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Nottingham Forest – 1
Middlesbrough – 0

Nine straight wins in the league at the City Ground, and huge congratulations to Billy and the boys for delivering it – a new club record.  Towards the end of our unbeaten run the fixation was on our going so long without defeat on our travels, in the meantime we were already building a fairly formidible home run.  Probably temporarily we find ourselves elevated to second in the league again – hoping for Bristol City to do us a favour this afternoon.

Yesterday’s game was pretty even, if truth be told.  That said, the best chances were created by Forest – and in the second half Chris Cohen was on hand to put one of them away after a slick-passing counter-attack.  Another poor refereeing display saw Forest finish the game on three bookings, only one of which was warranted, with the much more physical visitors only picking up one despite the game being littered with fouls.

Forest started with an unchanged line-up to the side that overcame Sheffield United in midweek, which is probably the side I’m starting to consider our best starting eleven – certainly in home games:

Gunter    Morgan    Wilson    Perch
Cohen    McKenna    Majewski    Anderson
Blackstock    Earnshaw

The game started at quick pace – and it was quite end-to-end, without any real clear chances.  Flood threatened for Boro but was tackled well by Wils, and a long range effort from the very up-for-it looking Majewski was just wide.  Shortly after David ‘Cheater’ Wheater fouled Earnie, giving us a freekick from 25 yards or so which Raddy struck well – just hitting the crossbar and out for a goalkick.  At the time I thought Coyne had it covered, watching the highlights suggests he may not have done.

Boro had a spell of pressure and won a series of corners up at the Trent End, but despite the plethora of giants in their side rarely threatened the Forest goal aside from one tame effort by McDonald straight at Lee Camp.  The Reds were very much geared up for counter-attacking, and the pacey Paul Anderson was usually our outlet.  He broke well but being outside on the left the enforced left-footedness of the cross made it not the best, it just evaded Earnie in the box.

The wee striker had a better chance moments later too – an imaginative though-ball by Cohen saw the striker get in between two defenders and on goal, the ball was dropping from an awkward angle and with a defender closing in Earnshaw took on the shot a bit too early and put it over.  It wasn’t an easy chance, but I bet he’s kicking himself for not at least getting it on target.

Both sides were pretty wasteful in possession in midfield, and as half time arrived the general consensus was it had been okay if not amazing.  Odd, considering what was to come, referee Phil Crossley had been okay in the first half – pretty lenient in keeping the game flow, the only booking being for Raddy which was deserved as he dived into a challenge with studs showing – it wasn’t as bad as it looked, but it was pretty reckless.

The second half started very slow, I don’t know if the prevailing wind was in an unusual direction but the Trent End were really audible in getting behind the team and the rest of the ground followed suit, and it seemed to kickstart the game into life.  Cohen had a pop from a freekick which struck the wall, he followed it up himself and struck it off target.  Then we thought we’d got a goal.  Raddy had an effort from deflected in the box finding Wils with a tap in – unfortunately he was offside – at least according to the linesman.

No sooner had the visiting fans finishing taunting our premature celebrations, we were able to return the favour with interest as the Reds did take the lead.

Wilson won the ball in an altercation with Leeroy Lita (which, if I’m honest, looked like a foul on the Boro striker to me).  Lita didn’t play to the whistle though, and Kelv was able to pass to Dex, who chested it to Raddy – Raddy then fed it back to Blackstock who found Cohen in acres of space in the right channel.  The midfielder almost had ‘too much time’, but he gave Coyne the eyes to the back-post, and duly put the ball in the near post.

The visitors are always going to still be in a game at 1-0, though, and Lita in particular looked eager to get himself on the scoresheet.  He had a shot from range which Perchy deflected out for a corner.  Shortly after the Moose conceded a freekick for a challenge on Robson, which resulted in a freekick that was deflected for another corner.

Another quick break from the Reds saw Anderson burst into the box and get rather cynically brought down – in the second half the referee was very much in idiot mode though and gave nothing.  There’s an argument Ando had lost control of the ball, but that doesn’t really excuse bringing him down – he may well have got to it.  The rest of the game was a bit of a siege with Boro launching the ball forward in search of an equaliser.

