Award winners!

Billy Davies is manager of the month for December, with Forest remaining unbeaten (of course!) and notching four wins, and two draws – only conceding one goal (a penalty), which explains why Lee Camp is also celebrating being named player of the month.  Both richly deserved, although I reckon Campy should stand the lads in defence a round or two of drinks as well!

Meanwhile, down the A52…

Derby County 1-4 Scunthorpe United

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  1. Great stuff for the Reds. Keep on going!

    Poor Nigel, you’ve got to feel sorry for him being involved with Drabby. I see Krissy Commons is taking credit for the own goal!

  2. its great to see Direby doing so well.

    Well done king billy and campy.

  3. Yes a point on the 30th just enough to keep ‘our nige’ in his job until they are relegated.

    Happy days.

    Well done Lee and Billy

    On a personal note hope your feeling better deeping?

  4. I am now, Scunny cheered me up no end!!!

    Wel done Billy 🙂
    Well done Camp 🙂

    Happy First Anniversary in Charge to No League Nigel … outright winner of the Clown of the Year Award and he celebrated it in such fine style today!!! 😦

  5. Well deserved Campy and Billy !!.
    I´m sure there will be more awards before the seasons end.
    Roll on tuesday.
    I can hear the Brum excuses already….hard fought draw against united….no time to recover etc etc.
    Come on YOU REDS !!!

  6. Superb we are truly flying and my heart bleeds for that lot down the A52 i cant wait to stuff them at the end of the month.

    Qusetion for reg are you a real pongo ? im an x bootneck ive never heard a pongo call himself a pongo quite unique really.But as you are a red im not gonna dish out any stick are you still serving.

  7. well done billy & lee

  8. & 11:30pm football league show 2nite …..
    does the lack of fixtures mean extended high lites of both matches …..
    what a difference a year makes

  9. they just love screwing the cloughs at direby dont they

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