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Undoing the hard work of his scarf-twirling twattery - Savage is alienating himself from the Derby fans..

The aftermath of Derby’s collapse against Scunthorpe took another amusing – but also quite a saddening – twist with Robbie Savage kicking off at a local journalist supposedly for spreading rumours after the game. Absolutely hilarious, mainly because it’s that two-faced weasly bastard hanging himself in the local media in a nearly ten minute tirade (which you can listen to by clicking the above link).

Coming from a man who is one of the well-publicised drains on Derby’s fragile wage bill, it’s quite amusing for him to come out with the whole ‘caring and sharing’ thing.  Bless him, having done considerably well to turn around a negative impression many Derby fans I know had of him upon joining the club, he seems hell bent on hitting the self-destruct button as much as he and his teammates do on the pitch!

I’m sorry to labour the Derby thing, and in all honesty – while I’m enjoying gloating a little bit – it finding it incredible to listen to.  A man famed for his provocative behaviour, and supposedly grooming himself for a career in the media – my gosh, what a pathetic tirade.  We have our differences, but I think the Derby fans are beyond reproach with their current situation – they turn out in impressive numbers at Pride Park.

Robbie Savage – club captain – and his team are answerable to those people, to start insulting them for complaining for losing 4-1 at home to Scunthorpe is laughable.  A man with zero credibility has managed to make himself look even more stupid – what an upsetting anniversary for Non-League Nigel, which I must admit I’m only partially enjoying.  Savage sounds like he is resigned to relegation – what a disgusting attitude from the club captain.

The only people saved from a tongue-lashing from the midfielder is Clough and the management team – who he justifies as qualified in their roles based on their playing careers (mostly with Forest – arf!).  In fairness, I think they’re doing a fine job as well!  If he was a spokesperson for a team I supported rather than disliked I would be very unhappy indeed, even as one for them, I find it decidedly uncomfortable!

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  1. hes a right cabbage, oh my word.

  2. plank…….

  3. Plant!

    I could think of other one word epitaphs, but as this is a family site ….

  4. It would appear that Direby Clownty are hitting the “self-destruct” button at the moment. I for one am not enjoying this, as I don’t wish any misfortune on the club, other than what Nottingham Forest can “legally” inflict on the playing surface.

    Robbie has taken the “heart on my sleeve” and “honest John” mantle a bit too seriously here and made himself look a right Charlie (which we all knew he was anyway). Oh Dear!

    It will be interesting to see how Non-League Nigel reacts to this outburst….?

  5. If this was our Club Captain, I would want him out with immediate effect. However,.its Direby and after TysonGate and his antics off pitch and off camera, I hope he fulfils his promise to take them down.. I just hope the Dieby fans who pay his wages, and have some of my sympathy, do now see him as the pathetic insecure little man that he is. If Nige has the balls he should strip of the Club Captain mantle after this, to do otherwise will show his impotency even more.

  6. There were a number of Direby fans actually supporting Savage’s views on their phone in !!! …. at least the journalist / commentator had the decency to state later that he was not a Sheep … another double agent ??

  7. oh my, what a tool.

  8. Oh dear! Lily’s lost it!!!!

  9. What’s not to like about Savage? He plays with his heart on his bobble hat.

    He was merely reacting to comments on local radio about unsubstantiated tittle tattle and supporting his colleagues, such as Gary Crosby and Johnny Metgod.

    • The funny thing is he is ‘in the right’ at first – it was irresponsible for the Radio Derby DJ to be passing on rumours he wasn’t prepared to substantiate.

      However, he takes that and comes across as a complete and utter fool. He insults the poor buggers who are still dragging themselves to Pride Park to watch their team capitulate and almost concedes that they’re on the way to relegation!

      It’s peculiar. Savage then later phones up to the Radio Derby phone in and continues to make an absolute fool of himself and his club. I would be mortified if a representative of Forest behaved in that manner, even under provocation!

  10. Trouble at mill, oh dear!!

    Savage is a child. No wonder there is trouble in the dressing room with a prick like that as captain.

  11. If he had a brain he´d be dangerous !!
    When Billy says any new players have to fit in to our harmonious dressing room,a type like this idiot is just the type of player we don´t want.
    On a brighter note ,It is going to be a cracking game tomorrow !!!!!! Come on YOU REDS !!!!!!!

  12. kind of indicative of his on the field antics if you ask me, he is both provocative and insulting, together with being a very average player you can see why he,s frustrated, he is beyond his depth and a very poor leader. direby pay the price for his yobbish behaviour…

  13. ‘Scarf twirling twattery’ ?!!!

    Whatever happened to keeping your gob shut and doing your talking ON the pitch?! You can understand why Savage was asking the weak journalist to back up his statement but he really should not be getting involved.

    Nigel might think it was nice that Savage was trying to stick up for him and his management team but if he has any sense at all he will ban Savage from doing any more interviews and move him on during the transfer window.

    I can see things kicking off big time when we go there later this month.

  14. even as a Derby fan, I laughed – but
    t-t as he is – who else would have a go back – go Sav

    sad sheep ……

  15. I like the fact he later has a go at the commentator on the game for saying “and boos ring out loudly at the final whistle”

    Its like he’s expecting the commentator to say “oh and d*rby have succumbed to a late flourish by top quality opposition but there’s always next week kids, don’t forget to tune in!”

    Savage says “they can hear the boos, there’s no need to tell them about it” it reminds me of comical ali claiming iraq would soon fight off the infidels, or better still, that german commentator on escape to victory, you know the one i mean, the one who has a crowd cheer machine which he switches on when the nazis score because non of the french crowd cheer, anyone or is that just me?

    roll on the 30th!

  16. Can’t diagree with any of that. I’m a Rams fan and it makes me cringe to hear Savage carping on like a ten year old.

  17. Robbie called himself professional!!!!!!!!!!

    What a twonker? He he he. I just wish I was a journo and worked for Radio Derby……..!

  18. they have started to block forest fans from commenting on there forums. LOL

  19. What a quality player and a real talisman for every aspiring young captain out there.I cant wait for paul mckenna and the moose to give him a good going over on the 30th.


    U reds

  20. Laughable, hypocritical mercenary b*stard.

    Still though, he knows how to make me laugh. I love it when he spits his dummy out.

  21. Who did Nigel Clough play for? – Forest
    Who did Gary Crosby play for ?- Forest
    Who did johnny Metgod play for ?Forest

    Does this ring any bells direby?

  22. what a cock, Nigel must be so proud of his captain…

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