With four to five minutes of stoppage time played, we even saw Coyne up for a corner (yet oddly a defender on the half-way line), but once the ball was cleared the whistle went and the celebrations could begin in earnest.  In between the scrappiness at times a football match threatened to break out, and ultimately – like Billy – we’ll all be focusing on the result, and another clean sheet which is a welcome habit to hopefully be starting again.

I am quietly hoping we might start to look at affecting some transfer business this week (I’m not starting rumours – I have no idea whether we will or not!), but any emergency loans now could theoretically be active right through until the play-off final, which is obviously a consideration that Billy will have when deciding on whether or not he wants to add some new faces (and I suspect he does!).

Elsewhere once again our dearest neighbours demonstrated the complete lack of discipline and professionalism in their ranks with another shameful lack of control of their players.  Hopefully the authorities take notice of this when considering the case we and they have to answer and spot the common denominators – generally everything appears to centre around the thug Jay McEveley, although a special mention should go to Gorka Pintado for his awesome tackle on Robbie Savage!

As the ‘Billy Davies fan page‘ on Facebook stated, Steve Claridge was wrong when he suggested that it was the kind of challenge that could end Robbie Savage’s career – as he went in on his legs, and not his gob!  It might be a doubly-good thing for us as this will presumably mean that Pintado is suspended for our game at the City Ground against Swansea.  Whilst we’re on the Facebook subject, you can become a fan of this blog by clicking here, should you want to!

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  1. We should give Swansea a quick rendition of a Gorka Pintado song, just to show our thanks…

    • While I don’t condone ridiculously bad tackles, how about (to the tune of Winter Wonderland):

      “Oh Gorka Pintado, Gorka Pintado
      Walking along, singing a song,
      Kicking Robbie Savage as he goes”

  2. You Reds! Congratulations Billy Davies! Don’t stop believin’…. We are going up, say we are going up!!

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  4. Dedication’s what you need!

  5. Have we really beaten the record? The BBC report we have equalled our 1906/07 and 1953/54 achievement.

    Couple of things from yesterday’s game – Anderson looked like he was back to his former self – head down instead of head up, an awful lot of effort with little end product. Just as he was starting to look a real threat too. And McKenna was bloody terrible for 80 minutes but during those last 10 he was immense.

    Great backing from the crowd for the 2nd half and you could see it visibily lifted the players.

    Concerned with Raddy picking up his 4th booking since the turn of the year, hope to heck he doesn’t get a yellow against Leicester next weekend and miss the Swansea game, that’d be a huge loss. We’ve got a nice little run of 4 games after that that are all winnable before we head to St James for what could be a title decider…

    U REDS!!

    • Well, even if we’ve matched something last achieved more than 50 years ago, I think it’s worthy of note!

      I thought Raddy would need to get to 10 bookings to get a ban now it’s post-Jan?

  6. Great result and for me the raising of the volume by the crowd certainly coincided with Forest raising their work rate in the 2nd half. Good to see.

    I dont agree with Radgie about McKenna. I accept his distribution can be woeful sometimes but his work rate yesterday was phenomenal and he got in some cructial tackles in the mid of the park to break up their play. Sorry Radgie just my opinion, mate 😦

    Ironically 3 lungs Cohen looked a bit out of sorts for me yesterday but up he pops for the goal – every cloud etc….

    Now Im just off onto EBay to see if Mrs Castle has put Roy’s trumpet up for sale…

    • I’m with you Egor – McKenna is a little bit of an enigma, because he has the vision to pick out a good pass, but lacks the execution and can therefore look like the opposition’s best player. But yesterday I thought he was magnificent, especially in the second half, the engine room of the team and kept everyone’s pecker up even when it looked like we might not get the goal.

