We’re Nottingham Forest, we’re beaten away…(again!)

Billy Sharp - matchwinner and perennial pain-in-the-arse against Forest!

Doncaster Rovers – 1
Nottingham Forest – 0

A frustrating afternoon for the Reds – but whatever irritations I got from the on-the-pitch antics pale into insignificance compared to the reaction of some of our so-called supporters.  Some of them are like petulant and spoilt children, and it’s been like that since Derby away – I wonder if they are the people who bought away membership and have just started attending Forest away games after buying into the hype?

I say that because if they’d been to Middlesbrough, or Cardiff, or Watford or numerous other trips they’d have seen similar levels of performance with perhaps that slice of luck needed to turn a defeat into a draw.  If they’d been to Swansea they’d have seen us grab a win.  Sure, it’s disappointing to lose, it was a disappointing performance – but to boo the manager’s decision to make a substitution, even if you disagree, is scandalous.

After that the comments from some folks surrounding me astounded me.  I won’t repeat them here, but some even suggested he was deliberately picking ineffective tactics or personnel out of spite.  What the fuck? I hope that Billy realises this noisy minority are just that – a minority, and the most of us are not so short-sighted to forget we’re third in the league and showing massive improvement from last season.  We’re still with you, Billy – so please don’t let these idiots drag you down.

That’s not to say people aren’t entitled to opinions, or that people aren’t entitled to criticise the manager – hell, that’s what a good per cent of this blog is – but when we’re at the game, we should be backing the lads.  Like we did when we were 1-0 down at Boro and Cardiff, not throwing in the towel and starting to moan and groan when things go slightly wrong on the pitch.  I can’t begin to tell you how angry this has made me, but anyway, the match.

Billy shuffled the deck, in my opinion too much – Lewis McGugan (who many fans have been calling for to appear) got his chance, Adebola was up front alone with Tyson on the wing – with Dex, Earnie and Anderson apparently in need of resting.  The line-up looked something like this, although of course make allowances for our lack of clarity on who actually plays on the wing!

Gunter    Morgan    Wilson    Perch
Cohen    McKenna    McGugan    Majewski    Tyson

I must admit, like many in the stand, it didn’t exactly make me think “Wow! We’re going for this!”, but equally I couldn’t help but consider the options we had to bring from the bench to perhaps go for a suckerpunch in the second half.  Donny started positively, playing decisive quick-paced passing football with lots of movement that they’re known for – and it was them who had the earliest chance when Billy Sharp drew a save from Camp from the edge of the area.

Sharp again was looking dangerous when he spotted Camp rather in no-man’s land and attempted the lob, which beat the keeper but also bounced fairly harmlessly wide.  Shortly after this we had what looked like a penalty turned away – difficult to be sure from the away end but Gunter looked to have been bundled over in the box, but the referee – who proved to be even more of a ‘homer’ than Amy Fearn – was having none of it.

It wasn’t exactly against the run of play that the hosts took the lead – James Chambers played in the cross, Camp went for it, and in the ensuing confusion Sharp was the fella who planted his head on it to score.  At the time I thought it might’ve been an own goal, it was difficult to see what happened.  Another one of those “the defence switched off” kinda moments that have been a blight on our last few away days.

The Reds almost came back with the perfect answer – probably our only truly incisive move of the game when Chris Cohen played Tyson clear, who one-on-one with Sullivan wasn’t ale to beat the big ‘keeper.  The rebound fell awkwardly to Majewski who wasn’t able to direct his effort goalwards.  The rest of the half was mostly scrapped in midfield – with Doncaster getting the upper hand in the scrapping as well as the passing through until half time.

Half time was greeted with a chorus of boos which I hope was directed at another bloody awful referee (not to mention the plain-flagged linesman) – but given what was to come you can never be too sure from some of the idiots in the away end.  It certainly wasn’t all doom-and-gloom and whilst we’d been fairly unpenetrative, we were still in this.  Or so I thought!

Donny started the second half positively too – Gunts had to be on hand to make a decent interception early doors.  It wasn’t long before Billy decided to shuffle the deck further – which much of the chunterers had been chuntering for for a while.  The first change was to bring on McCleary (bloke behind me before the game “What happened to McCleary? He can change a game“, after he came on and lost the ball once “He’s rubbish, not good enough for this level“).  Lewis hadn’t had a particularly good game.

