Notts County appoint a new media spokeman after fresh crisis..

After the collapse of the Munto Finance deal and Peter Trembling’s management buy-out, the League Two club is as newsworthy as ever with rumours of impending financial meltdown.  To handle the increasing media interest on the dodgy dealings happening at Meadow Lane the Magpies new owner has appointed a man experienced in dealing with a demanding pack of journalists in difficult circumstances.

New spokesman Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf said in a brief statement: “Our initial assessment is that we are on track for three successive promotions.  Upon reaching the Premier League we will mount an assault on Europe, Sven will oversee the march and we will be victorious.  Rumours that we have no money and that the all-powerful Trembling is nothing but a cheap fraudster are not worth an old shoe.  We shall prevail.  That is all.”

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  1. I thought their new club crest looked familiar…

  2. i dont want to take the piss out of the county but quite a few of them were getting a little above their station just a couple of months back and i imagine the last thing they want to hear is a bunch of Forest fans saying “i told you so”

    I do worry for them though, they aint going up at this rate and people like schemical, hughes and akinbayo do not come cheap or in fact, are particularly good. Unbelievably it looks like they will be worse off than they were before munto came along, and that is a real shame.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Quality! 🙂

  4. Its a shame but I have to say this with a grin as the feed back from the County fans to Forest has been a little above their positin in recent Months. if it keeps on going they will be in debt in Div 2 with the risk of the non league trap door and as a Forest fan I don’t want that, I want County to do well, but I don’t see that in the near future now.

  5. I am also a little put out as they say. I was told of Money, a 5 year plan and lots of skirts in the office….I have had nothing of the sort.

    That why I’m off…..

  6. Only 3 weeks ago, they were spouting about becoming the biggest team in Nottingham, now they are going to be lucky to be the the biggest team in Sneinton.I for one will not be putting anything in when the buckets come round this time!

  7. Excellant!
    You just need to add a picture of Sol Campbell and Erik Bakke exiting through the Meadow Lane gates and a Munto Finance For Sale board in the background.
    That Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf looks a bit like Tord Gripp doesn’t he?
    Exactly, noboby knows what he looks like or what he does.

  8. I assume they will no longer be inclined to kick out Notts Rugby Club FC – because they’ll be needing al the pennies they can get.

  9. I have sympathy with Notts County fans, yeh some have been cockey and you can’t really blame them can you. All looked good for Notts, new investment, new management, new players.
    But seriously, are there any Pies out there that thought maybe a mid-east based investment may not exactly be a good idea in such difficult times? Surely they knew that Dubai was not worth the sand it was built on, and that the £ is about to collapse to new lows making any investment in the UK practically worthless. Let this be a lesson to Forest, stay clear of any foreign investment in the future. Nigel Doughty may have some doubters but you cant fault him with his backing can you.

    The good news though is that clubs like Direby county (aka general sports and entertainment/disney LOL) are going to have to sell their “best” players in Jan.Robbie Savage and Kris Commons are their “star players” LOL

  10. we should buy savage, put him as a sub and make him warm up infront of the A block for the full game so we can abuse him and gob on him……
    right, back to work !!!

  11. Nottingham has been chosen as part of the England 2018 World Cup bid with a new build Forest stadium submitted as part of the bid!!

    Good news or Bad?

    • bad,bad,bad – dont want a new ground but it’s good to go on a certain dierby website and take the p*** until the moderators get there fingers out and delete my posts !!!!

  12. I don’t want the world cup if it means we get posted out to some identikit stadium on the outskirts of town. Its simply unrealistic that Forest will achieve gates of 45000 plus even if we’re in the prem. Villa don’t get that and they have a much bigger catchment area and have been in the prem all the time we haven’t. I think a redeveloped City Ground of 38-40k max is what we need. I’m talking about knocking the lot down and building ‘The New City Ground’ in its place. A stadium that is sympathetic to its surrounding environment but an architectural statement that the City itself can be proud of, not just Forest fans. Its in such a fantastic location that an architect firm like Herzog & de Meuron would make it be the face of modern football stadia. I’d rather have this than England winning the world cup let alone the bid.

    For what its worth I don’t think England will win the world cup bid. Yes we have the best facilities and policing in the World when it comes to football but I don’t think these factors count so much when you have to grease the palms of so many committee members. We are on an exceptionally unfair playing field as I’m sure other nations will be offering sweeteners to these members that we as a nation are just simply not allowed to be seen doing. (in fact I have reason to believe that this is taking place…I have sources on this one)

    • a new city ground would be the best situation as far as i’m concerned but surely a capacity of near 40,000 could be acheived by finishing the bridgeford upper,taking down the main stand to replace it with a two/ tier all singing all dancing stand with all the facilities like club shop, offices etc built into it and possibly under stand parking ??? as a second point the corners of the trent end, BC stand new main stand could and should have been filled in when the trent end was put up in readiness for the euro 96 games – the usual excuse of leaving it open to help the growing conditions at pitch level just dont add up to me ??? do all that at our home and hell we’d have a well over 40,000 seater stadium with heart and soul…..

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