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The blip or the bad-run comes under some pressure tomorrow evening as Sheffield United come to visit.  Whilst away days have become a trial for the Reds of late, we remain on a decent run of home form – indeed, should we triumph against the Blades it would give us eight straight league wins at the City Ground.  No mean feat, and one you’d probably have to go quite far back in the record books to find an equal to for us.

Our visitors seem to be a real Jekyll and Hyde this season – in their last six games they’ve lost three, drawn one and won two.  Their wins coming against Reading at and Bristol City at Brammal Lane at either end of that six game run – in between an inauspicious 3-0 beating at the hands of Watford, and only a draw with Derby at home.  So certainly we should be hoping that ‘rubbish Sheffield United’ turn up tomorrow.  They’ve only managed back to back league wins once before this season.

After a disappointing trip to Doncaster the Reds will hopefully look to boost their attacking threat by the inclusion of leading scorers Dexter Blackstock and Robert Earnshaw.  Paul Anderson too will hopefully give us some much needed attacking bite in midfield.  McCleary of course now starts a ban for his red card, and apparently Joel Lynch is injured again, which perhaps explains why he’s been completely overlooked for the glaringly vacant left-back spot.

The Blades have had a woeful season for injuries, which perhaps explains their stop-start form over the course of the season.  Tomorrow they will be without Chris Morgan (so Earnie needn’t fret about his looks being ruined by a flailing elbow!), Mark Bunn, James Harper and Gary Naysmith.  They will have Darius Henderson up front though who’s been on decent form – and sitting pretty on twelve goals for the season so far.

If we look back to our last encounter at their place we very much depended on the heroics of Lee Camp to deny Ward, Quinn, Camara and Kilgallon with a string of excellent saves – whilst at the other end the Reds struggled to fashion chances.  So perhaps the Blades might be mindful of that and look to make amends at the City Ground.  Hopefully not!

Lately Forest have struggled to deal with direct teams – and certainly typically that’s the kind of football we can expect from Sheffield United, so the Reds will have to work at it if they want to get the ball down and play – and, indeed, they’ll have to improve their passing too.. and well, you know the rest!  I’m hoping the supporters get behind the team and we can see a cease of this unwarranted negativity from the stands.

As for selections – as mentioned above, I would be surprised if Dex and Earnie didn’t feature.  The McGugan experiment didn’t work on Saturday, and McKenna looks tired.  I would be tempted to put Cohen in the centre with Majewski and field both Tyson and Anderson on the wings.  Perch remains our only realistic option at right-back.  The fear is that leaves our midfield a bit light if that’s where ‘the battle’ is.

I reckon I’ll leave this management malarky to Billy Davies – and I think some of the ill-opinionated buffoons in the stands should do the same.

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  1. In Billy We Trust, lets leave the team selection to him, and support the boys on the pitch, no matter who wears the Garibaldi*

    Like the new banner BTW

    *that excludes certain players like Savage being drafted in on loan of course!

  2. lets just get behind the team and pray they find some form. we were very lucky at there place so they will fancy their chances. with a loud, positive crowd behind forest we shoult be ok though. pity mcgugan did not shine, i hope he gets another chance soon with players like raddy , anderson and ernie around him, he may look a little different…..

  3. Sorry redash, but Lewis was very poor on Saturday. And he didn’t exactly put himself out for the cause when he came on against Coventry either. You’d have thought he would be busting a gut to prove a point to BD?
    He’s still a huge talent though, so I hope if he gets another chance he grabs it.

    Kenno needed subbing on Sat, so it will be interesting to see if BD can see what the rest of us can see. Our season has been superb so far, mainly because of Paul McKenna, but the guy needs to rest up tomorrow….we’ll need his calmness and leadership during the run-in.

  4. mattyboy, thanks for that. I missed the game on saturday but your right at cov he did litlle…then again not many were much better !! its strange really as on more than one occaision he has looked good when coming on and we all know he has the talent. there are too many that have dipped all at the same time, i really hope that there are no real issues in the camp.
    a good performance and three points tomorrow is needed for sure

  5. We are desperate for 3 points tomorrow night…if for nothing more than to quell the “unrest” in the stands. I mean we are only 3rd, 10 points clear in the playoff places!!! It really makes me wonder if Billy thinks the Forest faithful are a bunch of ungrateful no-nothing idiots!!!