The second substitution followed soon after and when Majewski was revealed as the player to come off there were audible boos from the away end as he made his way off to be replaced by McGoldrick.  Billy clearly took exception to this (understandably) and could be seen remonstrating towards the away fans, much as many of the away fans such as myself were remonstrating with neighbouring ‘supporters’.

McCleary perhaps should’ve kept his head after some good work with the ball found him at the edge of the box, a shot probably wasn’t unreasonable but Cohen was in space as was Gunter, and McCleary’s shot went wide.  Dele too, who to me just isn’t a lone striker, should’ve hit the target from eight yards after Wils lofted it forward towards him.  At the other end Wilson lost the ball and fortunately Coppinger and Sharp conspired to waste the chance.

The final substitution was greeted with cheers when Dexter was brought on for the largely ineffective Tyson.  Shortly after this Cohen (man of the match for us, and boy do we need to keep him in midfield) created a great opportunity – McGoldrick got a cracking strike on it, unfortunately Dexter was in the way to make the block for Donny.  McGoldrick could’ve perhaps played the striker in.

A final nail in the coffin came when McClearly’s first touch looked set to lose the ball, he dived in after it and won it back.  Unfortunately he dived in with two feet raised and the rules of the game do make that a red card offence – which this referee was never going to miss out on dishing out.  I can’t complain really, it was a rush of blood moment and unfortunate for the young lad – but rules is rules, no matter how stupid.

Shortly after this Sullivan dived on the floor and feigned being fouled when Dex was near him which was disappointing to see – Donny are a good positive side, so to see players cheating to try to get players booked or worse is very disappointing.  The referee didn’t fall for it, but of course didn’t see fit to do anything about Sullivan’s antics either – last time I checked such things were good for a booking!

Five minutes of stoppage time yielded very little for the Reds – indeed, in was the home side who had the only real chance through the ever-dangerous Billy Sharp which struck Wes and went for a corner.  Full time and again the boos from some fans, and a fair few like me belligerently clapping the lads off the pitch.  Sure, they’d not been great – but that’s football.

Hopefully now these bloody negative moaning bastards have realised the hype surrounding Forest was maybe a little exaggerated.  We’ve not annihilated that many teams, and except for in short spells haven’t been for the most part the one-touch football people have talked about.  This is reality, football can be scrappy – we’ve profited from luck in these games earlier in the seasn and now we’re not.

Three games on the bounce away from home ending in defeat (four if we count the cup) is worrying, of course it is, but some perspective is needed.  We’re third in the league, we’re still within contention to nick an automatic promotion spot – we already have enough points to avoid relegation.  This time last season I’d have been laughed out of Nottingham for predicting that for this season.

Billy’s done a great job in a short space of time – it’s clear we need to develop our squad further to be anything like a complete package, so how about we enjoy the ride and give the team our backing.  This bad run of results started at Derby, and that was the game when the negativity became palpable in the stands to me – was it because of all those fans exploiting the away membership loophole?  Did they expect champagne football every week?

Who knows, hopefully now they’ve not seen it in the last three away games they bugger off and leave room for fans who’ll join in some chants and get behind the team.  Don’t lose heart Billy, we’re still with you – unfortunately the idiots sometimes have the loudest voices.  Apologies for the rant, but it’s done me the world of good if nothing else and I finally feel like I can relax this evening!

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  1. Excellent report as usual, nffc.
    Totally agree with you re the booing. Uncalled for, unnecessary and most unhelpful. But it should be remembered that the booing was replaced by a good few “billy davies’ red n white army”

    I will say it again though…Paul Mckenna needs a rest. His passing at the moment is abject. This game was made for the Moose, then Kenno comes back fired up against the Blades. But now he’s even more knackered and lacking in confidence.
    His performance was a total contrast to that of Cohen. MOM by a country mile.

    What a goal from Sharp though. He came loking for the ball, controlled it, passed it to a team mate and sprinted UNMARKED into the box for a class header.
    Sort of goal we were scoring up until the D*rby match.

    I’m not too fussed though. Still up there, fighting. We’ve got enough class in the squad to see us right.

    • Missed a bit of the build-up, but I rate Sharp and indeed Donny so not surprised!

      Meant to mention McKenna needing a rest, skipped lots of matchness due to being distracted by idiot fans!!

