Life goes on..

Can’t have many complaints really. Derby worked hard and didn’t let us play, an unattractive game from both sides with the Rams creating the better chances.

Raddy made a mess of a great chance he’d created, and Bywater made an excellent double save – but the rest if the chances of note came for the home side. Hulse was quite lucky to not have picked up a second yellow, but we know only too well he can be in an aerial bombardment!

Pisser to lose our unbeaten runs to them, but it gives any complacency a kick up the arse, and gives Billy ammunition to pressure the panel to get a left-back in. Perchy struggled today out of position.

Derby fans get the bragging rights, but we stay second. Will update properly later in the week – this is from my phone in a service station! Chin up, Reds fans!

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  1. gutted!!!!

    Still second atm. Will be looking for the other results today for the first time in ages really.

  2. They deserved it to be fair and, as gutted as I am, when I look at where we are in the table and where i’d have settled for at this time of the year before the season it’s water off a duck’s back.

    The big worry for me is if this aquisition board don’t secure Raddy or Shorey – they’ll do more damage to this club than Derby ever could!

  3. TTSBU is the only thing I can bear to read or watch.
    Of all the places to lose our records – TRIPE PARK !!
    😦 😦 :-(.

  4. Can’t help you out anymore I’m afraid. I’ve realised that because I’m a Clough, I’m Derby through and through – just like my father before me.

    Billy Liar wouldn’t shake hands with me after the game. He’s a bit of a twit isn’t he?

    Don’t forget fellas – it’s only a game afterall ….

    • Hey imposter – stop gloating in your win, you’re still 20pts behind us, 34 goals worse than us and 16 places below us… πŸ˜‰ (& u only pulled 1 pt clear of the drop too)

      • It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Maybe you’ll win at PP one day. Away victories are great, as I’m sure you remember. Those two at the City Ground last year were magic.

        Wednesday to beat you next weekend, and then the wheels will come off.

        Although we’ll probably lose at Bramall Lane!

        • the worst thing about our loss is that we will have to wait AGES for a win at Prideless Park now…. next season there will be 2 divisions between us. 😦

          have you seen the shameless dvd of the scrappy game is already on sale. Did we have one released for the much better match earlier in the season?

  5. ahhh well, we all have off days, just a shame it had to happen today. I’m confident we’ll be back to winning ways next Saturday.

    any news on possible transfers?

  6. What 2 say, we lost yes, we played poorly compared to recent matches without playing bad!! The Sheep won the battle, but hey, we’re winning the war.

    PS – Won’t mind both staying in this division next season, means we get a chance to win the BC trophy back again πŸ™‚ (assuming there isn’t a friendly if we are in different divisions next season)

  7. 19 league games unbeaten is no mean feat, this must be how united fans feel on a regular basis! To lose to the dirty sheep is a travesty but oh well. Have promised myself a 46″ TV and our local Omani version of Sky sports if we go up so there’s just that to look forward to then πŸ™‚

    Keep the faith boys.

  8. well the sheep won and i predicted it and the scorer to.

    That black sheep hulse is a thorn in forests side i hope he catche scapey if we were going to end our great run it had to be at the dip but never mind wouldnt change our position for theres. Here we are at the death again in the window and no new faces but that is typical all talk no action Doughty and clan no real ambition.

    • shut up mate,

      i cant believe your criticiseing him already, Doughty was a legend in the summer, the window isnt closed yet but even if we dont sign anyone this window, we bid for moses and pratley, as well as tried to sign shorey cant do much more than that.

  9. Im gutted like all of us but we didint deserve to win.This derby side is a thorn in our side as is hulse.Bit of humble pie often is a good kick up the bum and i think we needed it today.

    Now we will show out true colours and i hope the lads step up to the mark.Billys comments were very honest and refreshing after the game he is a true realist but he will be hurting top man.

