Shore-d up whilst expecting to be Bale-d out?

Forest have pulled this one out of left-field, or left back at least.  Whilst the papers are full of purported £3m bids for Gareth Bale of Tottenham being prepared for the January window (which, of course, might still happen), Forest have had a word with Martin O’Neill and secured the services of Nicky Shorey on loan ’til the end of December.

Shorey shot to prominence at Reading, and moved to Villa when they were relegated from the top flight – he’s even picked up a couple of England caps along the way.  However, despite making a few appearances for the West Midlanders in both the Premiership and the League Cup, he has found his opportunities somewhat limited.  That said, he’s clearly not been completely forgotten as Villa have imposed a 24 hour recall clause on the deal.

With Cohen suspended, Lynch recovering from injury and Bennett injured this was a real headache for Saturday’s game, but Shorey should arrive with the squad on Thursday and make his debut against Doncaster.  Indeed, without the suspension and injuries this is a cracking signing in my opinion, so hats off to Billy and the acquisitions panel for going about their business and landing a player who is proven at this level.

As the Derby fan at work said to me jokingly when he was reading the Bale rumours: “That’s nothing, we’re trying to get DJ Campbell on loan!” – luckily for him, he has a well developed sense of humour, I think he’s going to need it!  As for us, welcome aboard Nicky!  It’s great to have you here.

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  1. WOW !!

    Much better signing than the persistently injured Bale.

    24 hours recall only kicks in after 22nd December which isn’t that big a deal although the number of games played during that period means a recall is more likely, just when we could do without it.

    Nice title too nffc 🙂

  2. Like Gunter last season, he might like it so much he wants to stay permanently.

    I guess this also signals the end of Cohen’s days at left back and it looks like Billy has no confidence in Lynch playing there.

    Good signing though, well done again Billy & Forest!

  3. Begs the question of why we bothered to sign Lynch but apparently he is now being mooted as a centre back, along with Perch, Chambers and the current first choice pairing of Wes and Kelvin.

    Thats five centre backs apparently now, and no doubt Billy has plans to strengthen with another as well, he’s also said he’s looking to strengthen midfield as well, last question is

    Where does Cohen fit in then, cos he aint going to drop McKenna so its getting awfully competitive in the middle of the park as well, which can only be good!

  4. Briillliiaaant signing. Dave competition is good, midfielders will always get injured and that will give Cohen his opportunity at some stage.

    Santa Claus he is a red is a red he hates direby.

    See you all on saturday in the BC car park.

  5. Big thing is that players of this stature are now seeking to come to the City Ground. That speaks volumes of the progress we have made under Billy.

  6. Well done.!
    A good signing.
    I can´t see Cohen being dropped after his performances this season.
    Maybe Garner will miss out in the home games.

  7. echo Alan above – trouble is though Garner misses out Cohen comes into left side till Tyson regains fitness ???? good luck billy with the headache of trying to keep everybody interested waiting there turn !!!

  8. Agree with Alan, can’t see Cohen being dropped (and would be very disappointed if he was). It is important to have cover and competition for places but it is also difficult to keep a big squad happy. Maybe too it encourages the manager to rotate too much and experiment with formations when selection consistency may be the better option.

  9. I reckon Cohen will be directly competing with Moussi for a place alongside McKenna.

  10. I’ve been reading more on our newest recruit and the vast majority of opinions are less than favourable. The one that probably sums them up the best is “Shorey is CCC standard who had a season in the sun”. A distinct lack of pace is the biggest “complaint”.

    Which makes team selection interesting given how much Billy has sprouted on about the importance of balance. Or is this something else he’s now going to contradict.

    I’d have thought that the side would look something like (R to L):
    Gunter Morgan Wilson Shorey
    Anderson McKenna Majewski Cohen
    Blackstock Tyson

    And that is horribly imblanced with all the pace down the right.

    In the interest of balance, Anderson and Tyson as opposite wingers makes sense which pushes Majewski into a “playing off the lone striker” type role – much like he did against Plymouth. But that doesn’t fit with Billy “I’m a 4-4-2 man” Davies either.

    4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3 would leave us exposed to Shorey’s lack of pace and (relatively) small size (5’9).

    And we’ve arguably played some of our best football when Dexter and McGoldrick have been on the pitch together with one of Anderson or Tyson, not both.

    In fact, we’ve only played our best attacking talent together (Blackstock, McGoldrick, Tyson, Anderson and Majewski) once all season – at Peterborough.

    To replace Cohen with Shorey in that lineup would leave him either on the bench or taking McKenna’s place – and I can’t see our captain being left out.

    It’ll certainly be interesting to see how we line up when Tys is fit. Mind you, some other bugger will be crocked by then anyway. And we’ll have signed another 3 players 🙂

  11. can’t believe you’d put tyson in a team ahead of Earnshaw, or even McGoldrick for that matter.

    All pace and no finesse, much like a jigsaw, he goes to pieces in the box and although he works very hard, he is often injured, off-side (sometimes incorrectly!) and has never contributed anywhere near the 15+ goals per season required.

    A good league one striker but only a wide man or man off the bench in the championship i’m afraid, like the lad though!

    • That was me trying to second guess Billy rather than my own idea of what our starting lineup should look like.

  12. Without many injuries there is no doubt Billy is going to struggle to keep all these players happy. If Cohen is to get a centre midfield slot back he now has to compete with McKenna, Majewski, Moussi and McGugan. Left midfield may be his only chance to get in the side!

    This is the best squad we have had for a very long time. There is real quality, competition for places in every position and good young players with potential.

    It all looks very promising and hopefully we will not suffer the dark days of league one again anytime soon!

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