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  1. 🙂

  2. he aint got long left surely ? – but dare they sack him and give up on the hallowed surname which they and all associated with them desperatelly want to hang onto ? – without delving into the dark sides recent historical past i’m not sure but paul jewell must have been better placed this time last season than clough jnr

    • when jewell resigned they were 18th in the championship Dec 28th 2008 and they’re now 18th but two more points clear of the relegation zone than jewell’s side….

  3. I’m sure if he gets some money to spend he’ll pull them clear. Remember he’s only brought in lower league players. Presumably due to a crap budget

  4. Shame isn´t it ……….

  5. A year ago I was very against Billy`s appointment and wished that we had gone for “our Nigel” how wrong could I be.I keep pinching myself to see if it is a dream.
    Happy days!

  6. After his antics off camera to some of the backrrom staff after the game at the CG, I have no sympathy with Non-League Nige whatsoever. May he sink back to the lower leagues never to darken our door again.

  7. Young Nigel will alway be one of my all-time favourite Trickies; however apologies for not shedding any tears non-league Nigel. How gutted must the Rams be- to let one world-class manager to slip through the net is foolish but to let two….

  8. Well they are playing like a non league team … so the future’s promising for them when they eventually find their level.

  9. It’s BFB Commons that I’m smirking about……

    as well as your choice graphic of course – nice one ,-0

  10. Im with Deeping Red on this one.

    F*ck him I say. He made some pointed comments when he joined Direby (and I quote “Being Derby manager is the only job I would have left Burton for” – thus implying he didnt give two hoots about the Forest job) so he made his bed….let him lie on it.

    Being smug I can say now, hand on heart, I never wanted him as a manager but then again, I didnt want Billy either!

    A few of the sunday nationals are now doubting Non League Nigel’s ability to manage at this level with one even suggesting hes out of his depth.

    2nd in the League, unbeaten in 18, Dierby in deep poo – oh yes, its good to be a Forest fan right now!!!

  11. I always wanted Billy Davies. What a Legend!

  12. e i e i e i o down the football league they go!!! thanks nige your making our seaon even sweeter,next year when the mighty reds are playing man u, chelsea,arsenal etc. direby will be having local derbies against notts crapty!!! happy days.

  13. Nige simply must not repeat must not let his cover slip. Good it SO difficult not to be a gloating arrogant FOREST FAN!!

    flook him and all of theirs!

  14. Give him some time. jewells guys will not have played Nigel’s sweet game so he needs to keep some players who can and bring in some more good passers.

  15. The most hilarious 60 minutes listening for many a year ….. thank you from the captain of DCFC junior school.

  16. I want nothing more for Derby to go down and we go up, oh the sweetest of turn arounds. We’ve waited long enough for it and it’ll go some way to banishing the defeats of last season and the unforgivable horror shows under Kinear.

    But I do have a little bit of sympathy for Nigel. Its clear that as a collection of players they are not doing it. But they didn’t do it for the previous manager either. Like the guy on the radio says 7 out of the last 8 seasons Derby fans have seen trouble coming. The club are not providing their managers with the correct support, something which Forest fans should be very familiar with.

    Having said that, fluck ’em! Savage has been pretty much consistently one of the biggest dicks in the whole of the football league.(and now he’s at Derby! I don’t think we could hate a player more) I can only think of Joey Barton as someone worse. Thats because he fails as a human being, he’s pretty much everything wrong with professional footballers today. If it wasn’t for football he’d be in prison doing life with his brother in law. (Anyway I digress) Savage is just a colossal prick who seems to just rub everyone up the wrong way and for that alone he can ply his final season in league one for all I care.

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