  2. Totally agree about the fickleness of reds fans. To be fair, it’s been that way for years. Don’t know why some people bother going, some of the comments from where I sit in the upper Trent make me sick. Especially regrding perch, mc kenna n mcgoldrick. All players will have bad spells/games but it’s up to us to get behind the lads.
    Keep up the good blog, and hopefully some of these negative arseholes will get the message n stay at home! U reds!!

    • Perchy, McKenna and McGoldrick are definitely the favoured abusees amongst this group…

      .. I’m used to negativity at times at the City Ground, but the away fans tended to be unblighted by it. Frustrating.

  3. It really pisss me off that people can be so short sighted! REMEMBER where we were 12 months ago???

    Footballs a fickle game but to doubt Billys good intentions is beyond me. Some idiot on Radio Nottingham’s Match Line even had the temerity to suggest Billy was losing games on purpose – to (and I quote) teach the Board a lesson!!!


    • A chap near me suggested similar, I had to remonstrate with him about it. It’s unbelievable what I heard today albeit from a minority of people.

      I rarely feel any compulsion towards football violence (and indeed, abhor the very idea of it) but today came close with supposed fellow Forest fans!

  4. I don’t want you to think I’m being negative but I do worry that the loss of Shorey to Fulham is beginning to have an effect on the team’s performances. He certainly was the final piece of the jigsaw in my eyes and since his departure we have started to struggle – afterall we have a VERY young side out there and he was and aged 28 years!

    I really do hope that Billy gets another left back in soon, ‘cos despite the fact that I like Perch he isn’t a left back. I don’t want to see all the previous good work fall away due to one player – this shouldn’t happen.

    Anyway, I would like to second the comments about the moaners – they do your head in. I cancelled my season ticket in the Upper Trent (when we went into League One) because of (1) Gary Megson and (2) the MOANERS!! I know sit in the Lower Trent and it’s much better. I am suprised that there are so many fickles at away games though….

    We are still doing fine… it could be worse, we could be Nuts Clownty supporters. Now they must be feeling a bit weird at the moment….?

    • Sorry about the spelling mistakes – too much red wine! :~)

    • Please don’t feel that constructive criticism will be taken as fickleness – hell, I moan about all manner of stuff on the blog. Totally agree we could desperately do with a left-back, but realistically Shorey was always going to choose Fulham.

      Whilst Perch isn’t the waste of space many seem to judge him as, he isn’t suited to that position at all – you’re right. If we could have had one signing in Jan I would’ve picked a left back (I would’ve picked Shorey, but well, that was never gonna happen).

      Hopefully we can acquire one from the loan market.

  5. I think you a papering over the cracks! I go home and away and our last three away performances plus last home game have been abject to say the least ! Only Chris Cohen could come out of the donny game with any sort of credit.The rest were well below par in every department. Billy says he makes changes as he sees the players every day in training and knows when they meed resting ? Hello !! Paul Mckenna has gone from always available jonny on the spot short pass general to a vinny jones look a like ” hoof it forward ” . Adebola in for Earnshaw or Blackstock? Garner ? in tues nite now gone again ? Anderson not even in squad ?? Very strange decisions to me. Me thinks the ” wee man ” is playing mind games because he cant get his way on signings! I pay good money to travel to watch this S***E and today was no better than Calderwoods attempt at Donny last year !

    • There’s a fairly massive difference between Smoulderwood and Davies’ Forest though, which I hope you can see for yourself.

      Agree we’ve been under-par – but it’s not exactly an emergency, unless you entered this season with the expectation of winning the league?

  6. Im hugely frustrated that we have slipped the way we have.The booing and moaning in the stands is immature and doesnt help anyone while on the field.

    I once had a pie thrown at me when i played lucky it missed so i know what mororns go to games.However the balance in the side is very wrong for me and if im honest if we dont add 2 or 3 decent players i don t think we will go up.

    But compared to last season we are improving and im proud of the boys but we do make life very hard for ourselves at forest.

    U reds

  7. I went today and to claim that cohen was your man of the match for forest is stupid! He started on the right of the midfield and looked out of place for the entire duration that he was there. He’d often make an effort to get forward but would take far too long to track back and this lead to our midfield and defence being stretched.
    Personally my motm for forest would have been perch. He also played out of position and although he doesnt have the same attacking threat as shorey did, his defensive work was second to non today!

  8. Listening to recent commentaries it sounds like Wilson has lost confidence since Shorey left.
    We know Billy has been here before and will keep us in the playoffs at least…Keep the faith !!!!

