Meanwhile, at Derby County…

Undoing the hard work of his scarf-twirling twattery - Savage is alienating himself from the Derby fans..

The aftermath of Derby’s collapse against Scunthorpe took another amusing – but also quite a saddening – twist with Robbie Savage kicking off at a local journalist supposedly for spreading rumours after the game. Absolutely hilarious, mainly because it’s that two-faced weasly bastard hanging himself in the local media in a nearly ten minute tirade (which you can listen to by clicking the above link).

Coming from a man who is one of the well-publicised drains on Derby’s fragile wage bill, it’s quite amusing for him to come out with the whole ‘caring and sharing’ thing.  Bless him, having done considerably well to turn around a negative impression many Derby fans I know had of him upon joining the club, he seems hell bent on hitting the self-destruct button as much as he and his teammates do on the pitch!

I’m sorry to labour the Derby thing, and in all honesty – while I’m enjoying gloating a little bit – it finding it incredible to listen to.  A man famed for his provocative behaviour, and supposedly grooming himself for a career in the media – my gosh, what a pathetic tirade.  We have our differences, but I think the Derby fans are beyond reproach with their current situation – they turn out in impressive numbers at Pride Park.

Robbie Savage – club captain – and his team are answerable to those people, to start insulting them for complaining for losing 4-1 at home to Scunthorpe is laughable.  A man with zero credibility has managed to make himself look even more stupid – what an upsetting anniversary for Non-League Nigel, which I must admit I’m only partially enjoying.  Savage sounds like he is resigned to relegation – what a disgusting attitude from the club captain.

The only people saved from a tongue-lashing from the midfielder is Clough and the management team – who he justifies as qualified in their roles based on their playing careers (mostly with Forest – arf!).  In fairness, I think they’re doing a fine job as well!  If he was a spokesperson for a team I supported rather than disliked I would be very unhappy indeed, even as one for them, I find it decidedly uncomfortable!