst he’s been out for 14 months and is still recuperating from a very awkward injury, it’s good Forest are giving him every chance.

Our visitors, meanwhile, have been having rather a torrid time on the injury front.  Talented-but-perpetually-injured Ferrie Bodde has done his knee again and will be out for the season.  Also out for the Forest clash are Allen, Orlandi and Lopez through injury, and the heroic Gorka Pintado is still serving suspension after his magnificent tackle on Robbie Savage against Derby.  Sparking, unsurprisingly, a massive brawl from the Derby players.

Forest target Darren Pratley is in the ‘maybe’ camp, certainly his absence would be of benefit to Forest as the midfielder has proven a key man in the Swans promotion bid this season – prompting Billy Davies to go for him hell-for-leather in the January transfer window.  His knee injury was thought quite serious (I guess they can be forgiven for feeling pessimistic!) but is apparently not as bad as first feared, so he may well play.

Swansea have also added oft-thorn-in-Forest’s side Shefki Kuqi to their ranks – in my head at least he’s up there with Rob Hulse in big immobile strikers we seem to struggle with.  Our visitors come to us on a 12 game unbeaten run, whilst we of course have the opportunity to claim our tenth consecutive home league win, which would be a rather good achievement, I reckon!  All in all, it won’t prove an easy game for either side.

I’m half expecting Billy to bring Cohen back to left-back to relieve the increasingly exposed-looking Perch who has been manfully be often ineffectively covering there.  Having said that, if Boyd is deployed as an actually left winger, like, on the wing and that – well, there might actually be some cover and/or an outlet for someone who can’t be considered a natural left-back.  Billy is a difficult man to predict at the best of times!

It will certainly be good to get back to the City Ground after another disappointing away trip (which is, in customary fashion it seems, available on DVD!).  With the added incentive of seeing our new number 20, hopefully a decent and supportive crowd will be able to play their part in spurring Forest on to continue their impressive run of home form and revive our ailing hopes of catching those automatic promotion places.

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  1. I think the possibility of Boyd playing will add a couple of thousand to the gate.
    It might spur our pathetic panel on to more effort to help Billy.
    I shall be very happy with a win tomorrow !!
    At least it will be a good game of football !!
    Come on You Reds !!!!

  2. Talking to a Posh ST holder yesterday who says Boyd hasn’t been doing much training due to a niggly injury. But he’s had to play due to being their only decent player.
    So who knows what BD will do?!

    Alan, if Billy keeps giving sarcastic comments to the press regarding the AP they will be less inclined to help him!

    I’ve read recently how the panel did a great deal bringing in Shorey on loan (financially), but refused to compete with Fulhams money. If they had done, imagine how the others players would have felt…and suddenly come contract time we would be held to ransom, putting the long-term future of the Club at risk.
    Like it or not it’s not our money, its Nigels.
    Personally I don’t like the idea of this ‘committee’, but while ND owns the Club I suppose he can do what the hell he likes!

    Funny thing is, since Shorey went, we all keep saying we need a left-back, including BD. But nobody seems to have a name in mind, including BD.

    Anyhoo, enough negativity, on to tomorrow.
    Got a good feeling about this one. Big voices at the start, back the lads (including Perch, Mr Moaning T**t behind me), and the lads will respond with 3 goals, 3 points and its all good again!

    You Reds!

    • I’m with you mattyboy, I don’t think the lack of signings was such a cut and dried matter as the AP being rubbish and that’s that. Sometimes the pieces just don’t fall in to place as quickly as they need to and no one can blame a champ club for not competiting with one which has at least a £35m revenue advantage.

      If anything, the lack of window activity then Boyd in as an “emergency” loan with a view to a permanent move is more an indictment of the ludicrous system we have in this country than the of the people involved.

  3. Billy’s comments in the evening post;-

    “There is no doubt that the left-hand side has been crying out for a left-footed player,” said Davies.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but for most of the season he has played the left footed Cohen down the right and the right footed Anderson down the left! So on that basis, don’t be surprised to see Boyd on the right wing tomorrow!

    Also, I’m surprised the likes of McCleary, Lynch and Garner have not gone out on loan as they seem unlikely to get in the squad at present.

  4. More confidence NFFC! west brom have QPR tomorrow, and with a new manager at the helm, they’re just about the team i’d like to be facing least, and not just because its colin in the dug out.

    Will be a very tight game tomorrow, we seem to have had our serving of bad luck of late, lets hope its not a reversal to the game at the liberty but i have faith in billy and the boys to put in a shift, create some chances and remain strong at the back.

    Come on Forest!

  5. Minutes applause for Keith Alexander, well done Forest! Lets make it loud shall we? Genuine Nottingham bloke.

  6. I must admit to being a bit nervous about tomorrow. If we’d taken some points from the last four away games, a draw would be not too bad against a good side. If we’re to keep in with a shout of automatic promotion, that’s no longer an option. Still, how good does it feel to be concerned about only making the play offs rather than automatic promotion! If we get behind the team from the start, as we have been doing this season, we’ll hopefully inspire the lads to another home win! Well done to the club for the minutes applause for Keith Alexander. Always sad to see the passing of a fellow Nottingham person. RIP Keith.

  7. PHEW !!!! What a game !!
    If they had had their penalty Campy would have saved it anyway …cough cough.
    A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!

  8. they showed the highlights on final score- for once i agreed with Claridge that it was a stonewall penalty, but good for a ref’s mistake to be in our favour for a change! That coupled with warnock doing us a favour must mean that the stars must be lined up in our favour today!

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