    U reds

  10. Certainly put a downer on my day in powder snow and sun. Agree pi55er it’s them but agree life goes on. Sure Billy will get something positive out of this. Just remember guys not to moan to help the boys kick on from this. Had to have a dip at sometime just a shame it was against that lot! 😦


  12. hate to say it but if i’d got a spare Β£50 i’d have put it on the result at 90 minutes but i’d have doubled with nathan tyson being sent off…..thanks to king billy and his judgement the double was never placed…..sorry for this nffc….get fuc*** off from commenting on this excellent website you sheep sh****** bast***,run from the heart by a passionate forest supporter for the sake of like minded forest fans like myself,, and many others,fu** off to where they delete negative comments against your soon to be relegated clough picked side that can only perform against the top trwo…..,,if the game had been the other way round and you’d have been at home 1st the away attendance would have been nearer the 4,500 mark to ensure your away following
    at the city ground…..wanke**

    • a lot of shitey sheep sites remove comments that arnt pro baa baa’s nowadays, lol

      its a proper show of weakness and does make me chuckle. i could understand it but i have been posting and having good banter with the sheep, yet still they have been removed.

      cock knockers, lol

  13. Didn’t see the game but as a neutral (well a Swansea fan) I was hoping for a Forest win as I hate Derby (well Robbie Savage for starters). Plus it puts some pressure on Newcastle and the Baggies which in turn can open it up for the chasing pack.

  14. one run ends now we start again come on you reds!!!!!!!

  15. On 606 phone in tonight Savage was a disgrace I think everyone should complain to BBC and Five live, he says Forest tried to get Hulse sent off and totally rubbished a Forest fan who texed in. According to the radio Commons was waving an imaginary card to get Wes sent off for a challenge after he had already been booked – Savage failed to mention that -surprise!!
    I immediately switched off shame on BBC for getting this complete idiot as a so called expert-
    come on Forest get promoted and stuff it up these Direby lot.

  16. LOVE this quote from Metgod: “We have had it before against big teams and then the next game has been totally different.”

  17. Well well well. All your gloating and you come to Pride Park to a proper stadium – not some blind fantasy of a ground or a half empty sh*thole and get your cumuppance.

    Funny how you to*sers arent laughing on the rams forums all of a sudden.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha bunch of red dog losing wan**rs

  18. Oh…. and we got our trophy back … thanks for bringing it for us

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    And for all you fickle red twa*s who forgot what a player nigel was for you (whilst his mind was really focused on being a ram) he will be here leading us to glory loooooong after that loser billy boy had dumped you lot in the sheep dip.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Non League Nigel attacked Billy apparently?? Has he take to the bottle ALREADY (like his Dad)

      An alcoholic blur must be preferable to having to deal with the small town small minded morons that support Derby County.

      A 1-0 win excites you so much……. little things please little minds. BTW European Cup (twice) League Championship, League Cup (thrice) shall I go on??? Best not hey…..

  19. I was sat in the d*rby end, and after 10 mins savage made a horrible tackle in front and we started hurling abuse at him … not a good idea …

  20. Hope its not right but Shorey to Fulham-we missed him today

  21. Dear me ..That Billies love child needs to look at the league table.
    What a lot of crowing about a 1.0 win.
    Thank God we wonΒ΄t have to play this shower next year .
    Any team that gets rid of Billy Davies,Earnshaw and Lee Camp must have serious problems at the top.,which is where these pathetic comments should be directed. Come on you Reds !!
    A top 2 finish is there for us !!

  22. just watched it on the telly, you can see me and the boy surrounded by sheep scum when Billy gets off the bus and signs some blokes book.
    on a negative though I did not like the fact Billy did not shake hands with Nigel. that was wrong and petty.
    anyway he says we are going up so bye bye scum enjoy div one and a team that cheats you and nigel 4 weeks out of 5. How you can be happy to see them play like that yet play so badly most of the time ? they are cheating you, you sad morons…

  23. Starting next week we will embark on a 20+ unbeaten run ,the scum wanted it more than us,it was just one of those days,still 2nd still going up,we all no we are a lot better side than turned up yesterday,keep the faith lads the promised land will be reached come May…….

