Doughty to abandon Agent Clough in the field?..

Worrying times for Nigel Doughty, as his lead agent Nigel ‘non-League’ Clough appears to be getting a little too into his role as the would-be manager of Derby County. His mission is to replace Derby’s squad with over-rated lower league and non-league playing staff whilst delivering a disappointing league finish.

There had been concerns that the agent-lead initiative to drive a series of off-the-field infractions to damage Derby County’s standing with the Football League was welcomed initially by the Forest chairman.  But the latest charge met by the band of thugs that Clough has assembled leaves Doughty concerned that the mission might well be compromised – as his agent’s efforts become more and more transparent to the onlooker.

His options are to leave his field agent to operate ‘rogue’ without further support or guidance, or to recall him from the front line.  Advisors are thought to have suggested that he sever all contact with Agent Clough who appears to have become so engrossed in his role as Derby County’s manager that he can no longer separate his mission from reality.

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  1. You are a wag NFFC !!! PMSL 🙂

  2. 🙂

  3. haha, this had me chuckling!

  4. Ha ha, a bit of substance Derby can screw with anyone’s perception of reality.

  5. I guess today is not your busiest day, then?

  6. Wow you’re a real good drawer

  7. People think your joking l nffc ! ( His mission is to replace Derby’s squad with over-rated lower league and non-league playing staff whilst delivering a disappointing league finish.)


    U reds

  8. Did you see Savage has had another run in with that radio d*rby reporter? its on the bbc website but he’s basically overly aggressive to the guy, based on their last run in and then makes a comment about never having played the game, only ever sat up there with the other reporters, where i’ll be soon…

    A very thinly veiled “i’ve got loads and loads of money but i’m going to have your job, out of pure spite”

    Why the BBC insist on paying the tw@ money when 99% of the population hate him, i have no idea but at least he wont be on the pitch for much longer so we wont have to put up with his antics there and you can always change channel or turn down the volume in years to come!

  9. 🙂 Brilliant!

  10. Great stuff NFFC !

    my concern is we may also have a double agent in our midst ? I refer of course to M’Arthur whose mishandling in the january window has raised our suspicions he is on the payroll at Direby !.

  11. who does the cartoon artwork for this website??? its brilliant! is it a plug-in for Photoshop?? if so any chance you can enlighten me on what it is??

  12. we dont need any help from clough the sheep mess up everything on there own there at the bottom of the A 52 and in the bottom of the championship and at the bottom of the rateings when it comes to football but top of the pile when it comes to dirty play and players they are the sheep and will always be so . Forest are class full stop

  13. Any club with a rooney and a clough in the mix must be taken seriously!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  14. Any word on the ‘cartoonizer’ for these photos – I would be very interested in knowing what you used here as well….?


    • I emailed Chris directly, didn’t think to post a comment. A combination of ‘ToonPaint’ on my phone and messing around in Photoshop produces the imagery..

  15. I am going to tell my mum of you!!

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