  9. I think we are paying the price of M’Arthurs handiwork in the january window. getting some players in to strenghten was obviously needed , even Arthur with his canny eye on the purse strings should have taken proper responsibility to get at least one new option for Billy . Even my Aunt Floss could have done a better job of buying ! Arthur out

  10. i think the wheels are falling off the wagon right now and i’m sorry but mcgoldrick , mccleary , adebola, perch, tyson and garner are not good enough its as simple as that . a top six finish is the best we can hope for . and i don’t really think that we have the bottle or the psychological mettle to get through the play offs!!!

  11. i dont know where to start, other than i knew when i woke up that i was in for a bad day. i could have cheerfully strangled the women in front of me today, if she hadnt of gone for a cup of tea 25 mins in i probably would have, as it was it took till the 55th minute before i said something and queue a huge row. apparenlty the miserbale old bastard next to her has been going 50 years and screaming foul mouthed abuse doesnt matter because the players cant here you!

    it begs the question of why bother going? there’s a bit in fever pitch where he says that it is apparent that football fans hate being at the game and that was certainly true for those two,

    Forest fans seem to have very short memories, i think most of the moaners watched the west brom game on telly and thought “i fancy a bit of that”

    miserable abd fed up, not sure whether thats because of the idiot fans i am forced to asociate with or Forest’s miserable form of late, i could take the latter because we’re 3rd, and barring a disaster, we’ll make the play offs which everyone would have taken at the start of the season but the idiots make me not want to go anymore.

    rant over, off to put me head in the oven, thank god its not a gas one.

  12. hear not here, hang my head in shame.

  13. Just watched some highlights we looked a bit jaded and off the pace.And the gunter penalty claim is a stonewall shout.

    Poor tys bless him hes a star but at this level isnt a goalscorer adebola great at holding things up but isnt sharp in front of goal.

    My question is when earnie and dex dont play where on earth are we gonna get the goals needed. ??????

    Our midfield apart from raddy isnt equipped to back up the forwards enough with goals this is where i think we will toil until end of season.Just please dont bottle it forest !

  14. 3 away defeats on the trot and a lucky win against Wednesday doesn’t look too good but I can’t help feel that people are losing perspective. (not the people who mainly post on this board but the general fan) If we take the last 24 games and interspace the last 3 defeats within them at random intervals instead of successive away defeats we would all be pretty happy with how things are going. I’ve said it before but this was always going to happen and it happens to most teams in this league. The big question is does everyone think we can pick it up again and turn it around? I think we can. There is no doubt that we are in need of left back but thats just stating the obvious that everyone can see except the acquisition panel. As for the list of players who people don’t think are good enough for this level, well thats utter shit. They were all good enough when we were on an unbeaten run.

    The lack of a recognised left back, the moaning fans, the 5 games in 15 days, the fatigue setting in on some of our key players. These are all telling contributions to our recent form. But what the fuck is everyone expecting, ‘Champions’? Get real and just support the team as this is as good as its been since 2002. I for one am grateful that the club is finally showing signs of progress and actually achieving something over the next few seasons instead of watching dog shit negative football under managers who quite frankly have been the worst in the clubs history.

  15. We have been on an awesome run, if these last two defeats had been sown in amongst it then we’d have not even noticed them. To think anyone should have a bad word to say about Billy Davies should he NOT get us up automatically is simply ludicrous. This club had 15 senior outfield players at the end of last season, it’s still one of the youngest in the league and hardest worked, with only 21 players used to far. What Davies has done is nothing short of magical, and despite our dalliance with 2nd place a couple of weeks ago, finishing above West Brom and Newcastle with their large, experienced squads was never a realistic possibility, even if we had managed to keep Shorey/or sign Pratley/Bale/Ronaldo/whoever else we’re expected to with £50m worth of debt.

    Finishing in the playoffs will still be a massive achievement. Last season 75 would have gotten you in, and after 30 odd games 7th place has just as many points this season as they did last, meaning that it will probably be 75 points needed again. This means that we only need something like 1.18 points per game for the rest of the season, so even if we capitulate over the next two tough games we are still going to be OK.

    And for Christ’s sake, since when did bellowing abuse at a 21 year old ever make him more confident?