      I agree about Chrissy as well, was subdued for the second match in a row, but a great pass to Earnie in the first half and a fine finish in the second 🙂

  7. Bristol City 2 WBA 1 final score. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That is a fantastic result for us (never mind Bristol C.) Again we find ourselves in a position where we’re looking to Derby to do us some favours when they play WBA next week. However, we have to make sure we keep our end up and Leics away is going to be very hard. They will be as up for it as Derby were so we need to be tougher than ever. Hopefully we’ll of learnt something from that game and apply it to this one. Then its Swansea who are again in the playoffs. Come through those two with 4 pts and I’ll be very happy.

  8. I had a funny feeling Bristol City would win today, a nice little double earnt with our win yesterday 🙂

    A week off is probably just what we need as Leicester play midweek, so let’s hope Donny run them around a little!

  9. One of Billy´s twists and turns this afternoon.
    I watched the baggies match until they scored and I switched off..
    Then later saw the result,with 4 bookings !!
    .Well done city !!!! Still 2nd !!!!!

  10. Generally good blog on what is the first and only site that I visit for reports of the game but can’t agree with your overall assessment of the ref as I thought he had a largely good game – He tried to let it flow and it was nice to see that every bit of physicality didn’t result in a free kick.

    I accept the bloke wasn’t flawless – Aliadiere should definitely have been booked for his, to be generous, tackle on McKenna.

    We still really need a left back if we’re to see a return to the football of earlier in the season as despite Perch’s wholehearted effort he is clearly not at ease playing there

    • He was good in the first half, second half he seemed very inconsistent. Definitely a massive improvement on some of the clowns we’ve had lately though.

      Agree on Perch, he had another good game – but with the caveat he’s horribly out of position.

      • I thought the ref could have been a lot worse, at least compared to Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United (you know he is bad when both sets of fans think he is terrible!). Raddy’s booking was well-deserved, in fact seeing it on TV he could have had a red 😦 But Aliadiere definitely deserved a card – good to see the lino helping out as usual.

        Oh yeah, and Kelv was definitely offside.

  11. What a brilliant achievement by this young forest team.9 wins on the bounce and we are still very much in the mix for automatic promo.

    13 games left even if we only win 6 or so were gonna be in with a great shout.Nothing but praise for what wee billy and his team have done to the reds.

    Its gonna be an exciting run in.

    U reds

  12. Had another long look at the goal again and I’m not convinced Kelv fouled Lita in the first instance – not that that the banana eating ginger winger would agree! LOL 🙂

    Sure, he was all other him but both had their arms raised as they tussled for the ball. There was no other undue contact tho.

    As for the actual strike, watching Chrissys’s eyes I thought he had looked to the keepers right before placing it to his left. Actually he didn’t – he just concentrated on getting it on target. Maybe thats why the celebration was so muted! Real surprise it went in.

    Whatever…I’ll take it anyday!!

  13. I think cohens celebration or lack of it was a dressing room thing.Remember he lost the plot last time he scored at west brom i think this was tongue in cheek plus maybe a bit of surprise at the execution.

    But credit to him a vital goal for us .

    • Loved Cohen’s reaction against West Brom. A player who got his big chance with Forest and he has come on leaps and bounds and you can see he loves the club for it. His workrate and engine magnifies whatever talent he has and I think he’ll continue to improve.

      • The celebrations by both Raddy and Chrissy against WBA were magic – both players just looked so delighted to have got such important (and decent) goals.

        • Come on Rish, they weren’t just ‘decent’, especially Raddy’s. If that had been Rooney we’d still be hearing it talked about now by every rent-a-gob pundit going.

          In fact its a good topic this one cos I rate Raddy’s goal vs West Brom so high I’m struggling to think of a Forest player in the last 10 years that has scored one that was so technically difficult and jaw droppingly good as that. It’s the sort of goal you see at world cups by gifted players you’ve never heard of. You see so many players attempt that and they never go in. If it was just a tap in it would of been a fantastic team goal but it was not just a great move but one of the best Forest goals we’ve seen in years. Am I going over the top here?

          • I agree AD_BC it was a cracker. Raddy is joy to watch and if we keep him I am sure we will see more like that. I remember the commentator saying he will never score a goal as good as that again….idiot

          • 🙂

            Of course I don’t disagree with you. They were both crackers, and as I have posted elsewhere, I don’t think I will ever get fed up of THAT goal by Raddy, or his celebrations!