  24. I think that has to do with the way NLN handled the tie at city ground ash.Plus we dont know what went on in the sramash.

    Nige was a good player for us but he clearly is a derby man and doesnt strike me as having much love for the club.

    He doesnt inspire me not a patch on his dad.We take this one on the chin and go again with real purpose we need 30 points.

  25. it looks like we won’t be making any signings then, i think this could be our down fall. we really need 2 or 3 quality players for the final push . after the defeat against the scum i have started to get a real weird feeling that we will go on a losing run , also i think we have been very lucky with injuries and suspensions . i can see us start and pick up some injuries and suspensions , along with not signing anyone and going on a losing , i think that we will start to fade away and due to the non signings i fear it will be all too much for us PARANOID OR WHAT !!!! i just have this weird feeling and as i say before the lack of signings will come back to haunt us …anyone else feel this way or is it me looking into things too much and being a bit paranoid???

  26. Bit worried …. I mean Derby really are a poor side, and I’m sticking with my prediction that they are going bust.

    We’ve got some difficult away fixtures like this and I think this is where the seasons starts, without us getting carried away after trashing a lot of sides recently.

    I don’t think you should ever shake hands with anyone, no matter who they are if you belive they’re cheatin’.

    When will the Beeb realise like 99% of ordinary footie fans that Savage is just boring, nothing to do with who he plays for. Instant switch off for me and on to SKY.

    Really,really proud of our lads at the end of this terrfific run. Bounce back time Saturday.

  27. A great run has ended, the side have been fantastic, and we are still going to be fantastic, thanks to all the NFFC squad for what you have done, and what are going to do for us this season, yesterday was a big highlight in direby’s season, it was like their cup final, it often happens an inferior side can beat a much better one at home(the league does not lie) we have bigger and better things to aim for, looking forward to giving the lad’s a great reception when Wednesday visit us this Suturday

  28. […] the original post on Through the seasons before […]

  29. No getting away from it, its incredibly disappointing to lose to local rivals. I was listening to it on 5live and the commentary said it was a scrappy but even game and it was always going to be a goal like that that decided it.

    Now we are going to see how this team reacts to potential promotion. They will put pressure on themselves to reproduce a similar run(which is what it’ll take to go up). Can they handle their own imposed pressure and that of the new spotlight from the media and of course the fans who expect them to challenge? By the end of February we will be able to tell from the upcoming fixtures if they can. A win against Wednesday and this defeat will be forgotten by the team, a draw or defeat and doubt will start to creep in. Its not only Billy that we are going to have to rely on to get them going again, I think the likes of Mckenna and Earnshaw and other senior players need to step up and reassure the younger players that it’ll be fine if they just keep playing their way.

  30. does anyone think that it is a Major kick in the teeth that we not made any signings in the window , this would have let us kick on from here..i think the squad needed strenghtening for the final push . where as now ithink we may have missed the boat!! unless the team can react differently after this major defeat against the SCUM and go on another run i would have played tys and mousi from the start against the SCUM perhaps billy wanted to play it down a little but i think he made a few tactical selection errors ….

    • i think so to mate, but they are the first ones ive noticed.
      We will know more about where we are after next weeks result. hopefully this defeat will do the team good.

  31. I’m loving all the nonsense you lot come out with.

    My Dad was right – you are just a bunch of spivs, who know nothing about football.

    Hear that ‘run away’ Tyson said he wasn’t feeling too well on Friday and was unfit to play.

    By the way, sorry to hear about the injury to McKenna – you’ll miss him now that the wheels are coming off.

    Cheer up disrespectful Billy Liar. How gutted are you …..?

    • what injury you cock-knocker. im gutted we will not get the BC trophy back for a while. next season there will be 2 leagues between us.

