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What looks to be a sell-out crowd will be at the City Ground to see a 3rd vs 4th battle, with the winner taking 3rd!  Who would’ve thought we would be saying that at the start of the season about this fixture?  Certainly it’s added a bit of spice to a game where often the sense of occasion can feel a little one-sided.

And that’s understandable, whilst the Foxes were able to beat Forest at the second attempt in the cup at the City Ground recently (despite gifting us a goal – literally!) they haven’t triumphed here in the league for more than forty years.  They’ll certainly feel that this season represents a good opportunity given their flying start to the season – of course, tempered by our own good form.

The Reds are on the longest unbeaten league out there in the top four divisions.  Billy has shown he is prepared to adapt both tactics and personnel to exploit our opponents.  He’ll be heartened to be able to call upon Nathan Tyson and Chris Cohen again after their respective injury and suspension – meaning we only have Bennett on the injured list now.

With Dexter surely approaching full-fitness and Earnie looking to keep up his run of goalscoring (and thus his place in the team), all eyes might be on the frontmen, the midfield battle should be interesting – I haven’t seen much of Leicester beyond the Football League Show highlights, and from those the midfield might be an irrelevance as the ball is launched over them.

Leicester are hoping to welcome back captain Matt Oakley who had to content himself with a substitute place in their last game away at Scunthorpe, aside from that there aren’t any injury concerns.  The one to watch is clearly 9 goal man Matt Fryatt, a former Forest transfer target.  However, despite his early-season goal glut, he hasn’t scored in nine of the last ten games.  Gulp.

I expect this to be a cagey game, Billy Davies and Nigel Pearson are both likely to have their teams set out to nullify the opponent, so perhaps a repeat of the oft-seen cagey first half followed by a more open second as legs tire and perhaps one side might have made a breakthrough leaving the other needing to attack.

Certainly I’m looking forward to the encounter – a good challenge against a side who’ve registered an excellent league placing at this stage of the season.  I have a nagging feeling this will end up a draw, which – to be honest – wouldn’t be too bad given the bigger picture.  Would be lovely to start December’s fixtures by elevating ourselves to third though, wouldn’t it?!

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  1. “Anybody who can do anything in Leicester but make a jumper has got to be a genius.” Brian Clough RIP.

    Nigel Pearson deserves an enormous amount of credit for what he has done there. When they went down to div 3 they bounced straight back up (unlike us who made 3 seasons very hard work of it). Straight back up and challenging for promotion in their first season (unlike us who faced a first season relegation battle).

    I agree with you NFFC that a draw is a likely outcome but wouldnt it be nice if we really clicked and gave them a hiding?!!!

  2. I think Leicester’s postion is a really false one as it seems to me they’ve had a lot of spawny results. I dont particularly like their style of football I must admit and Pearson is like a zombie when interviewed (only less interesting!)

    Midfield will be critical for me so Im hoping the Mousse is back to add some bite. McKenna v Wellans will be an interesting tussle too!

    I honestly think we can win this one…..famous last words I hope not!

  3. i’d take a draw but if we can get a foothold in midfield early on(moose,mkenna) our back four should’nt be troubled by anyone in the championship let alone leicester, personally i wouldnt go rushing tyson for this one nor would i try and accomodate cohen unless we play 4,3,3
    with madjewski,mcgoldrick,tyson,adebola,garner all eager to get on and into action we should be able to push for the whole ninety minutes giving hopefully pearson a defensive headache leading to them flooding the midfield with the lone fryatt up front to go against wes and kelv…….. billy will have it all in hand so we should’nt fear anyone home or away 2-0 forest camp nothing to do fingers crossed !!!

  4. I agree with most tough game but I think we’ll win 2-0.
    leicester are a difficult side to breakdown but I think we have a little more guile.

  5. This has draw written all over it even more so than the Bristol City dead cert 1-1 did.

    Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the scrawny b@stards did us over 1-0.

    Another 4 goals in the for column would be nice though 🙂

    U REDS!!

  6. We will be well prepared and we will be able to match them in all ares’s. I think we will break them down and win 2-0. cannot make this one but have my ticket for tuesday, again we could win that one as well !!
    how good would that be ????????????
    Earnshaw to get both goals and with them down to ten men by 70 mins.
    come on you red’uns

  7. Making the trip up from London, looking forward to it. I know they aren’t in the same league of rivalry as Derby but I still like these games and beating them is still pretty sweet because you know it means so much more to them.

    I remember 6-7 years ago and they were beating us 2-0, singing easeh, easeh, easeh and we came back and equalised with a Jack Lester Header in the last minute of injury time. The place exploded it was one of the loudest celebrations of a goal I’ve heard at the city ground. I could hear the other stands over your own shouting which is very rare given I was in A-block. I think even the referee made a remark on the noise level at that game. It was also the infamous Boost bar throwing incident when Rogers winked at the A-block after a foul on a Forest player I think, nobody needed a second invitation to pelt him with the freebies. Not that I condone throwing objects at players of coarse. Lets hope that the atmosphere is as good as that game and they don’t start giving out free family size toblerones. I reckon they’d come keen.

  8. I’m really looking forward to this one and am still pinching myself that the winner will be up to 3rd position. SHould be a cracker, lets hope it 4-4-2 with Dex and Earnie starting.

  9. A Leicester supporting colleague sent me this link

    They seem to be fairly downbeat about their chances, but a lot of them are going for the draw!

    Is the game on sky?

  10. I expect us to win. the confidence in the squad,the extra fight and Billy´s knack of bringing on the right substitutes at the right time and our extra fitness. I reckon it will all happen again in the second half !!

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