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  1. Oh Yes, do it and do it NOW!!!!!

  2. No… NOW!!!!!!

  3. Very possibly the best photo you’ve ever posted to your blog.. and that’s saying something! Cheers from a snowy down south!

  4. cant sleep – wot a performance !! raddy rocket

  5. As I said(preview art), Radek may become a leader of polish national team. We play 4-3-1-2, very similar like Nottingham. . . Hope F. Smuda will call him up and give chance to show his abilities in full match. Greetings from Poland. Aha I don’t believe in global heating. . . (:^>)(* )(* )snowman

  6. If you look at his right fingers he looks like he is making a rabbit shadow puppet
    Now that must be a good sign

  7. Great goal, great player we NEED to sign him!

  8. We all agree…
    Raddy and Forest are magic, are magic, are magic…

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  10. Sat 9th January 2010 – 2nd in the Championship, BD Manager of the month for December, Lee Camp, Championship Player of the Month for December, unbeaten for 18 games, unbeaten away in 16 games – we should all remember this day.

    Does it really get any better than this?

    U Reds

  11. You forgot to mention the D*rby are losing 4-1 at home to Scunthorpe 😉

    U Reds

  12. Superb goal. His celebration reminded me of Blackstock’s last seadon V Brizzle(in terms of his passion) and I remember thinking then that Dex would sign. I thought after that goal yesterday that Raddy would sign. Hope I’m right 🙂

  13. what a performance from the whole team ….! .
    This is the best forest side since we last went up to the prem …..with hoidonkey et al …..but this time we’ve got so much more potential …Nigel D has done a great service to the club getting it back from such depths – ( We were there against Macclesfield! )

    one more push and we can do it – Sign up Raddy/Shorey
    and we need a back up for Mckenna – if he gets injured we are going to suffer .

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