  16. NFFC absolutely spot on about Forest supporters and many need to have a good luck @ themselves as they’re like petulant children if things don’t go our way. Indeed, having been brought up elsewhere & moved to God’s city the negativity of the nottingham public is all of it’s own…
    Billy needs to be aware of this since he’s pepetuated the doom & gloom mercants with his comments about lack of transfer activity. It doesn’t really help since it surrounds the club with more negativity & everyone lays blame @ the feet of the club, when perhaps wee Billy should have looked @ players to bring in that were perhaps viable targets. Both Shorey & Moses were always likely to go to Premier league clubs if any showed an interest & Bale has recently found the best form of his career.
    So keep the faith & would Koumas not be a good loan signing if fit?

    • Koumas is another Fat Boy Commons for me – i.e a lot of the time he cant be arsed hence he’s never achieved his full potential.

      Just my opinion mind… 🙂

  17. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! It just keeps getting better listening to you clowns.

    Told ya them wheels would fall off come January. Billy will f**k it up for you just as he always does becuase the short arsed little tw*t thinks he’s bigger than any club. You might make the play offs – just – but not the promised land and like I keep saying, our Nige will do more for our club long after billy boy is on the scrap heap again.

    Since beating you lot easily (yeah you can say 1-0 but I’m talking football, not the just the result) we have gone from strength to strength whereas you lot were saying it was just a blip and trying to play it down. Oh how you wish! That defeat hurt you lot like mad – as it did for the toon – and just gone arse over tits since.

    See you next season losers!!

    Come on you Rams!

    • Aww, is that the best you can do? 🙂

      Good luck with the relegation battle.

    • Who let the Ram in? Oh well, I’m used to them making a mock of themselves. See it all the time on FB :p We took Birmingham to 180 mins + injury time. You Shepp only lasted 90 & took the lead. Says a lot.

      As NFFC said already, good luck with your relegation battle. (although I hope u stay so we get the Brian Clough Trophy back & keep it this time – keep it polished for us).

    • Im pretty sure you have no idea who you dad is….

  18. Billies not my dad ????????????

    Well who is ??????????????????

    Lily savage ,enjoy leage 1 nigel will feel closer to home there your only a couple of games away from the zone enjoy LOUDMOUTH.

    U reds

  19. If “wheels comes off” translates as third in the league well Non-League Nigel really is in trouble… Concentrate on your own sack of shite before you sully the site of the mighty Reds.

  20. I’m not going to comment on the match – I’ve not seen it or highlights & that’s not because we lost.

    I am going to launch into some so called fans – starting with the boo boys. I went to two matches when I was in the UK, WBA away & Birmingham home. Not 1 boo. Not 1.

    We lose to Derby, so what. We lose another 2 away games & scrape a win at home at the start – so what. As soon as we start losing you start booing – go support the sheep & start Baaaing instead.

    Next up – the so called fans jumping on players. F off!!! Yes, that’s what I said. You’re as bad as the boo boys. Go & join them at the Sheep & support Lily Savage & Kris “I ate all the Pies” Commons. Tyson no good at this level – where the F did that come from. Perch, Adoble etc – where the heck did that spring from. The 19 run undefeated nothing was mentioned & as soon as a few bad results come in you jump on players. We are 3RD for heaven’s sake. 3RD. We are 5 points off the top ONLY. We are 6 pts CLEAR OF 4TH & 5TH & the Boo boys & jump on the player boys come out of the woodwork. Go down the A52 & stay their in the pens. If not, shut up & f’ing support the boys. If you could do better you’d be on the pitch playing.

    Ok, that’s off my chest for now. Billys Red Army – don’t like it – support the Sheep.

    • On a positive note – well done to the Ladies for a gutsy performance away & getting into the next round of the Cup. That’s football, you win some in style, you win some scrapy, you lose some by a goal & once in a while you see a thrashing. Don’t like, go & find another sport to follow.

  21. Yiannaki, calm down! The sort of fans that boo our own players are unlikely to be the sort of people that come on here!!

  22. To be honest I thought that if we could be in the play off that that would be a exceptional effort after last season. So far everything is on track I did get carried away with winning the league but lets just keep the faith while we go thru this tough bit and hopefully finish we some force. remember how close it was last year we could of been in league one. so 3rd in the Championship is great from where im sitting. I was this close to sending back my jersey last year.

  23. Fucking discrace booing the manager. Those that did should piss off and join the sheep.

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