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  1. Pick that one out you twat!

  2. Have you seen their promotion for Mushy Peas?



    Its the taste sensation!

  3. Never Ever Ever get tired of watching that!!

  4. came down last night to break up the journey and not have such an early start. Been up since six….too excited!!.
    Come on you red’ens

  5. I couldn’t get tickets, been to 5 away games still couldn’t, saw sven in town yesterday, got into a conversation with him, and he got me 2 tickets in directors box!, the first good deed he has done in nottingham…

  6. were in, seen the boys off the coach, camp gave a clenched fist to us as we clapped him surrounded by booing sheep. Great moment

  7. well done to everyone that were there for your excellent backing….just did’nt seem to get going, still 19 unbeaten is something to be proud of eh….

  8. You’ve lost that unbeaten feeling now its gone,gone,gone

    • Took you a long time to think that up 😉

      Well done though, thought Derby worked very hard and had the better of the play.

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