    • Of course we are gutted you TWAT,just like you were in August,and just like you will be in May when we go up and you go down………………

  32. “We’ve got bigger fish to fry” – Billy Davies

  33. robbie savage is so not used to handling trophies that he dropped the BRIAN CLOUGH trophy twice!!! ps i can’t see one silver star on the SCUM shirt let alone two!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said

  34. I overheard a conversation the other day…
    3 lads bragging, guy in the arsenal shirt says ” my dads d*ck is 10″ long”
    Lad in the Manure shirt says well my old mans is 12″ long
    Lad in the D*rby shirt says “Christ, well my dads is only 6″. But it still hurts like hell”

  35. From the players Wikipedia page…

    On 1 February 2010, Nottingham Forest announced Babayaro’s signing on an 18-month contract.

  36. Where did you spot that Radgie? There have been numerous hoaxes of player signings on wiki before so take it with a pinch of salt!

  37. Heard a tipoff this morning and Google’d the player. The text has now been changed, reporting his agent says he’s signed for us, not the club.

  38. I agree with Forest til I Die,.
    The Player of the Match , Barker,was a target for us that Billy had seen and when the team was still in Portugal,this panel blew it and he went to the sheep instead.!!!!
    Now a 5 million player Moses was available for 3 million and he has gone to a team in a Rugby town for 2 and a half million. If he fulfills potential will probably be sold for 10 million in a couple of years to one of the top teams !
    For Christs sake ,Give Billy what he wants and show ambition.!!!
    Camp ,Blackstock and the other players signed wanted to come here so it was easy to sign them !
    Now we are in the top 2 it should be EASIER !!
    Get rid of this panel NOW !! They are not needed !!!
    Rant over….Now lets get on with this new run !. Saturday HAS to be a win when you look at the next fixtures,but before last saturday the Lads believed they could beat anyone in this league.
    Lets hope that belief is restored after saturday !!
    Come on you REDS !!!

  39. Well as we all probably suspected. No new signings. Billy is going to have to do it the only way he seems to know how and use the players he has at his disposal.

    In some we respects we can’t be too greedy. We signed quality in the summer and that quality has got us into the automatic spots. (No fan could of predicted where we’d be this time of the year at the beginning of the season). Having said that a club serious about pushing on should be able to sign a left back as we HAVEN’T GOT ONE fit that specifically plays that position. This is a severe oversight in my opinion and one that could in all likely hood cost us automatic promotion. I’m not too bothered about Moses, it would of been fantastic but realistically he was never going to come to Forest once a prem team showed proper interest. The thing thats disappointing is that we are second and you can’t tell me that that isn’t an attractive proposition to players looking for a club to move to. It strikes me that this smacks of the transfer panel farting about

  40. We were never going to sign anyone, with the exception of left back we don’t need to and the likes of McGugan, Perch, Chambers and even Garner can now stay positive and fight for a place in the run in.
    Also it takes the pressure off Billy and the side,we now have a readymade excuse if wedon’t go up, but a good motivational tool to keep the pressure off the young lads.

  41. I hate losing to Derby, but its a kick in the nuts we need so we dont get carried away. Lots of hard work ahead and we have to play week to week. If we worry about each game alone we should do well

  42. Camp,blackstock,gunter all came in on loan after last seasons window.I think players are playing the old lets see what forest achieve before they commit to coming if they are big names.

    And dont forget we are still in recession and money is tight clubs in the premier leage are toiling so lets be thankfull and not get too carried away.

    We will bring in a couple of loans no doubt about that.

    • Thats certainly the reason Majewski hasn’t signed on permenantly. If we go up, he will, if we don’t, he’ll go to another Prem side.

      Shorey still has hopes of making the WC squad which, given the Terry/Bridge scenario, isn’t beyond the realms of possibility so going to a Prem side is obviously 1st choice.

      Perchio to become the new Denis Irwin?

  43. I would mind the lack of signings less if I hadn’t had to listen to David Pleat waffle on all through the Pompy game on Sunday – shouldn’t he have been doing something else!!!!?

  44. Agent clough you sir are an imposter I know the real one. Perhaps you’ll come back after your lttle trip to rammall lane?

    Keep the faith everyone else…Keep the faith

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