Better ‘Late’ than never..

The BBC’s new regional coverage of the Football League is, in my opinion, the very format The Football League Show at weekends should be.  Less of the aimless wandering around a late night office, and very much like the Match of the Day 2 format.  I think the industry call it more of a ‘magazine’ show – whatever that means.  The presenter, Manish Bhasin, talks more about it in The Evening Post here, and comes across very well I thought – it must grate having to smile as you describe your team being annihilated 5-1 by a hated rival!

Either way, it means that Manish Bhasin – who despite his Leicester-affiliations is a decent presenter – gets to sit down on a settee with panelists who vary.  Whilst Steve Claridge is very knowledgable, there isn’t much charisma there – a bit of variety would be nice.  Even the cartoon villain Robbie Savage being present wasn’t too much of a problem, a sly ‘Notts Forest’ was more than made up for by Bhasin forcing him into admitting Forest were ‘fantastic’ and surely ‘deserved favourites for promotion’.  That must’ve been horrible.

It does rather make you question the conflict of interests in a current player punditing, but then Billy Davies was a guest of Sky for Newcastle’s game against West Brom – and came across very well I thought.  The game worked out well too, personally I didn’t think any result on the night would be without advantages for us – but perhaps both sides dropping points is preferable from our position in between them.  West Brom can recapture second with a win over Blackpool in their game in hand, but only on goal difference.

Back to ‘Late Kick Off’ – it worked well for me, features and interviews – even though Forest weren’t featured – were interesting, and it was great to see how many mentions we got spontaneously despite not being a featured team!  The proof of the pudding will be in next weeks show – I saw the dreaded email address and text number advertised, please don’t ruin what promises to be excellent regional football coverage with a godawful “and now, over to Lizzie with your emails and texts!” feature.

Those of you who missed it, or are in the UK but not the midlands, you can catch up with BBC’s iPlayer.  For those ex-Pats or Reds from far and wide out there, I’m afraid you’ll need to have a scout about for torrents or similar.