Cohen nowhere? Hopefully.

Cohen celebrates capping off a great move for Forest against West Brom

I’ve resisted the urge to regurgitate the rumours doing the rounds at the moment – rumours which are, actually, pretty quiet.  Certainly on the incoming front anyway – but there was a big fat one in the outgoing direction that has been rumbling on sites like ‘Football Rumours’ for a while.  Today it was picked up by the press along with a price tag.

Premier League strugglers Bolton Wanderers are apparently in the market for our very own Chris Cohen who – if you listen to media sources – is rated with a £5m price tag.  Now I like Cohen, a lot – indeed, even for that I’d be very sad to lose him as he’s a young lad with tremendous talent and even more potential – but that price tag seems rather high to me!

Having said that, whilst a bid of that kind of size would undoubtedly prove a lure to the powers-that-be at Forest – it would risk our momentum, Cohen is a key squad member.  No player we have has his engine and workrate, and his versatility has been a godsend.  From the point of view of Cohen too, it hardly represents ‘big move’ – if you lay all the leagues together there are only three places between us and Bolton!

So I would hope that Forest will be rebuking any offers coming from Lancashire.  Chris Cohen’s reaction to his goal against West Brom speaks volumes for the kind of passion the lad has for Forest and his teammates.  Long may it continue!  Let’s have some incoming rumours, please – rumour mills – ones more likely than us going up against Serie A teams and Manchester City for the signature of Victor Moses!

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  1. If you look around the squad, he’s one of only a few who you think could make the step up to the Premier League. That’s why we desperately need to hang onto him.

    From his perspective, surely 4 months in a team playing well and winning vs 4 months of hard slog with the prospect of being in PL or Championship next season whichever club you’re at is a no brainer.

  2. Couldn’t agree more about the momentum and if we don’t sign/loan Shorey after January then it would be a massive problem if he left us.
    I managed to see the WBA game over here on Setanta and I swear he was in tears after he scored – certainly made we well-up!

  3. If Coyle is serious then I do fear Cohen could be tempted. Instant premiership entry is hard to resist. Hope he doesnt go though. £5m!?!?!?!!

  4. I’m a big fan of Cohen, he’s improved all the time since he joined us and I’m sure that after a couple of years at the top level he’ll be in a team playing in Europe (oh how I wish that could be us!!) and the frame to replace Gerrard & Lamps who only have 1 more tournament left after this in Englands midfield. I have tried to view both sides of the coin here. If Cohen went for £5m it would near enough pay for every transfer in during the summer. And better still I think we would reinvest and the money introduced could be spent on Shorey (£1.5M) & Adam Johnson (£2.5M). And a million change for the Mr Doherty, he’s spent more than enough to get us up in to the prem, we’re more than ready and I think better equipt than every side in the PL lower than 15th place.
    As things are if transfers were made we’d have a bigger squad for a start, 22 players- that’s 6 fewer than Man U have fielded and they will be playing 15-20 more games over the course of the season!

  5. However, we all remember what happened the last time we got in to the habit of letting our young talent go

  6. Certainly going nowhere except the prem with us

  7. I think Cohen is that important too our squad that if we did go up the glory land, with him in our squad and the amount off work he does, he would keep us up !

    so too me he is worth 50 million not 5 !

    either way chris cohen will shine like a touch in the premier league with the extra time and space he would get and hopefully it will be with the mighty reds !

  8. I don´t think any of our players are going anywhere.
    End of story !!

  9. the young man loves life at the city ground, who would’nt at that age in a team that’s going in the right direction with a manager who’s getting the best out of everybody associated with it,winning week to week,an integral part all over the park,future captain ?playing in front of 3/4-full stadiums every other week,living in one of the ten best cities in the uk……..or go to bolton ply your trade in front of a half empty ground every other week,probably see out a relegation scrap,make your home in one of the ten worst cities/towns in england……..the lads going nowhere even for £5m as long as the board think long term and not in £££££

  10. Chris Cohen would be very foolish to go to Bolton. It is hardly a big move is it?
    In all likelihood they will be back in the Championship, if not this season, then probably the next. Bolton are no where near as big a side as Forest in terms of following. Cohen is a major part in this Flying Forest side and I cannot see Billy wanting to let him go. Valued at £5million (albeit paper talk) and with his stock still rising, that is the time to get him on an even longer contract & protect your asset / investment. I think he will stay & in all likelihood, with a few additions during January, Forest will be in the Premier league next season anyway.
    Either way I cannot see how this move would benefit either the player or Forest in the long term.

  11. Chris attended a social evening at the Grantham Supporters branch last thursday evening, he was a real pleasure. He spoke of the bond between the players (a group of 8 play on-line games together) He spoke about us not me when asked about the team. My feeling is that he will not leave unless the club want to sell him, which is I think unlikely.
    For the many supporters who cannot understand why we always bring every player back to defend corners,this came up in a Q&A session. The answer is last season we conceded the highest number of goals from set pieces in the division, this season we are among the lowest. It must work!

  12. If you know your football hes going nowwhere hes pivotal to out team.And i reckon along with campy and wes hes first on the team sheet.

    Why sell your best assets billys no mug we need players in not out im confident we will go up so why leave.???????????????????????????????????

  13. Why all these comments on something that´s not going to happen.
    The subject should not have come up in the first place. Lets get back to reality and not invent ficticious stories.

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