Cohen nowhere? Hopefully.

Cohen celebrates capping off a great move for Forest against West Brom

I’ve resisted the urge to regurgitate the rumours doing the rounds at the moment – rumours which are, actually, pretty quiet.  Certainly on the incoming front anyway – but there was a big fat one in the outgoing direction that has been rumbling on sites like ‘Football Rumours’ for a while.  Today it was picked up by the press along with a price tag.

Premier League strugglers Bolton Wanderers are apparently in the market for our very own Chris Cohen who – if you listen to media sources – is rated with a £5m price tag.  Now I like Cohen, a lot – indeed, even for that I’d be very sad to lose him as he’s a young lad with tremendous talent and even more potential – but that price tag seems rather high to me!

Having said that, whilst a bid of that kind of size would undoubtedly prove a lure to the powers-that-be at Forest – it would risk our momentum, Cohen is a key squad member.  No player we have has his engine and workrate, and his versatility has been a godsend.  From the point of view of Cohen too, it hardly represents ‘big move’ – if you lay all the leagues together there are only three places between us and Bolton!

So I would hope that Forest will be rebuking any offers coming from Lancashire.  Chris Cohen’s reaction to his goal against West Brom speaks volumes for the kind of passion the lad has for Forest and his teammates.  Long may it continue!  Let’s have some incoming rumours, please – rumour mills – ones more likely than us going up against Serie A teams and Manchester City for the signature of Victor Moses!