  14. West Brom have signed Ben Watson! Shows the high caliber available still through the loan market, and another case of the board’s dalliances leaving us behind our rivals.

    Having a think about the Prem squads, maybe Richard Hughes from Pompy or Danny Pugh from Stoke? Neither are getting ANY games, and both are good at this level. Liam Lawrence? He’s deffo a Davies player, and a local lad. Maybe even one of the Everton kids.

  15. Its all about cash Dr Horse forest seem to have a wage cap and be very reluctant to pay over the odds in wages .Plus watson i dont think wants to come to us and never has.

    Its a tricky situation loan deals not all fans understand all the politics and red tape behind loan deals.But i agree that we need a couple of decent bodies in who will fight the cause and compliment the side.Billys no calderwood he knows how to balance a side and bring in the right bodies.

    • Yea I’m with you Red Ric, but you know some clubs will waive a full wage contribution if they value the match practise, or someone like Pompy where even a few thousand and the odd bonus off the wage bill will make a difference. Removing a disgruntled attitude from the dressing room can also be worth more than money alone. All I meant was that there are plenty of forgotten men and underused youngsters out there who would add to our squad, meaning we could still get a coup from the loan market.

      Also surely Doughty will be spending in summer even if we don’t go up, so what’s a few hundred thousand between friends to improve our chances massively this time?

  16. Not wanting to hijack this thread but I’m going to anyway.(Sorry) On the previous subject of great goals where do all you lot stand if you could pick out your favorite Forest goal? Which one would it be? What did it do for the club? I’m pretty sure if you were an Arsenal fan then Michael Thomas’s against Liverpool would be right up there. Have we got any goals like that? I’d say John Robertson’s against Hamburg, Pearce against Peterboro to clinch promotion coming back from 2-0 down, Metgod’s freekick against West Ham although I don’t think this actually had a massive impact on our season. Pearce’s banana free kick against Coventry in the league cup Semi (89) he just stood there with his hand in the air. Brilliant! I’m going to have to stop… I’m getting all misty eyed.

    • I’m too young for any of those but the Bart-Man against Reading in ’98, Marlon King against West Ham in ’04 and then McGugan’s freekick against Yeovil were probably the most emotional ones for me, and all important in their own way.

  17. Ian Bowyer vs Cologne 1979 – has to be the most significant goal as everyone thought we were dead & buried after the 3-3 draw at CG….

  18. Collymore scored some good goals for us, also you cannot forget;
    1, Archie Gemmil’s at old trafford, box to box
    2, Garry Parker’s box to box in the simod cup final
    3, Neil Webbs against Luton form Tommy Gaynors cross
    4, and last but not least Gary Charles’s og whilst he was at Derby !!

  19. Its a tough one theres been so many.It has to be robbos goal against hamburg it was massive.In second place was anything against liverpool for me i used to loathe them.Still do

    Colin Barrett 2,0
    Peter Davenport 1.0
    Robbo penalty in leage cup final
    I cant wait until we square up too the winging scouse neds again.

    U reds

  20. Definitely the Robertson goal vs Hamburg.

    • Ian Storey-Moore scoring against Arsenal on Boxing Day in about 1970 (maybe 1971) – a bit like Maradona’s 2nd goal in the “Hand-of-God” game!

      It earn’t a 1-1 draw so not really significant in club terms, but it was probably the goal that made me a Forest fan – so I think it was pretty important.

      But I also really rate;

      Colin Barrett’s vs. Liverpool
      Collymore’s winner against Peterbrough to clinch promotion
      Ian Bowyer’s goal away at Cologne
      and Kevin Campbell’s goal against Middlesborough in the 4-0 win.

      Most significant Forest goal of all-time has to be Francis scoring against Malmo.


  21. Liking all the goals mentioned, in recent times though, how about Julian Bennett against Yeovil on promotion day? Crunching tackle to win the ball, and a deft curling finish with the outside of the boot.

    • Yep – that was a good one to (particularly the tackle) – I’ll ask him about it tomorrow!

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