Terry the kitman’s unique welcome for new signing..

In what’s thought to be a slight case of fat-fingers by somebody sending him a text message, Terry took some time out of his increasingly busy schedule to take in the latest news that Forest had made a new signing.ย  Imagine his shock when he thought his kit repertoire was about to include feather boas, fur coats and everything else susceptible to make-up stains!

After realising his error he was simply heard to mutter ‘Thank f**k for that!’

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  1. I worry sometimes where your mind wanders….. NFFC!


  2. I tell ya fella thats about the only decent bit of PR boy george has had in years.At the expense of our tel !

  3. Very funny, didn’t get it at first but very good. Lets hope for more of the same, sounds like a good signing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Is that striker no. 7 @ the club? What happened to our Left-back we need desperatly?

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