    If any dickwad starts moaning tomorrow night I shall find it hard not to comment. So…. if you see any fracas in the UBE my fellow “true” Trickies supporters get over there quick – it might be me and I might need some help! 🙂

  6. I will be there tomorrow evening with ‘my lad’ and I hope like us, everyone will give their full support to whoever is picked, substituted, brought-on, etc …

    However, I believe that this just could be a ‘season-defining’ game. Win and we will stay ‘in the mix’, Lose and the chasing pack will believe that our play-off place is also up for grabs.

    Looking at the Blades injury list I am quite encouraged and perhaps it is time to really ‘blunt the blades’!!??

    Either way, no-one should be in any doubt that this has been a great season already, with a string of great results, some champagne football and a real team effort and spirit. Most of all, we should all be delighted by Nigel Doughty’s ongoing commitment to the club, Billy’s skill and tenacity at navigating a way through this league and be amazed that at this stage of the season we are still 3rd with a real chance of doing something special – how quickly some people forget!!

    U Reds!!

  7. Time to dig out a result as they say in football.Its time for a bit of passion from players and fans our manager certainly has it in spades

    U reds

  8. Egor,
    Any moaners, Just turn round and smack them and tell them to clear off out of the ground and go to prideless park.
    I´m sure plenty of people will support you…i.e self defence !!Anyone booing has never been a footballer !

    • Errr thanks Alan – I will follow that advice so long as they are smaller than me ……. but being 5’6″ Im just disappointed its not a Kid for a Quid match! LOL 🙂

  9. I will let you in to a little secret – nearly every week since October I have bet on Forest to lose, but I bet on them to win at Coventry and didn’t bet at all against Derby and Donny.

    Honestly, not losing against Brum, QPR, Preston and Wendesday has lost me combined winnings of £1422.45 on various accumulators. But not to worry! I have bet on a Blunts win tomorrow, therefore we will surely triumph!! You reds!

  10. Know what you mean Dr. I bet on us losing against West Brom. I think its should be the duty of all fans to bet on their team losing because sods law dictates they will win. If Forest win I’m happy. I don’t feel like I’ve betrayed them by betting against them I think I’ve done my bit to help the result. If they do lose then I’ve got a little cushion to soften the disappointment. Its stupid daft psychology I know but it seems to be working for a few of us this season.

  11. You two should be ashamed of yourselves!

    A fans duty to bet on his own team losing? That’s ridiculous!

    I will never bet on a Forest defeat. I couldn’t look myself in the eye. That’s dirty money. No Forest fan should take any pleasure from seeing the mighty reds lose. It’s meant to hurt. Feel the pain!

    How can you take any pleasure by profiting from a Forest defeat? It’s just soooooo wrong!

    How do you people sleep at night?!

    • We all feel the pain Aylesbury. I do it not to win money but to help Forest. You see I’m applying the fuzzy logic that if I put the price of a ticket (if I’m not going to a match) on us to lose then Forest are bound to win as I just don’t get the luck with gambling. I can assure you a few quid is not going to take my mind off the fact that Forest lost nor is it really going to cheer me up. I tell you what if I see you in town after a Forest defeat I’ll buy you a drink with the winnings.

    • There’s no pleasure. I should have mentioned before that if you offered me that £1500 odd in exchange for 9 points coming off the board, I wouldn’t take it in a million years. It’s just that when Forest lose I am absolutely gutted, I need some emotional insurance.

      How’s this: if my accumulator comes in tonight, which includes a Forest lost, I’ll donate all my winnings to a charity of your choice.

  12. Nothing wrong in betting on Forest losing.
    Of course you still feel the pain. We love our club !!
    It just means you can have a drink to help console yourself and the pleasure of taking money from the bookies !

  13. Keep your money in your pockets lads. I’ve found my lucky red torpedo boxers, which I shall be wearing tonight.

    Victory is assured!!

  14. Ever thought about therapy lads ???

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