Notts County appoint a new media spokeman after fresh crisis..

After the collapse of the Munto Finance deal and Peter Trembling’s management buy-out, the League Two club is as newsworthy as ever with rumours of impending financial meltdown.  To handle the increasing media interest on the dodgy dealings happening at Meadow Lane the Magpies new owner has appointed a man experienced in dealing with a demanding pack of journalists in difficult circumstances.

New spokesman Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf said in a brief statement: “Our initial assessment is that we are on track for three successive promotions.  Upon reaching the Premier League we will mount an assault on Europe, Sven will oversee the march and we will be victorious.  Rumours that we have no money and that the all-powerful Trembling is nothing but a cheap fraudster are not worth an old shoe.  We shall prevail.  That is all.”