Reds draw Birmingham at home..

Not really the draw I was hoping for – for one, I was hoping for a trip away from the City Ground, and well – no disrespect to Birmingham City – but to a higher profile opponent.  As it is, this is a game that neither team probably hoped for – we will prove an awkward opponent for them, and them us.

I’d hoped for a ‘go out in a blaze of glory’ cup tie at Old Trafford or The Emirates, or maybe Anfield.  Of course, our last attempt at one of those types of cup ties at Stamford Bridge may have seen us exit stage right, but certainly there was very little glory to be had.  Indeed, the only action of merit for us were a bobbling Junior Agogo shot and the attempt by Julian Bennett to snap Andrei Shevchenko in half.

You see, a cup run is a fairly low priority for me – that said, it is a good opportunity for Billy to shuffle his pack a little and keep more players in competitive action as he finds himself with an increasingly fully fit squad – and therefore more selection headaches.  As we find ourselves daring to look comfortable with the tag of playoff contenders though, I fear the impact of cup-shaped distractions.

Indeed, casting my eye down the draw not much jumps out – a trip to Chelsea for Watford, a London derby between West Ham and Arsenal.  Manchester United vs Kettering or Leeds could be both interesting and tasty, and poor old Notts managed to draw the wrong Forest!  As is so oft the case, I wonder why we get excited by the third round draw!

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  1. I agree probably not a tie either team wanted. Birmingham will not want to come to CG but they will want to show what they are about given their reasonable start in the Prem We however should see this game as a measure of our progress this season. Last year we played well against them in the second half at least, but they always looked a more complete team than us. As such, I am really seeing what we can do against them this time round.

  2. IF and I know its a bit if, we were to get promoted, Birmingham represent the type of opposition we should expect to beat at the CG.

    So maybe a good tester, as DeepingRed puts it, to see what progress we have really made this season.

  3. Agreed Egor, this will be a good yardstick as Billy will put a strong side out even though he will rotate in the cup.

  4. Just think; Paul McKenna going face-to-face with Lee Bowyer. Should be very tasty!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t a televised game on the Sunday?

  5. Either us or Notts will need to reschedule. I can see them being televised what with non-league opponents and the Sven-factor still providing the media with a great deal of interest.

  6. the goals from donny are on the website

  7. NFFC, I have to disagree with you here,for the first time..
    .I think a good cup run would be good for this squad.
    It gives fringe players a competitive match to play in without the risk of losing points,and playing more Prem sides this year will give Billy a better idea of whom to keep should we go up this year.
    I hope the Leicester match gets streamed on the internet for us foreign based supporters !!

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