Reds reject derisory Newcastle bid for Perchy

Perchy: Not for sale

Rumours broke yesterday that Newcastle had made an offer for the versatile James Perch. Today Forest confirmed that was indeed the case, that the offer was derisory and had been rejected – and that James Perch is not for sale, particularly not to a promotion rival.

In his unique and highly repetitive style, Billy pointed out:

They have made an offer for James, but it is a derisory offer and the bottom like is that he is not for sale anyway.  We are not interested in selling James at any price, particularly not to one of our rivals in the Championship.  As I said, the offer was derisory, but it doesn’t matter because he is not somebody we want to sell.

We do not want to sell any of our players.  We want to strengthen our squad, not weaken it.  James has not featured very much this season, but that is purely because he has been injured and, during the time he has been out, I have said all along that we have missed him.  He is a vital member of this squad.  I guess we have got a few people worried.

This is good news for me – Perchy is oft maligned by Forest fans but I’ve always appreciated his workrate and tenacity.  His ability to put a tackle in is second to none in our team, in my opinion, and with some work on his passing and decision-making he could continue to develop into a better player.

It is also reassuring that the current league leaders are bidding for a player who – even if fit – would be far from guaranteed a starting place in our team given the myriad of options we have open to us.  Given Billy’s proclavity to play Gunter over at left back and Perch at right back when required, that might be needed sooner rather than later.

Still to your guns Forest, and don’t sell to Newcastle.

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  1. Perch is a squad player at best. Gunter will always be ahead of him as first choice right back and McKenna and Cohen in center mid.

    If we do go up, McKenna will need replacing, IMO, because at that level, his (poor) passing will be exposed even more and prove more costly to the team – there is a reason he’s not played Premiership football you know.

    I say if we can get 1m+ for Perchy, take it and McKenna becomes 2nd choice.

    • I don’t think we should be taking any offers in January – particularly not from promotion rivals. Squad players are what we’ve lacked for a long time (at least ones who can come in and do a job, as Perchy has lately).

      As for whether players are ready or capable of the step-up – that’s entirely a matter to worry about in the summer – should we make it of course – I reckon. Perchy hasn’t had a chance to train/play under Billy too much – look at how Wilson and Wes have responded.

      I wouldn’t write anybody off just yet.

  2. WHAT? Mckenna has the best first touch in the league, and by no means is poor, it’s just out of his 50 odd passes a game, he his bound to mess up at least 1

  3. I still feel that Perchy could be the long term replacement for McKenna, his reading of the game is excellent, that is the reason he is the one who makes those last ditch tackles.
    Passing and composure are both trainable attributes, and Billy has already transformed big Kelvin.
    Let him work on Perchy and the side will benefit in the long run.
    Great to hear psycho big us up yesterday also.
    COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I remember Perchy scoring away at Brizzle City a few seasons ago and running the langth of the pitch to celebrate with the fans and point out that he scored with his left foot!

    I hope we dont sell him and from what Billy says I think there is little chance of that happening.

  5. I agree with Oli. McKenna is a rarity we’ve not had fro years. A player who wants to receive the ball all the time, isn’t afraid and will try and pick out the pass. Would you rather him not in our side radgie? His benefits far outweigh any stray passes that he makes, which also happens to other players might I add. Some people are never satisfied. McKenna has been fantastic this season. If or when we get to the prem Mckenna will be a part of the side. I agree that we will probably need to replace him due to age but for now he will be an integral part to our success.

  6. Whoah! I’m not for one minute suggesting McKenna shouldn’t be in the side. What I’m saying is that he is not good enough for the Prem.

    Point taken on the way Wes and Kelvin in particular have thrived under Billy and maybe Perch could do the same. In which case Billy must have bought McKenna as a stop-gap until Perch was fit, no?

  7. I for one hope Billy sticks to his guns and doesn’t let Perch go.
    He would run through a brick wall for this club, and since he’s come back from injury he has looked very good in his one and a bit games.
    His versatility can be his downfall, when he covers in positions that are established by other players he will never look quite as good as that player, so it’s easy to criticize. But imo he does a good job wherever he plays.
    Hope that makes sense!

  8. Perchio is great in the tackle but has always looked a bit lightweight when he has to stay on his feet. He also looks a bit lost in the middle, which could change with coaching and games but who knows. However I agree 100% with NFFC over his importance as a squad player. Why sell?

    Also agree with AD_BC – leadership isn’t just shouting and organising, it’s a willingness to receive the ball and get things moving – things we have lacked completely for years. No player who makes 50-60 passes a game hits all of them. It will be interesting to see which team is first to try and man mark him as I think that could cause us problems.

  9. Change of topic……..
    Anyone know ………if Portsmouth FC are woumd-up by HMC&R and if they cease to exist as a club……would that mean there is an additional promotion slot at the end of this season from the Championship?
    Furthermore, since you could only have 4 teams in a play-off, would that mean there’s 3 automatic promotion places?

    Just wishful thinking and maybe completely wide of the mark !

  10. If we’re serious about promotion we don’t want to be selling anything except total fringe players, such as Davies (who’s now gone), and the only other one I can think of that i’d let go is Garner.

