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Okay, back from the wilds this afternoon – I should probably be trawling for post-mortems of both the match and post-match incidents from last weekend, but, d’you what? I can’t be bothered.  Derby won in a poor spectacle and I think, from memory, it’s fair to say they wanted it more and once again it was Rob Hulse who proved to be the thorn in the side.  Bizarrely they’re hailing the game as them playing particularly well – it was hoofball from where I was sitting, badly managed by Forest!

After the game naturally Derby will blame Forest and Forest will blame Derby – certainly that talentless left-back of theirs seemed to be centrestage much as he was at the City Ground (despite not playing that day!).  Frankly regardless of blame it reflects badly on both clubs and the FA getting involved doesn’t really surprise me at all, I’d love to join in with the Clough/Derby bashing, but frankly I couldn’t tell from where I was what the catalyst was.  Although they can’t blame Nathan Tyson this time…

Oh yes, and the window closed didn’t it – will we sign Shorey? Will we sign Moses? No, we’ll sign nobody – of course!  Whilst I’m disappointed, of course, checking out the message boards you’d think the world had ended!  Last time I checked we were still only a point off second in the league with enough points to stay up.  You know what, that’s not bad at all!  We could have really used a left-back though!

So let’s look to the future, tomorrow we welcome Sheffield Wednesday to the City Ground.  Alan Irvine’s side have been on a good run of form of late, although many reports suggest their recent win against Plymouth was against the run of play.  Typically lining up in a four-four-two it will be interesting to see how Billy lines up against them after tasting defeat for the first time in twenty games at the weekend.

The Owls have a few absentees – Buxton, Jeffers, Johnson and Miller are all unavailable due to injury, whereas we have no injuries to report – and Nathan Tyson will be in the squad following his withdrawal from the Derby travelling party to avoid being a focus for trouble (well that worked, didn’t it?).  We will need to watch out for Derby indirectly causing us problems again – on loan Luke Varney is a danger man in the Wednesday line-up, and is keen to earn a permanent move to Hillsborough.

I also rate Grant in goal for the visitors – so it should prove to be a tough encounter, it there are to be any similarities with the meeting of us at their place earlier in the season, then it was Anderson causing all the problems.  So perhaps pace will prove our weapon of choice.  Either way, after a few days away for me brooding over the last game I saw, I’m hoping as Billy and the boys will be that we can continue our run of home wins in the league to seven games.

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  1. Err Sheff WED NFFC – not United! Right logo wrong name!! 🙂

  2. We need to bounce straight back into winning ways.

    I think the Direby result was a complete fluke – the ones local derby games throw up from time to time so Im not too downhearted.

    Im not too downhearted either about the lack of activity in the January window (altho a left back WOULD have been nice!) Im starting to agree with the managers in thinking this window is VERY tricky. Teams either buy coz they are desperate to avoid the drop, or buy to bolster a promotion push. Either way prices are over inflated and as players often take a while to settle, Im now not sure of the benefits.

  3. Just like to say I have now officially had it with 606! I just had a thread moderated……it was about Victor Chandlers free ticket offer.It contained nothing rude words not a put down of the ewetubes? I must admit I lost it and replied to their e-mail and called them several rather rude names. Needless to say I have been banned!!!!xx!!!! 🙂

    NFFC you didn’t show for the beer the other week?

    Think it will be close tomorrow but we’ll do it by the odd goal.

  4. nffc

    It’s called time management! Ha ha

  5. Ah, nice to have you back nffc! I had to go to another forum and register on there in order to get stuff off my chest!! ltlf, know it?!.

    Sheff Weds, always had a slight soft spot for them.
    They’re NOT that horrible lot from the same city, they’ve got decent fans, try to play nice footy and Des played there.
    That said, we simply must win tomorrow. And despite their run of form under Irvine I think we’ll do them 3-2

    Called the CG today about some Donny tickets and the lady said there were only 900 tickets left for tomorrows game!

    • Nice to be back, kinda! Missing the post-Direby furore and the transfer window closing was a blessing in disguise for sure, I’ve chosen to ignore it!

      I am familiar with LTLF – I tend to ‘stalk’ there quite a lot.

      I also share a soft-spot for Wednesday – not sure why. Obviously that goes out the window tomorrow!

  6. come on Forest, bounce back and lets go again. we are better than WBA and Newcastle. welcome back NFFC where in Scotland were yer ? I could have given you a lift up the road after the game last saturday…..
    i would not have been great company though !!
    I fu%king hate the bast@rds even more now….

  7. Not confident for this one at all which is the first time I’ve felt like that in a long while. Be happy with a point today.

  8. Ah the wilds of scotland eh nffc no better place to blow the cobwebs away.Weve got to get the bit between the teeth now and go again its time to scrap and get the 30 points needed.

    U reds

  9. Looking forward to your views on todays match, including yet another p*ss poor ref and Billys after match comments….very telling. And slightly worrying.

  10. Lets hope the dreaded panel gets Majeski´s contract sorted out quickly.1.e. NEXT WEEK !!!!!!!!
    I thought we had first refusal on him and a price had been agreed should we wish to buy him,so what´s happening ??????????

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