Blades boss chucks his toys out the pram..

As well as missing Billy’s post-match comments thanks to the lengthy wander to my car, I also missed Kevin Blackwell’s extraordinary outburst on the radio after the match.  For those of you who also didn’t catch this audio treat, then it’s available by clicking on this link here. (as well as hearing Billy’s post-match thoughts).

Never has a man been so enraged by a left winger having the audacity to be in a defensive position, why, Kevin, somebody elbow that man in the face!  What a buffoon!  He is certainly demonstrating his credentials as Neil Warnock’s heir here with a frankly baffling outburst after a game where I thought if anything the referee was lenient to the dirty Blades…

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  1. Embarrassing.

  2. how dare anderson track back, bang out order…

  3. sorry
    bang out of order !!! i’m tired, too much tracking back

  4. btw, not sure if this has been mentioned before but how much does gunter look like jonny wilkinson ???

  5. such an idiot… reminds me of the Savage interview.
    You Reds!

  6. He and savage should get together.
    .What a pair of clowns !!!
    3 more points on saturday with a good enthusiastic backing !!!!!!

  7. Just watched the Forest Player highlights and they show the sequence right from kick off in the second half.

    The reason Anderson is with Henderson is because he’s marking him! Henderson positions himself wide on the right, so they can predictably hoof it at him from kick off. Henderson then lays it back inside, then spins off and runs through the middle and like any good tracking midfielder, Anderson follows him.

    Maybe if Blackwell had his midfield players track the runners, they’d have got within 5 yards of us in that 1st half…

  8. funny interview that.

  9. The ref bottled it, Henderson could well have been sent off in the first half for his’judo’ throws on Wes.
    Two other players should have gone in the second as well.

    Blackwell knows he is lucky to have finished the game with 10 men.

    The reporter should have told him to sod off.

  10. KG, fully agree with you, but you lot were woeful in the 2nd half, and Sheff utd dominated and you were fortunate to win the game in the end.

    Not hard to break Sheff Utd down atm, we had Jamie Ward at right back, hes a striker, Nosworthy at centre half, hes a right back, A young 18 yrs old from Arsenal on loan, and Kallio who is a LB.

    so no wonder you outclassed a side without a defence in the opening period, what is scary is with this back 4 you created and did nothing in the 2nd half, and actually were terrified of sheff utd 😆

    • Smack me about a bit and I won’t come near you either, but they still had enough bottle to get the win.

  11. ‘Woeful’, ‘dominated’, ‘fortunate’.

    What game where you at?

    Despite your ‘domination’ and our ‘woefullness’ all you managed was one, frankly tame shot on target from 25 yards.

    Whereas we, despite being ‘fortunate’, forced Bunn into 2 or 3 high class saves, missed half an open goal, missed a one v one and had a goal bound shot blocked near the line.

    Yeh, the game was a bit more even in the second half but if that’s a ‘dominant’ Sheff Utd performance then it’s no wonder that you brought such a poor following.

  12. As the saying goes – “it’s often better to stay quiet and ley people assume you’re stupid that to open you’re mouth and remove all doubt”!! Think on Mr B and while you do that, have a look at the match stats.

  13. My fear was that the blunts would have enough players sent off to force the match to be abandoned, but the ref was a big softie and let them get away with everything . Since our defeat at the sheep dip it shows how far the players have come, because this time they stood up to all the assaults and claimed the points.

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