Don’t miss an evening with Stan Collymore..

I can’t believe it was in 2007 when I got a chance to meet Stan Collymore!  But anyway, I digress before I’ve even started… you could have that chance too, as he’s once again making an appearance at The Approach for ‘an Evening with’ format session – with the added bonus of comedian John Stiles, all compered by Darren Fletcher from 5 live.

Basically that means that Fletch will kick off a casual interview with Collymore, reminiscing about the good ol’ days as well as perhaps bringing in elements of his personal life.  The next part will be thrown open to questions you have the chance to write down on papers around the place – so you really can interact, and more directly – as usually there’s ample opportunity to have a chat and get an autograph.  And of course, the added bonus of a comedian!

It should, nay, it WILL be a cracking night. Stan is oft lamented by Forest fans as a wasted talent, something he refuted last time we were there, but well, I’ll always think he was.  Such a gifted player that we just couldn’t keep hold of, as he showed he was up there in the very best in the Premier League with a team built around his strengths.  Despite moments of brilliance at Liverpool, he was never to recapture that Nottingham Forest magic.

Stan is obviously ever-present with punditry, and those of you on Twitter might also follow his musings on there as I do – but clearly with his remit of general football, and more often than not top flight football, we don’t often get to hear his thoughts about Forest either present or past.  So it’s a good opportunity to do that.  The date is Thursday 15th April and the price for tickets is £20, with all proceeds raising cash for Notts Unity Casuals Cricket Club.

The details are all on the flyer (click here or on the picture for a full-sized version), you can call the number on there for tickets – or you can book online by clicking just here.  If you’re not already, you can become a fan of the blog on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter as I’ll have a couple of tickets up for grabs this week, which I’m currently thinking of imaginative ways for you to be able to win, so stay alert!

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