    Perch is young, has the right attitude, and settled – no point selling unless it’s money you can’t turn down ie £3m+

  11. If nothing else, it’s good to see fellow trickies backing the current squad.

    I quite like Perchy like many of you, and though he can be found wanting with his lightweightness, he is a real need in the squad and has a great attitude. If there is anybody that IMO, forest could live without it would be Cohen. I say that IMO, only based on the performances I managed to see against Coventry and Birmingham (First Leg), (I concur, not much to base my opinion on, I know) where his passing and his generally good reading of the game was well below par. But then like BD, I wouldn’t sell anybody. We have a great squad and everyone is vital to it, we have a great team and one that could get promoted. However, should we have a bad spell and miss out on automatic and fail in the play-offs, we will need the continuity for next season where we can have another go.

    Covering all possibilities Forest would do well to keep everybody. Otherwise they would show the desperation they showed all them years ago when Forest got promoted and sold Kevin Campbell without replacing him. The reds are showing desire and ambition as last summer demonstrates, why sell?

    Radgie, I agree McKenna may fall short in the Prem, though I think many will fall short when you face the sad truth about the gap between the Championship and the Prem. It surprises me Newcastle would want Perch and they are odds on favourites to go up. McKenna however is the leader Forest have looked for for years. When Holt and O’Neil failed to, Forest now have somebody who is a great player and an even better leader. He, like Majewski are the buys of the season.

    K.Hope, great question, I have no idea. If you do the maths however, it wouldn’t make a difference. 3 teams would leave the Prem and 3 would go up. The problem will be that come the end of the season, the Championship will be short of a team, not the Prem. Unless of couse Portsmouth go bust yet manage to avoid relegation which IMO is unlikely. In that case there would be a gap but as it stands, it won’t matter. There would need to be readjustment further down the leagues, not in the Prem.

    It’s been a while since I posted on here after re-emmigrating back to Blighty. It’s good to be back with my fellow supporters. And all I can say is, what a season!!! U reeeds!

    • You really need to see more games if you think Cohen is dispensible! He’d be amongst the first names on the team sheet for me!

  12. Are they joking? Sell him to NUFC? Why would he want to join the HariKari Club?…worse than joining Spurs!

  13. Any one know how much the derisory offer was?

  14. £1 Million

    • £1m is the figure being touted around Newcastle fan sites – I would be very surprised if this was the true offer (or if it was it would be a “after numerous add-ons were triggered” kind of deal).

  15. £1mil can still buy a lot in this league, and a much smaller amount can buy a 6 month loan from the prem. I’d be surprised if it was half that.

  16. Pachuca Red wrote “3 teams would leave the Prem and 3 would go up……….come the end.. season, the Championship will be short of a team, not the Prem…….there would be a gap but as it stands, it won’t matter. There would need to be readjustment further down the leagues, not in the Prem.”

    OK it may all be hypothetical but there’s surely another way the FA could see it. The Prem is minus one if Pompey go tits-up, “so we’ve got to allow either one (unthinkable) or 3 to go up and 2 to go down ~ with knock-on effects in lower divisions”. Surely the easiest is to allow 4 up from the Championship, 2 down from the Prem and adjust numbers in the lower divisions?

    But it’s all academic as we’ll be in the top two anyway 🙂

  17. We all know that none of the present squad will be allowed to leave before the end of the season.
    We would be crazy to destroy the rhythm of the squad.! Keep it rolling Billy !

  18. Assuming that it was handled the same way as for Gretna, if Portsmouth went bust there would just be two remaining clubs relegated from the Prem, and business as normal for promotions from the Championship, and the same position repeated down through the leagues – essentially one relegation slot fewer in each division (not sure how it would affect the bottom of the Conference where the pyramid starts, but by that point you are into teams being unable to accept promotion because their grounds aren’t up to scratch anyway). So it makes no difference to us (except that there would be a bunch of iffy Prem players out of contract all of a sudden). And even though I don’t like them much I wouldn’t wish it on the Pompey fans anyway.

  19. Sell Perch!!! The man is a local lad and bleeds red & white as his crunching tackle when introduced against the baggies proves. Cohen, Perch… as NFFC advises do not sell any valuable members of our squad @ this time.
    Perch while not always easy on the eye provides 100% commitment & carries out a role not always appreciated by those in the stands.

  20. BD has made some good players great at the CG. Perch has not been injured so he’s not had a chance to play for us that much.
    He played a lot under Calderwood, there weren’t that many great performances with him.
    Think if he stays put he will step up big time.

  21. Gutted!! As despite having four away matches under my belt + the obligatory season ticket , still unsuccessful in my application for tickets to watch the mighty Reds at the sheep dip.
    So anyone out there who has a spare & wants it to go to a good home give me a shout as I’m desperate to give Lily plenty of abuse, reserving a heroes welcome for Tys.

    • Gutted for you. I know of people with 6 games who’ve got a ticket – so the threshold is either 5 or 6 by the sounds of it.

      I also know of people who have been to far fewer (or no) away games but have got a ticket by virtue of the scandalous away membership scheme.

  22. Does look like a lot of people bypassed the “loyalty” of attending matches by means of the away membership scheme. How much does it cost to join? Since loyalty appears to count for nothing when pitted against hard cash…

    Anyway things are going so well Trentside I can’t really muster much bile to complain about my perceived injustice & I will have to settle with trips to Cov & Donny!!

    • £30. I bought one at the start of the season – turns out I would have had enough away games under my belt regardless – but that’s not really the point.

      I just didn’t want to run the risk.

  23. We live & learn!!

    • It does beg the question though – if Forest are capable of operating a ballot system based on people’s purchasing history, which they clearly are, then why do they have a queue-jumping mechanism in place.

      Because this is the only game away membership has become almost mandatory.

      So basically, it’s £30 to get something (for some people, not all) that other folks are more deserving of. It’s not a scheme I approve of at all.

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