Reds to be Boyd by midfield signing?..

I’ve tried not to be too impatient on the lack of movement in the transfer market – whilst Billy bangs the drum after each match I’m content to let him keep doing so.  Whilst of course, like any good football fan, I always want us to be strengthening, signing players and generally being awesome, I’m well grounded in the reality that typically we get more downs than ups as football fans.  And this season we’ve had a fair few more ups than were accustomed to already, so I’m not one to be ungrateful!

I must admit though I’m struggling to contain excitement that we are apparently attempting to prise George Boyd away from struggling Peterborough – a loan move which presumably will have an in-built permanent signing in the summer to make it worthwhile for the London Road side.  A highly rated wide-midfielder, Boyd has scored double-figures already this season in a side that hasn’t exactly cut up any trees this season – and at 24 can certainly be considered one for the future.

He cost £260k from Stevenage Borough the 2007 January window and averages a little over one goal in four appearances for the Posh.  A left winger, who’s pretty tall at 6’1, and capable as playing up front too.  He has represented England at ‘England C’ level (non-league), but latterly switched to Scotland and has played for their B team after establishing his grandmother was born in Glasgow.  In the immortal words of Brian Clough, he also desperately needs to get a bloody hair cut.

Joking aside, hopefully the increasingly rife rumours of this from Forest and Peterborough fans alike means there’s something to this, it would certainly give an extra dimension to our midfield, it would give us a boost as fans and would start to freshen things up which Billy clearly desperately wants to do.  If it were to happen, then it could pave the way for Cohen to relieve Perch of his left-back deputising and – you never know – actually see Forest with a left-footer on the left wing, and a right-footer on the right?

Now I’ve posted this he’ll probably end up at Middlesbrough or something… although the local Peterborough press seem to think it will happen, if so, you’re very welcome George!

Edit: I was too impatient – Posh’s chairman lamenting and defending Boyd’s sale to Nottingham Forest.  As I type, he’s ours subject to medical – so most definitely a big welcome to you, George!

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  1. Excellent news – a good signing as a player and in a position that will give us flexibility – as you mentioned

    • You are getting a footballing genius in George Boyd but I hope you’ll have to pay a lot to finally get him at the end of the season. Like all the great players he can make opponents look silly. Even in the Championship defenders were very wary of tackling him for fear of being on their backsides two seconds later.
      For those of you who remember the great John Robertson, he’s as hard to get the ball off as he was and on the way to being as good at crossing the ball, but he’ll score a lot of goals as well.
      Great player, great temperament. great guy. Couldn’t fault him at Posh even when we were rubbish

      • Cor – that’s high praise indeed! I’ve seen him play us at your place this season, and he was pretty quiet but had a few excellent touches. If I remember rightly (which I probably don’t) I think he was in a more central role that day rather than on the wing.

        I also saw him play for you at Dagenham randomly and was more impressed then, albeit at a lower level!

        Either way, really looking forward to cheering him on in a Forest shirt.

        • We hadn’t seen the best of him. He can improve from here for sure. He hasn’t had much good service of late and to an extent has been carrying the team. But in a strong team who can create some space for him – and he doesn’t need much – he’ll be very dangerous and create a lot of chances for others.He thinks faster than most players and has the skill and nous to take advantage of it.
          I reckon full Scottish International if he stays fit and just sharpens up a bit more – shame it’s Scotland.
          Catch the Stevenage White Pele video. Great stuff

  2. good news, may see cohen play at full back a bit more though..

    btw, found this classic bit of irony on the Peterborough Evening Telegrapgh website
    02/03/2010 15:46:32
    I Bet he plays against us our staff are to thick to right it into the contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!Report Unsuitable

    people in glass houses eh ?…

  3. Now on the OS. Didnt see that one coming – just the boost we needed (about a month ago!)

    Posh fans seem to hold him in very high regard indeed so well done Forest on an exciting signing!

  4. Tip top. Think my lad may have a new favourite player given his name.

  5. WMD signs someone with hair SHOCKER? Didn’t McKenna have hair when he signed? I hair that he has to get it cut with the week!


    Saw him at London Road and he was fab…so well done FOREST very good buy. The other thing good about it is that the red midget will be going spare in smogboro?

  6. I found this on BBC 606 fan a Posh fan large our new signing up…read on……………….

    Greetings from a rather sad Posh fan.

    As you all know you’ve secured the services of Posh’s left-winger George Boyd.

    In my opinion you’ve increased your chances of promotion to the Premiership by his acquisition.

    In all my 50-odd years of watching Peterborough United he’s one of the best, if not the best player to pull on a blue shirt.

    There are times when he has you rubbing your eyes in disbelief at what he just did; just ask three Sheffield Wednesday players who tried to crowd him out as he nutmegged all three and left them for dead.

    To you he’s known as George Boyd, to us Poshies he’s known as Boydinho – the white Pele; he’s that good.

    You’ve got yourselves a gem, now go and get yourselves that promotion. If you see any Posh fans at the City Ground you’ll know why they’re there.

  7. Sorry in my excitment I typed the intro above incorrectly but i am sure you will get the idea!!!!!


    Bags of ability and a real x-factor flair that gives him the opportunity to score out of nothing at this level. It’s the right position to allow Billy greater flexibility in both attack and at left back, he’s the right age and the right stage in his career, and he’s banged in a ton of goals already this season.

    Absolutely gobsmacked at the competency being displayed by the board with this one. “Generally awesome” here we come!!!!!

  9. Here ! Here ! forest good effort i rate this guy hes a flair player with a cracking left foot.Left wing ,upfront and a great shot on him too

    Im excited about this lad

    U reds

  10. Wow very exciting – with Benno on the road to recovery and Cohen able to fill in, we have some left back cover / options all of a sudden. Believe.

  11. Fantastic – a signing. If I’m honest, I’ve not noticed him, but a couple of mates have said this evening that he is a really good player who could easily play in the Premiership – hopefully he will get that chance with us!!

    Those of you who are regular readers on this site will know that I sponsor JB’s away kit. I met up with him last week and I can report that he is confident of making a full recovery, but his returned won’t be rushed. There is no target return date and he needs a number of games to get match fitness, but he is very keen, very positive and I’m sure we will see him in a month or so.

    Perhaps this is the week when we started to look onwards and upwards again!

    • I heard Benno came through 45 mins unscathed in a friendly against Coventry, Steve. His game included at least one crunching tackle.

      Fingers crossed, he’s a player who’s been written off a few times by Forest fans and always come out on top – I’ve got my fingers crossed he can do it again!

      • By the way, I managed to get a fully autographed shirt last week from nearly everyone in the squad plus BD, Ned AND Terry the Kit man – a true legend!!

  12. I just noticed the typo in the speech bubble on the picture.

    That’ll teach me for being in a rush.

  13. Looks like a good signing for us !
    !With his height for corners also and his obvious enthusiasm for the transfer,he should get a game against Swansea.
    With McCleary or Anderson on the right and Boyd or Tyson on the left it´s looking good !!!!

  14. “Who needs Robininho when we’ve got Boydinho?”

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