Coventry City vs. Forest preview..

Billy Davies has been doing such a good job at deflecting attention away from the team that you’d be forgiven for letting tomorrow’s match at the Ricoh Arena slipping your mind.  Indeed, if you read some reactions to goings on you’d be forgiven for thinking the apocalypse was imminent at Trentside (that was the worst one I found, but there’s plenty across all the message boards I’ve looked at that makes me feel like headbutting my desk!).

So anyway, I’m not going to let Billy or doom-mongers distract me from what should be an interesting encounter with the Sky Blues.  Coventry impressed me at the City Ground, and it wasn’t that long ago we faced them at the back end of December, with a decent counter-attacking performance which perhaps meant the 2-0 scoreline to us was a tad flattering.  That said, they looked vulnerable to the counter too, with a not-particularly-quick defence – so maybe our pace at the back (I recall Wilson playing particularly well here) was the difference.

I expect Raddy to miraculously have his head suddenly in the right place for this game and take a starting place, and probably Anderson to come in for Tyson too.  I can’t help but think Billy will be tempted to drop Earnie to the bench in favour of adding Raddy into midfield, which will suit a quick-breaking attack style of play against a defence that lacks pace.  The only other Reds issue I have been mulling over is whether McKenna might be in need of a rest which may see is line up in a four-four-two.

Perch will continue to deputise as a left-back I think, Billy strangely said that Cohen didn’t want to play at left-back and made it sound like that was the end of the story.  Personally I think we would desperately miss him in midfield regardless, and so long as the left-sided midfielder is on-hand to support him, Perch should do fine there.  He doesn’t always look comfortable, but our options are severely limited – I hope the fans at the Ricoh will back him better than those at Pride Park did.

Our hosts have no fresh injury concerns either – danger-man Freddie Eastwood came through their draw with Bristol City after a knee injury with no issue.  Turner, Hall and Clarke are likely to remain sidelined for this game, though.  The Sky Blues are on a run of three consecutive draws at the moment and find themselves sat firmly in mid-table at 15th.  Despite this, I think this will be a tricky game, but hopefully with Coventry attempting to play a bit of football will allow Forest to reciprocate in kind, rather than the last couple of physical encounters we’ve had.

Finally for my fellow travelling Reds fans, we’ve sold pretty much all the tickets – let’s get behind the lads better than we did at Derby.  Put this nonsense speculation coming from some quarters from your minds and do your jobs as supporters, back the lads to the hilt and let them know we’re behind them a hundred per cent.  We were a good team before we got Shorey on loan, and we’re a good team now – there will still be twists and turns to come, but let’s not add to any feelings of unsettlement that might or might not be occurring.

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  1. Ah, Polonia Warsaw just won at Zenit st. petersburg. They got new manager Jose Bakero, signed decent players from spain and heard that they also wanna bring back Majewski from loan. Thought he will stay at Nottingham but it’s almost over. Don’t understand decision of Forest’s board.

  2. are there tickets left to pay on the day?
    was not sure if i could make it but i can for sure now. Be gutted if i cannot get in.

  3. Redash; yes you can pay on the door will just cost two notes more. NFFC you are spot on about Red’s fans, but I’m sure the travelling army will back Billy & his boys to the full tomorrow.
    Also agree with your mullings over the team selection; have you ever thought of becoming a manager. Should be around 4-4.5 thousand Red’s fans there so come on let’s get the Ricoh rocking!!!!

  4. nffc – another great article and commentary. I can’t be at the game, but hope all who do really get behind the players.

  5. Excellent final paragraph nffc.
    Time to stop the negative vibes. Billy plays the media like a pro, and it deflects the pressure off the team nicely.

    My first time at the Ricoh tonight. Any away friendly pubs near the ground?
    Wrap up warm boys, its gonna be another cold one!

  6. This is a crutial game for me. After Direby and a less than outstanding performance against the Owls, we need to regroup and play the football we know we can.

    Billys line up will be interesting and Im curious to see if he goes for the Mousse/Macca/Raddy midfield (a la WBA) with just Dex up top. We shall see.

    I agree with others NFFC. excellent last paragraph. Now is the time consolidate not fragment. We are still 3rd remember!!!

    Finally I REFUSE to watch Late Kick Off whilst that peroxide-streaked sheep sh*gging “has been” is involved! What with Claridge and now that twat, its beyond a joke! So they’ve been around a long time – so has my Granny – but it doesnt make them experts. FFS what have they ACTUALLY achieved in the game??? Answers on the back of a postage stamp please!!


  7. Mattyboy, there is a casino under the ground, free to get in and not many bar staff as i recall but your best chance for a beer.

    Might see you in there.

    • Hmm, might try that, if we’re running a bit late. I’ll be the fat lad shovelling 10p’s into the fruit machine!

  8. Heart says a win Head says a draw. I’m not there tonite but just get behind them lads!


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